This is the best mattress for stomach sleepers — it offers incredible pressure relief

And it's cooling

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As a front sleeper, I know the true struggle in finding a mattress that's comfortable enough not to have you waking every couple of hours feeling like someone has placed a hefty weight in the middle of your spine. IYKYK. So, for everyone out there who sleeps on their stomach, and suffers from neck, back, or spine ache, this guide is for you. We've tested more than 20 different mattresses at Real Homes, but only a handful of them will be comfortable for front sleepers unfortunately, but I'm here to tell all.

What to look for when shopping for the best mattress for stomach sleepers? Simply put, your mattress needs to be on the firmer side. But, how firm it is will depend on your personal preference, as well as factors like your weight, plus you'll need to consider the person you sleep next to — you might have to settle for a happy medium. Just avoid anything super soft at all costs. In this guide, some mattresses are eco-friendly while others are affordable, and quite a few of them come in a box for convenience.

You've probably had people say "why don't you just change sleeping positions" when you've complained to them about not getting a good night's sleep, and if it were that easy then trust me: I'd have done it years ago. Unfortunately, my sleep setup has taken years to perfect, because it's not just about the mattress — you also need to consider things like a mattress topper (if you use one) and do not forget about your pillows as these play just an important role as your mattress. On the bright side, though, sleeping on your stomach can reduce sleep apnea and snoring. So, all this research and money will be worth it in the end. Promise!

This is the best mattress for stomach sleepers

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The best mattress for stomach sleepers

Helix Midnight mattress on wooden bedframeReal Homes Rated Gold badge

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This hybrid base sits in the middle of the firmness scale and it provides great pressure relief


Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
Depth: 11.5"
Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium (5–6/10)
Trial Period: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
In a box?: Yes
Price: $936–$1748

Reasons to buy

Feel of memory foam and the support of traditional coils
Provides pressure point relief
Very little motion transfer

Reasons to avoid

Sleeps a bit warm
No handles
Buy it if

💕 You love a hybrid mattress: This mattress has the feel of memory foam and the support of traditional coils.

💕 You're a side sleeper or suffer from joint pain: If you're sore at night, this provides pressure point relief.

💕 You're a restless sleeper: If you or your partner move around a lot, there's very little motion transfer.

💕 You live in an apartment/condo or small home: It comes in a box, so it's easy to deliver to the bedroom.

Don't buy it if

❌ You also sleep with a mattress topper: At 11.5 inches deep, if you also plan on using a topper with this mattress then you might need to buy deep fitted sheets.

❌ You want a mattress with handles: This will probably only bother renters who might get annoyed at the lack of handles on this mattress when they need to move it from one place to another.

❌ You tend to sleep warm: While I did test this in the summer, I found it to be a little on the warm side so it may not be ideal for hot climates.

The bottom line

Helix Midnight Mattress: This hybrid mattress really has something for everyone. The squishy memory foam top layer is super comfortable while the wrapped coils provide the support of a traditional spring mattress. If you’re unsure which type of mattress suits you best, this hybrid is the perfect solution. 

While on the pricier side for a mattress in the box, I really think this one is worth the investment. It has all the best features of both memory foam and coil mattresses — a great compromise if you’re not sure which type is right for you. 

Unboxing: The mattress ships compactly in a box and was pretty easy to assemble as I did it single-handedly. It comes compressed in a few layers of plastic which were a little tricky to get off (make sure you don’t slice or knick the mattress while you’re cutting it off). But everything arrived safe and sound and in great condition. I’m only 5’4 so it was a little hard to move around without handles but I managed to get it set up in about 15 minutes. 

Specs: This is a medium-firm mattress made up of five layers. The memory foam top layers consist of Helix Responsive Foam and Memory Plus foam. The body shape layer is made up of 1,000 wrapped coils, which are reinforced lengthwise for edge support. It's all wrapped in a super soft Light Breathe knit cover. The mattress ranks 5-6 on the firmness scale. It's CertiPUR-US® Certified and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, with no fiberglass.

Support & comfort: Support really is the name of the game with this hybrid mattress. Helix claims the mattress provides pressure point relief and while I didn’t suffer any major issues before, I certainly felt comfortable and well-supported with no back pain. The soft top layer is squishy and cozy but you don’t feel like you’re sinking thanks to the supportive coils springing you back up. There are extra coils around the edge of the mattress too, to keep you from falling off. As a stomach sleeper, I found the support perfect for my needs. 

Included in the price: When you buy directly from Helix, the mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. It also comes with a free Dream Pillow set containing two polyester microfiber pillows. Free US shipping is available. 

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Test results
ComfortPerfect for just about all sleeps, great for stomach and side sleepers★★★★★
SupportPressure point relief★★★★★
Motion transferGreat, can hardly feel anything★★★★★
PriceOn the expensive side for a mattress in a box★★★★

More mattresses for front sleepers

What to consider when shopping for a mattress for a front sleeper

There are quite a few things to consider when shopping for a mattress if you are a stomach sleeper. We'd argue that this is one of the most difficult mattresses to shop for.

1. Type of mattress
You can definitely experiment with the type of mattress you buy if you're a front sleeper but do note that hybrid and gel memory foam mattresses are said to be the best type of mattresses for this position. Gel memory foam has properties that expand against pressure. This means that if you’re sleeping on a gel memory foam mattress, the memory foam will push against the weight of your body, keeping you well-supported through the night. This is why reviewers often say that they didn’t sink into the mattress. Hybrid mattresses — especially those with gel memory foam components — are similarly supportive. We especially like when the coils in hybrid mattress are reinforced for lumbar support in the area where your stomach and lower back would be.

2. Firmness rating
If you only look at one aspect of a mattress, look at the firmness rating. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that’s a 6.5 or higher on the firmness rating scale. While some stomach sleepers can handle something a little softer, we wouldn't suggest going below 5. If your partner likes something soft then you'll probably need to compromise with a 5, if not it’s probably better to go with a mattress that’s a 7 or an 8. With this firmness rating, you can rest assured that your stomach and hips will receive the type of support necessary to prevent backaches over a longer period of time. 

Remember that the mattress website’s firmness rating is an estimate. Be sure to read multiple reviews to see if testers find the firmness rating accurate or not.

3. Trial period and return policy
It can take up to a month (maybe even more) for a body to adjust to a new mattress, so when considering any type of mattress, you want to make sure that the company provides at least a 30-night trial period. If the mattress doesn’t offer you enough support, you should have the option to return the mattress, ideally for free and with a full refund.

4. Price
A new mattress can be expensive, which is why we've made sure to feature some options that start from under $500. The cheapest mattress on this list is the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, starting from $169.

How we test mattresses for front sleepers

Avocado Green mattress test for edge support with dumbbell sitting on the edge of the mattress

Avocado mattress in review, testing edge support

(Image credit: Alex Temblador)

As a team, along with our freelancers, we've tested more than 20 mattresses at Real Homes. We can't always get every type of sleeper to test every mattress so we ask our reviewers to sleep on these mattresses in all positions. They report back on the positions they didn't feel comfortable in, so we can get a good idea. If a mattress is specifically created to be for one type of sleeping position, we will match this review with a reviewer that sleeps in that particular position.

Otherwise, we test all of our mattresses for a range of factors. We always sleep on them for more than four weeks, otherwise, we note the unboxing process and the packaging of the mattress, and then we delve into its comfort. We test its motion isolation and its edge support, and we note whether it offers a good level of support and spine alignment in all positions. 

We have an entire page dedicated to our mattress review process if you want to know more, otherwise, you can meet our mattress reviewers just below.

Emily Lambe photo on floral background
Emily Lambe

Emily is our digital editor at Real Homes and she's currently sleeping on the Helix Midnight Mattress. As a sole front sleeper, she was pleased to find this mattress super comfortable.

Emily's sleep stats:
• Mattress review count: 1
• Sleep position: Front
• Insomnia: Sometimes
• Sleep problems:
Difficulty falling asleep
• Average sleep time: 
6-8 hours

Jaclyn Turner photo
Jaclyn Turner

Jaclyn lives in Georgia and was previously the sleep editor across the homes titles at Future, including Real Homes, where she specialized in a variety of topics ranging from mattresses to bedding. She has also written for Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, and The Spruce. From this list, she has reviewed the Saatva Classic Mattress.

Jaclyn's sleep stats:
• Mattress review count: 2
• Sleep position: Back
• Insomnia: No
• Sleep problems: Trouble getting out of bed in the morning
• Average sleep time: At least 8 hours

Linda Clayton head shot
Linda Clayton

Linda is our freelance sleep expert and has been reviewing mattresses for Real Homes since 2018. Based in the UK, she reviewed the Nectar Original Mattress for us.

Linda's sleep stats:
• Mattress count: 24
• Sleep position: Falls sleep on side, rolls onto back.
• Insomnia: At certain times of the month, insomnia hits for about three nights. I can be awake for three to four hours. 
• Sleep problems: Night sweats are also bad news as I navigate the giddy fun of peri-menopause, again just for two to three nights a month.
• Average sleep time: 7.5–8 hours

alex temblador real homes contributor
Alex Temblador

Alex is one of Real Homes' expert reviewers. The Dallas-based freelance writer has covered home, design, architecture, and art in publications like Real Homes, Dwell, Architectural Digest, Artsy,, and Culture Trip, among many others. She's a real thorough tester, and from this guide, she has tested the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress and the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress.

Alex's sleep stats:
• Mattress review count: 6
• Sleep position: Flexi (front, back, and side)
• Insomnia: Not usually
• Sleep problems: Difficulty getting a deep rest with someone else in the bed. Can't sleep on a mattress that is too soft
• Average sleep time: 8–9 hours

Rebecca Hastings author image
Rebecca Hastings

Rebecca is a wife and mom of three who loves being cozy in her bed. She is an author and speaker living in her hometown in Connecticut. You can often find her typing words, driving her kids to various places, or scoping out places where there is chocolate. She reviewed the affordable Siena Memory Foam Mattress for us.

Rebecca's sleep stats:
• Mattress review count:

kaitlin madden
Kaitlin Madden

Kaitlin used to be the editor-in-chief at Real Homes a few years ago, but now she is one of our freelance reviewers who tests products for us, which includes mattresses. She's also written for Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, Refinery29, Modern Luxury Interiors, Wayfair, The Design Network, and lots more. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in journalism and currently lives in Connecticut with her husband, two sons, and black lab. She reviewed the all-natural Birch Mattress for us and loved it.

Kaitlin's sleep stats:
• Mattress review count: 1

Annie Collyer
Head Ecommerce Editor

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