This is how to design YOUR dream bathroom (according to the experts)

We share exclusive, expert advice on how to design your dream bathroom, from those who've made a living doing so

bathroom mood board by grohe
(Image credit: GROHE)

Have you long dreamt of a bathroom that's completely 'you'? Whether it's a space to wind down in after a long day in the office or a spot to inspire and invigorate you in the early morning, the bathroom is increasingly becoming one of the most personalised spaces within our home, according to industry experts, Grohe.

In this exclusive interview, Grohe Vice President of Design Michael Seum and internationally renowned trend expert Gudy Herder (Eclectic Trends) discuss current mega-trends and design tips that provide inspiration for individual bathroom makeover projects. So, get your pen and paper ready, kids, this is the kind of expert bathroom design advice you don't want to forget.

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What are the new design mega-trends you are seeing today?

Michael Seum: How people define their living spaces has radically changed in the last few years. At Grohe, what we have seen can be summarised into three mega-trends:

  • Consumers are taking an active and creative role in ensuring their living areas reflect their unique personality and style – and this is becoming true even for spaces beyond the bedroom and living room.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms are no longer merely functional, they are 'new living spaces' which also reflect the consumer’s personal touch.
  • Naturally, on top of these living space and personal design trends, people gravitate towards simple and easy solutions.

Q: How did these trends start?

Michael Seum: Our world often feels too hectic now, every day is full of appointments. Yet, even amidst the chaos, there is pressure to do things a certain way. Design and colour appeal to us on a deep emotional level because they allow us to express ourselves – our unique selves – in our own way. By creating with design and colours, we bring our personality and individuality into our living space. We are able to block out external chaos and make our own rules.

Gudy Herder: Design and colour are tools to express who we are and what we stand for. Design is becoming increasingly personal and moving away from simply copying fixed design themes. The focus now goes back to the person and their own current life situation: Is my daily life too hectic that I want my home to be quiet and cosy? Or do I want to feel energised and stimulated in my home? These questions spark the desire to create! We achieve the mood we want using design and colours.

Incorporating colour with Grohe

Grohe have responded to a consumer desire for colour through the release of their Colours Collection, which is comprised of a carefully curated range of taps and showers, as well as accessories and flush plates, to enable customers to create a space that really suits their style.

Q: In the '70s, avocado green and mustard yellow themes were normal to have in the bathroom. Then the renaissance of pure white followed. How is colour being used in bathrooms today?

Gudy Herder: Thanks to social media, we have much more access to different colour combinations, which opens our eyes to new colour varieties and encourages us to experiment freely. 

We are noticing how easy it is to become expressive with colour, how to create a mood with it. It offers us a flexible element to express ourselves and recognise the emotions that colours evoke.

For example, some might opt for a timeless and minimalist neutral colour if the idea is to have a calming nurturing environment because this is what they need right now. Individuals are more interested in discovering a personal colour world rather than following colour trends that won’t speak to them.

Q: So to begin designing a dream bathroom?

Gudy Herder: It can help to make yourself a kind of mood board. Take your time and think about the following:

  • What is the mood I want to have in my home? A mix of old and new? More feminine with rosé or beige tones?
  • How will I use the space? The bathroom is increasingly turning into a “me” space – a place of retreat. Maybe I see my bathroom as my own personal spa. Therefore, I would furnish the room according to that mood.
  • Ceramics, tiles and fittings are now available in a variety of colours and shapes to achieve the bathroom you want.

Michael Seum: Imagine yourself in the room and ask yourself: What appeals to me emotionally? The entire bathroom concept is built from this starting point. There is no right nor wrong choice of colour – the only thing that matters is that the result should be harmonious.   

Q: Picking a colour or inspiration as a starting point is easy but making sure the whole bathroom is harmonious or matching could be a bit overwhelming. What would you suggest for people who need help in this area?

Gudy Herder: Just ask yourself: What is important to me? Do I want to integrate a certain design element or a piece of furniture into my bathroom so that my own self is captured the way I want it in the space? 

Michael Seum: As designers, it is our task to inspire people and support people in translating emotions associated with certain elements and colours into a coherent concept. As mentioned  before, discover your starting point. This can be a special fitting design, a lighting concept or a specific colour. 

At Grohe, we make it easy for consumers to create a bathroom concept tailored to their own personality. That is true balance and harmony for us.