Button & Sprung can help free your home from chemical dependency

Introducing the new natural mattresses designed to support clean living

Button and Sprung’s mattresses start from £545
(Image credit: Button amd Sprung)

You’ve switched to natural cleaning products, gone organic with your groceries and initiated a zero tolerance policy on plastics. But have you thought about the amount of chemicals in your bedroom, the room in which you spend around one-third of your life? Happily, Button & Sprung has got your back, literally. The mattress retailer has announced that all of its mattresses are now 100 per cent chemical free. 

The company, which specialises in UK-made pocket spring and wool mattresses, has long been committed to natural materials but was thwarted by the synthetic treatments required to achieve fire retardancy. Thanks to new innovations in mattress ticking that uses wood pulp-based viscose to protect against flames, Button & Sprung’s mattresses are now entirely chemical free. 

'We’re becoming more aware of the health risks associated with over-exposure to petrochemicals and plastics and consumers are apprehensive about sleeping on top of a mattress that is filled with synthetic chemicals,' says founder Adam Black. 'Natural materials allow your skin to breathe, meaning better temperature regulation at night, and an end to stuffy sleeping conditions.'

Sounds good to us.