Mattress shopping and eco-conscious? You'll love Raft's collab with Hypnos

Committed to sustainable living and artisanal​ crafting, Raft announce the launch of their new, all-natural, mattress collection in collaboration with Hypnos

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If you're concerned about the environmental impact humans are having on the planet and are making a conscious effort to reduce waste, the simple answer to the question 'should we be choosing all natural mattresses?' is, put simply, yes. Here's why... (and how):

All natural mattresses are non-toxic and chemical free

Made from organic materials, natural mattresses are free from the harmful chemicals and toxins commonly used throughout the synthetic mattress world. These chemicals have been proven responsible for adverse health problems including asthma, allergies and respiratory conditions; switching to a natural mattress can help alleviate symptoms. 

Non-asthmatics and allergy sufferers also note an improvement in quality of sleep after a switch to a natural mattress. 

white natural mattress by raft

(Image: © Raft)

All natural mattresses are durable, sustainable and biodegradable

As the materials used to produce natural materials don't break down as quickly as those used for synthetic mattresses, it goes without saying that they've proven time and time again to last longer.

By opting for a natural mattress, you're not only choosing a more cost effective option, but also investing in a solution with a limited impact on the earth. Organic materials are biodegradable and will break down completely in the earth without contamination.

natural mattress by raft

(Image: © Raft)

All natural mattresses offer a restorative night's sleep

Another benefit of natural mattresses is the ability of the materials used in their production, combined with skilful craftsmanship, to mould to conform to the shape of the body for the right balance of support. This means better sleep all round.

natural mattress by raft

(Image: © Raft)

Committed to sustainable living and artisanal craft, British heritage brand, Raft's, recent collaboration with Hypnos on a range of all natural mattresses is an exciting step, not only for the brand, but for the eco-conscious among us. Offering a combination of the finest raw materials, including wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk, these are earth-friendly mattresses that don't compromise on comfort or luxury.

Proving that the one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective when it comes to mattress shopping, the Raft and Hypnos collection is comprised of three styles – the Ludlow, Fulton and Ellery – with nuances in material designed to suit the unique needs of the user.