These 9 best pillows will have you in dreamland before you know it

Made for serious sleeping

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Owning one of the best pillows, believe it or not, will do wonders when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. Since research shows at least eight hours of kip is essential to our well-being, having a comfortable place to rest your head after a long day at work, school, or fun is more important than you think. 

This doesn't mean you have to spend all of your savings on a pillow. In fact, we’ve found a selection of affordable options too, suitable for each and every type of sleeper. Featuring memory foam, down-filled, and sustainable pillows, as well as the best pillow for side sleepers, snorers, and even allergy sufferers, if you're not sleeping soundly, these pillows are for you.  

These are the answers to all your bedtime and spending needs. Along with my fellow beauty sleep advocates, I've snoozed on the job to make sure you'll be getting your money's worth. Though if you’re in the market for an even better sleep experience, don’t rely solely on what you put your head on. A good pillow combined with one of the best mattresses will help you drift off into the deepest of slumbers.

The best pillows

Why you can trust Real Homes Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

How we tested these pillows

Yes, that’s right, we’ve been snoozing on the job putting the top pillows and brands to the test. Because different sleepers require a different type of pillow to sleep soundly, we’ve shared the snooze time amongst members of the Real Homes team and passed them around to family members for an all-round rating. 

We’ve had allergy sufferers try out our best anti-allergy pillow and had a snorer (we won’t tell you who) see which anti-snore pillow helped them sleep any quieter. They’ve been slept on, washed, and used again for numerous nights to take into account every sleep scenario. You can rest assured these pillows are the best value for your money.

This is an updated review of the best pillows, and some favourites will have kept their place on the bed. As for the new pillows, we’ll pay special attention to how they last over time and update the guide accordingly. No one likes sleeping on a tired pillow, do they? 

Meet our sleeping beauties: 

Louise Oliphant author illustration
Louise Oliphant

Louise is our ecommerce editor and bedding expert at Real Homes. She knows the importance of balancing her beauty sleep without spending her whole budget. Louise is always on the lookout for affordable finds. A side sleeper and allergy-sufferer, she's reviewed the majority of these pillows, including our best sustainable, anti-allergy, affordable, and for side sleeper options.

"The Silentnight Just Like Down pillows (opens in new tab) I have used for many years, they're synthetic which is good for my home allergies and the best cheap alternative for a luxury feel. They're quite soft though, and I now like to alternate between this and the Levitex posture pillow (opens in new tab). I didn't have trouble with neck pain or stiffness before, but I do find I sleep better without waking in the night."

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Annie is our head of ecommerce and has been testing products for Real Homes since 2018. Annie has tried a range of pillows, but as a front sleeper, she finds it hard to find one she loves. The one she currently sleeps on is no longer in production, too, so can't be featured on this list! However, her husband is a big fan of helping her test pillows as a side sleeper, and he is obsessed with the Panda pillow (opens in new tab) in this guide. He's been sleeping on this pillow for the best part of three years now and finds it hard to get a good night's rest without it. He's a huge memory foam fan and loves how firm this pillow has stayed even after sleeping on it night after night. It's also surprisingly breathable.

Christina author photo
Christina Chrysostomou

From cleaning to eating to sleeping, Christina likes to keep a healthy home and understands the importance of catching those vital Zs. She believes a pillow can make or break a good night's sleep and was eager to put a plump cushion through its paces.

The iGel Side Sleeper Deep Pillow (opens in new tab) from Bensons for beds is her absolute favourite, though it must be said, she doesn't always use it to rest her head on. "My friend mentioned getting a pregnancy pillow as I'm a side sleeper, but I couldn't bring myself to order one because of the size of it, and well... because it's meant for women who are expecting children. This pillow does sort of act like one, in the sense that I can cradle it in a recovery-type position, but looks like a 'normal' headrest. It doesn't have that C-shaped or U-shaped characteristic that would make it stand out on our king-sized bed." 

Jennifer Oksien illustration
Jennifer Oksien

Jennifer is one of our expert reviewers here at Future, and she's tested a fair few of the pillows throughout her time. Her favourite? The Simba Hybrid (opens in new tab), what else? "I'm (probably) the biggest fan of the Simba pillow. I think it's so dreamy. I'm a side sleeper and find it so soft yet supportive, and after a rummage with the fillings, it's great for sitting up in bed with. " 

She used to be our large appliance editor, but now looks after all things reviews over at our sister site TechRadar. 

How to choose the best pillow for your needs

Buying the best pillow for you may seem easy. Is the price right? Does it feel soft? What's it made of? Whilst these are all important things to consider, there's a little more to it. To explain it better, and with more validity, we've spoken to industry experts from Levitex, Woolroom, and Slumberdown in our handy how to choose a pillow guide.

How often should you replace pillows?

Usually, most experts would recommend replacing your pillows after two years, unless they have become visibly worn before then. Buying a new pillow ensures you are sleeping on something that's supportive and clean, which is especially important if you suffer from allergies. To help with longevity, it's important to care for your pillows. Our how to wash pillows guide offers expert advice and tips on how to keep your pillows clean.  

Pillows being washed in washing machine

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Are expensive pillows worth it?

We'd always recommend investing in your sleep. But, we get not everyone has tons of cash to splash on something to put your head on. If you do have a bit to spend, then our top tip is to splurge on one fancy pillow that suits your needs and pick up a cheaper one to put underneath. That's if you need two, of course. 

Otherwise, there are plenty of ways you can upgrade your sleep set-up without having to overspend on a pillow. Try purchasing a cosy duvet or fresh set of sheets. Our edit of the best bedding brands may help you find a brand that caters to your budget. 

Louise Oliphant
Ecommerce Editor

Louise is the Ecommerce Editor at Real Homes, specialising in sleep content so you can wind-down well. With prior PR experience working for a luxury bedding brand, Louise knows the importance of getting a great night’s sleep. Joining the other side of the desk as a full-time journo, Louise brings her bedding expertise to writing sleep buying guides, reviews, and news for Real Homes. Aside from helping readers get essential shut eye, Louise also writes shopping content for homeware items that’ll add a decorative edge to your space. With an eye for design that won’t snooze on style, but a budget that won’t quite stretch, Louise loves nothing more than a modern designer dupe. From coloured glassware to contemporary storage, anything to upgrade the bare space of her rented East London flat.