A day time nap in NYC? Head to The Dreamery for the nap of your life

Casper introduce a sleep pod hub in New York city

The Dreamery by Casper
(Image credit: Casper)

It seems that never in the history of humanity have we been more sleep deprived, and more concerned about our poor quality sleep. How to sleep well is what everyone wants to know; great sleep is becoming a luxury. 

Some luxury spas around the world already include sleep pods as part of their relaxation spaces, but Casper has taken the sleep pod idea further, by creating The Dreamery, the world's first relaxation hub dedicated exclusively to perfect napping. 

The Dreamery is a collection of ultra-modern sleep pods, each of which includes sound insulation, fading lights, and, of course, a super-comfy Casper mattress (see our review to find out more). There's a reading light, too, in case you don't feel like sleeping but just want a bit of peace and quiet. The pods are kept scrupulously clean, and the beds are changed after every guest. 

Moreover, before your 45-minute session, you'll be given a set of pjs and lovely Sunday Riley skincare products. Drinks are included, so you can wake up to a cup of fresh coffee. 

We can't stop looking at the pods (or nooks, as Casper have christened them) themselves. With their distinctive circular design and soft lighting, they do look very inviting. Next time we're in NYC, we're definitely heading to The Dreamery.