This new mattress brand just launched a denim mattress (complete with buttons and a back pocket)

And seriously, we are kind of loving it…

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Sid (an acronym for Sleep Intelligent Design, by the way) is a new mattress brand that launched earlier this year and it’s got a bit of a twist. We’ve seen mattresses that are made from latex, organic materials, wood pulp and even ones made from recycled plastic, but this has got to be the first mattress that’s made to look like a pair of jeans. Yep, you read that right, it’s denim. 

Okay, the entire mattress isn't denim, can't imagine that would encourage the best night's sleep, but the interchangeable cover is unmistakably denim – complete with buttons and what looks like a back pocket. The idea is that you do without sheets and display the washable denim cover instead. Sounds weird right?  But we are kind of loving it. 

‘My vision is to create a technically superior mattress which delivers the perfect night’s sleep and is also aesthetically pleasing to be on display in the home,’ explains Darren Coffey, co-founder of Sid. ‘With over 15 years experience working in the mattress industry, I co-founded Sid with Phil Whittell using our research and expertise to design products to disrupt the market. Our ethos has been to overhaul the status quo and embrace the possibility that mattresses can be constantly refreshed and updated with a range of products that can change with fashion trends.’

Sid Mattress

(Image: © Sid)

And the Sid Signature mattress isn’t all style over substance. The hybrid design is also pretty technical, made up of six hypoallergenic layers that provide adaptive support through these individual zones to ensure a better spinal alignment. Plus it has a thick and luxurious removable quilted top layer for even more comfort. There is a luxury pillow, too, (although unfortunately it doesn't come in denim) that again is pretty innovative with a layer of the high-quality memory foam Graphyx. 

And to complete the range, Sid have also brought out a bed frame, covered in (you guessed it) denim. The design is super sleek and simple, and is available with or without the headboard. 

Check out the full range of Sid products at, ahem… And keep your eyes peeled for our review of the Sid mattress soon – find all our mattress reviews (and other in-depth expert reviews) on our dedicated page.