Regency garden ideas — 7 ways to create an elegant, Bridgerton-style outdoor space

These regency garden ideas are gorgeous and easy to do

Regency garden ideas are so chic. Here are three of these - a winding path with blue, purple and pink flowers, a wisteria archway with a blue iron bench and path, and a light brown gravel walkway with blue flowers and dark green hedges
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I think regency garden ideas are some of the most elegant out there. They're just perfect for transforming yards big and small into sophisticated havens packed with personality and allure.

I've particularly fallen in love with this style after watching Bridgerton, so I've asked landscaping and home improvement pros for their favorite ways to bring this look to our outdoor spaces. Their tips range from gardening and flower ideas (hello, wisteria!) to adding refined decorative touches.

If you're looking for backyard ideas that are beautiful and eye-catching, a throwback to the gorgeous Regency era will provide plenty of outdoor inspiration for you.

Our top 7 ravishing Regency garden ideas

Whether you want to bring Bridgerton design ideas outdoors or simply want to shake up your exterior style, these gorgeous tips are worth keeping in mind.

Our design pros have recommended useful decor items throughout, so I've curated matching highly-rated picks from trusted retailers to help you start decorating as soon as possible.

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1. Decorate with authentic furniture and decor

A cottage garden with a gray tall plant pot with white flowers in it on stone gravel, a wooden fence behind it, and pink and purple flowers and shrubbery around it

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To create a cohesive look in your regency garden, I recommend first finding the decor you wish to use, and then decorating around them.

“Furniture and decor are crucial to achieving this look, which is why I suggest opting for wrought-iron benches and classical urns,” says Steve Schumacher, landscaping expert and owner of Boston Landscape Co.

“In one commercial project, we included a central fountain and period-correct seating areas, enhancing the site's historical feel without sacrificing functionality,” he explains.

He also suggests looking for these in antique shops and budget-friendly secondhand furniture stores to create an authentic and unique look.

2. Bring in regency-style flowers

A cluster of purple, pink, and light blue hydrangeas outdoors, with dark pink flowers in front of them

(Image credit: Getty Images / somnuk krobkum)

The most beautiful regency gardens often feature structured layouts with carefully chosen flowery focal points. 

Steve says, “I advise bringing in native U.S. plants that mimic the grandeur of regency flora. For example, peonies and hydrangeas can replace roses and foxgloves, offering a similar elegant bloom suitable for American climates while promoting sustainability."

Learning how to take care of hydrangeas is easy, and you can find them at many retailers. For example, the Endless Summer Hydrangea Shrubs from Walmart are best sellers and grow in USDA zones 4 to 9. They are deciduous, meaning they will lose their foliage in fall, but will return again in spring so your efforts won't be a one-hit wonder.

“These flowers not only evoke the romanticism of the era but also provide a delicate fragrance that enhances the garden experience,” adds Tommy Mello, home improvement expert and founder of A1 Garage Door Service.

3. Add beautiful outdoor lighting

An outdoor patio area with a dining table set with white and brown tables and chairs, bushes around it, and white hydrangeas to the right of it, and a path at the front

(Image credit: Getty Images / Westend61)

Add a romantic, dreamy glow to your regency garden by placing outdoor lanterns and hanging up string lights.

“Soft, ambient lighting along pathways or around key features like statues or fountains can create a magical atmosphere — perfect for evening strolls or outdoor entertaining,” explains Tommy.

I love the effect of the lanterns in this picture, and the Mercer41 Glass Wall Lantern from Wayfair is similar, lightweight, and easy to clean. We have a full guide on beautiful outdoor lighting ideas if you're interested in seeing more inspirational looks.

4. Try hanging plants on trellises

An outdoor space with an arch of purple wisteria and a stone path leading up to a light blue iron bench with a hedge behind it

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It wouldn’t be a collection of regency garden ideas without florals and vines, which you can gorgeously drape for a whimsical and enchanting look.

“To further enhance the regency style, consider adding architectural features like pergolas or trellises draped with climbing roses, wisteria, or ivy,” suggests Tommy. “These structures not only provide shade and structure but also create a sense of enclosure and intimacy within the garden."

If you want to try this in a small, rented space, look for a domed trellis, such as the Collections Etc Garden Plant Trellis from Walmart, which is over six feet tall and fits securely into the ground.

5. Create a pretty pathway

A garden with blue, light pink, and purple flowers with grass and shrubbery surrounding a gray gravel winding path

(Image credit: Getty Images / JohnGollop)

One of the best regency garden ideas is creating a path for you and your guests to meander on, so you can truly enjoy your backyard’s beauty.

“Incorporate stone features and symmetrical pathways to echo the regency era's formality,” says Steve. “At Boston Landscape Co, we've successfully used local masonry to create stone pathways and garden beds.” 

Steve has also previously worked on a project where he installed a limestone walkway bordered by boxwood hedges, providing that regency charm. Explore more border ideas in our dedicated guide.

6. Pay attention to greenery

A formal garden with dark green topiary and bushes, a winding gravel path, a stone urn, and a stone wall to the right, with a blue cloudy sky above

(Image credit: Getty Images / Photos by R A Kearton)

As well as bringing beautiful blooms to your regency garden ideas, it’s also wise to remember to complement these with glorious greenery.

“Boxwood hedges or clipped topiaries can define paths beautifully, adding a formal touch reminiscent of classic regency estates,” Tommy says.

For those looking for low-maintenance backyard ideas, try artificial topiaries such as the Nearly Natural Boxwood Triple Ball Tree from Walmart, which shoppers say has a luscious color and looks real.

7. Keep your design symmetrical

A regency garden with a light brown gravel path with blue flowers either side of it, hedges in front of with an opening with a gray planter pot, and tall green and brown trees behind this

(Image credit: Getty Images / meldayus)

When planning your regency garden ideas, make sure that all your elements look neat and intentional for a harmonious effect.

“Symmetry is paramount in regency design, so consider planting beds and pathways symmetrically aligned,” Tommy suggests.

If this sounds too streamlined to you and you want your English-style garden to be more free-flowing or embrace elements of chaos gardening, cottage garden ideas may be more your style.

Regency garden ideas are easy to bring in, no matter the size of your space or your budget.

“By carefully integrating these elements, you can create a regency garden that not only reflects the timeless elegance of the era, but is also a tranquil oasis,” Tommy finishes by saying.

To complete the look, lawn edging ideas are worth knowing, as every little bit of detail counts in this style of garden.

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