Martha Stewart's favorite way to grow vegetables in 2024 is perfect for compact spaces — “I don't think any space is too small to grow something in”

Have big gardening dreams, but limited space? Martha Stewart can certainly help with that

Martha Stewart in a garden of raised beds with vegetables with Miracle-Gro's new soil
(Image credit: The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company)

After a season of bountiful crops, Martha Stewart decided to change her approach and stick with raised garden beds, a trend that’s particularly perfect for small-space dwellers — and she’s letting us in on her secrets to success.

"It was a fantastic garden, and I vowed I would never, ever plant any way else than in raised bed for vegetables," she says.

Although the gardening maestro has allotted half an acre for 56 beds on her farm in Bedford, New York, don't let that intimidate you. Martha spoke to Real Homes about the best ways to use raised planters for great results, even when outdoor space is in short supply. Plus, she delved into mapping out your planters, avoiding overcrowding, and growing what you love most.

If you're craving some homegrown carrots in your salad, or a nice herb garden to sprinkle into your spring and summer recipes, Martha’s tips will help you execute your small garden ideas with boast-worthy results. Get ready to start digging!

Martha Stewart talks raised garden beds, the proper soil, and more

Kicking off a partnership with Miracle-Gro, the "Gro Like Martha" campaign sees her reveal the first order of business for beginner gardeners and seasoned pros alike: working with the proper soil, whatever the project.

The new Miracle-Gro Organic Raised Bed & Garden Soil brought her 56 beds to life and provided asparagus in record time — roughly two years ahead of schedule —10 lb cabbages, more peas per plant than ever before, and artichokes in just six weeks to name a few of Martha’s recent growing success stories. 

Raised garden bed tips for small spaces

The soil is the easy part, but where do you start if you're working with raised garden beds that are not quite as large as Martha's 2' x 10'?

"Grow what you think you like the best because you have limited space, and don't overcrowd because [Miracle-Gro Organic Raised Bed & Garden Soil] does encourage rapid and big growth," she tells Real Homes. "So you're going to get great success pretty much right off the bat."

When mapping out small raised garden bed ideas, you'll have to limit what you want to work with, but there are great benefits: organization, excellent drainage, a reliable place for roots to grow, and of course, delicious eats.

"You have to pick and choose what's going to thrive, but the joy of gardening and the joy of growing is enchanting and delightful, and the results are beautiful," Martha says.

Should you follow her lead and build a raised garden bed of your own that's specifically designed for your space (or rooftop, as she suggests), ensure you're not using treated woods that would leech chemicals into the soil and harm your plants.

When it comes time to get your hands dirty, fill the soil within an inch of the top of the bed, space out veggies based on how much they'll grow, and ensure you're giving your plants the necessary eats. As Martha points out, "You ate today, what about your plants?"

Shop raised garden beds for small spaces

Even if you're starting with a garden bed geared toward a small patio garden, or if you're simply working with a grow kit in your apartment, Martha believes you can make things work.

"I don't think any space is too small to grow something in," she says. "I'm a gardener and I couldn't live without my plants. If you have just a windowsill, you can certainly grow something."

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