Gorgeous greys: Soft and stylish shades for your bathroom

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Content Supplied By Better Bathrooms

We often choose neutral room schemes for areas where we feel we shouldn’t show too much of our own personalities. Our bathrooms are prime examples of this: everyone who lives in or visits a home for any length of time will use the bathroom – and the decor around our bathroom suites tends to reflect a concern that a bold design statement may not be ‘suitable’.

But while you shouldn’t follow the crowd if neutrals aren’t your thing, adopting a neutral tone in the bathroom can have certain advantages.

Neutral tones are unrivalled in the creation of a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. If you’d love a spa-like space where you can relax and de-stress, neutral decor is what you need.

And if you’d like a blank canvas that can be used as the backdrop for some seasonally adjusted decor, neutrals excel at that too. Add bold, zesty tones in the spring; swap them for some cool florals in the summer; progress to rich, warm oranges, reds and yellows as autumn arrives. And come winter, you’ll be ready to accessorise your bathroom (tastefully, of course!) for Christmas.

Grey is a popular neutral shade among those who wish to avoid earthy beiges and warm creams, and cool, sophisticated shades of grey can be combined beautifully to create a bathroom that’s bang on trend right now.

Of course, you can’t simply paint everything plain grey and expect a zen-like calm to descend. Using a selection of shades of grey (as well as a range of textures) throughout your bathroom should add some depth and interest to your scheme and bring visual balance to the space – making it look simple and stylish rather than spartan and severe.

Adding some eye-catching, contemporary colour or pattern is simple against a grey backdrop, too. While many colours will look wonderful set against cool grey tones, golds and deep yellows are particularly suited – opt for delicate touches of antique gold or add a striking mustard yellow patterned tile as part of a feature wall.

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