Want to help the bees? Get a roll-out meadow mat

Savings the bees is finally becoming a priority, and now there's a super-easy way to plant a meadow. Simply roll out and water

Meadowmat wildflower garden
(Image credit: Meadowmat/Amazon)

Want to help save the bees, and do it sooner rather than later? Planting a bee-friendly garden is the main thing we can do to help pollinators, but establishing a garden with the correct plants in it can take time. If you want quick results, guaranteed to produce lots of plants that bees can't get enough of, there's an easy way to set up a wildflower garden in minutes. 

Introducing the Meadowmat: a strip of turf pre-planted with wildflower seeds – as many as 34 species in just one square metre, in fact – that you simply roll out in your garden. There are several types developed specifically for different types of gardens – for cottage gardens, shady woodland areas, and even for roof terraces. 

Simply roll out, water, and watch the wildflowers grow. All the Meadowmats are available at Amazon.

Roll of turf with wildflowers in by Meadowmat

(Image credit: Meadowmat)

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