20 small bedroom ideas for couples – cute spaces to cozy up together

Create a stylish sleeping space for two with the best small bedroom ideas for couples. Cute and cozy.

A white and palm print duvet on a bed with bamboo plinths attached to walls and white veil material draped over
(Image credit: The French Bedroom Company)

Finding stylish small bedroom ideas for couples can be hard work, but you shouldn't have to fall out over it. When sharing your space with your significant other, there's always room for compromise – no matter what color or design trend you decide on. Because everyone deserves to look forward to their forty winks at the end of the day.

The most important thing about bedroom ideas for couples is that they need to have balance. So if your current setup is a shade of saccharine pink or feels overly masculine – consider switching things up. This doesn't mean splitting the room in half and styling in silo. In fact, working together to create a synchronized scheme you'll both be satisfied with can be lots of fun.

Small bedroom ideas for couples who stay together

'The first instinct when choosing furniture for a small room is to think, I need the smallest piece,' says George Miller, home designer, Neptune.

'But actually, you run the risk of the room feeling cluttered and uncomfortable. Yes, you do need to consider practicality, but it’s still a good idea to pick at least some designs with more substance and presence'

'We’d suggest going for the biggest bed you can and conceding on side table space. Not only will a big bed make sleeping much more comfortable for you (and your bedfellow) – which, after all, is the thing we do most in bedrooms – but it’ll give the room a real sense of ‘wow’ when you walk in.

'Statement headboards are especially good for enhancing this feeling as well, as are four-posters (and you really only need enough ceiling height to clear the top of the bed).'

'If you do find yourself having to choose smaller pieces, make up for it with accessories. Mirrors and wall art are a perfect opportunity to go big because they’re not taking up useable space.'

1. Create a 3-in-1 room

Studio apartment space by Ikea with bed, dining room and living room space on one floor

(Image credit: Ikea)

This small bedroom idea for couples comes complete with a dining room and living room  – all in one place. This is made possible with the help of modular furniture to zone different areas in this Scandinavian-inspired space.

Here, Ikea's PLATSA system is used both as a wardrobe and a place to display crockery and other homeware. Taupe-colored curtains create a snug, cocoon-like feeling with privacy during the day. At night, this romantic bedroom idea will help you to relax when it’s time for some shut-eye.

2. Zone a bedroom in a studio

A small bedroom in a studio apartment with furniture from Ikea's HAUGA series

(Image credit: Ikea)

Look carefully behind the bed, and you'll see that this small bedroom has been carved out of a studio space, with the living room in the background.

However, your furniture choices are fundamental when it comes to dealing with a multifunctional space. Here, they've used storage furniture and a bed are from Ikea's HAUGA series which helps to connect the space and make it flow.

The berry pillows and duvet perfectly tie in with the colors of the sofa in the lounge to give the two separate spaces a coordinated feel without them blending into each other. It's a considered setup that certainly doesn't feel cramped or claustrophobic.

3. Swap a traditional bed for a sofa bed

A small white bedroom with nautical striped duvet and sofabed

(Image credit: Sofology)

Whether you're a newlywed couple who are first-time buyers, or are co-habiting with your partner, the first property you live in can leave little to be desired in terms of space.

Where double beds are too big, don't settle for shuffling two singles together as a small bedroom idea for couples. Instead, use a sofa bed that can be used in your living space during the day, and pulled out at night. And when looking at bedroom design, we love this nautical theme with the striped duvet, and lobster pot-style lampshade.

Sold on a multifunctional seat-cum-sleep-setup? Our best sofa beds will help you to rest your head in style.

4. Opt for a low-slung and floating furniture

A bedroom with black wall panel decor with low-slung bed and shelving overhead

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

There are so many space-saving tools in this bedroom. Floating shelves, suspended ceiling lights  – and of course, the low-slung bed.

By choosing a legless piece of furniture, this master bedroom looks larger than it is. It also means that you won't be shouting a few curse words from stubbing your baby toe on the corner of the bed.

Styling wise – we're head over heels for the ying and yang contrast between color, shape and texture. A cream bed meets black walls and a soft bed is combined with structured vases and lighting to create balance and harmony.

5. Pack in storage at every opportunity

A bedroom with chocolate brown wall decor, a bed with in-built shelf and drawers and open clothes rail

(Image credit: Ikea)

This bedroom proves that you can have it all – even with limited space. With a multi-purpose bed, smart bedroom storage and a space-saving dressing area, you can have a calm and tidy scheme that looks great too.

This cozy bed has shelves on the headboard, so that you can keep your bedtime book close by. Drawers underneath the bed make the most of your space, and are perfect for storing blankets and seasonal clothing.

In the far corner, an open rail is perfect for hanging your work uniform or staples such as a comfy sweater or hoodie  – great for having in reach for when the weather drops a few Fahrenheit. 

6. Push your bed against a wall

A bedroom in a living room with cabinetry and black out blinds

(Image credit: Ikea)

Another studio space elegantly transformed into a small bedroom idea for couples here. This time, with a VRETSTORP sofa bed strategically shuffled into a corner, but by the window and radiator to let light in and keep you warm.

When it's not being used as a bed, this 3-seater has built-in storage where you can store your bedding during the day and your throws and cushions during the night. An adjacent cabinet with glass sliding doors allows you to see and access what you need easily, with a shelf on top to prop accessories on.

Woven baskets are perfect for storing away cushions that are for decorative use only and the two black side tables are perfect perching spots for water, books and a clock.

And as you say night-night to one another, the pleated, black blackout blinds provide visual respite from street lamps and other external light sources.

7. Pitch a pastel room to your partner

A bedroom with pastel colored decor including Loaf's 'bed in a bun' foldable bed

(Image credit: Loaf)

Perfect as a small apartment decorating idea if you've got an open-plan, studio setup, or if your bedroom is snug – this bed-in-a-bun contraption from Loaf is sure to save on room. And, color-wise, this pastel palette isn't too sickly to share with a man either. But you'll be forgiven for stripping out the pink for a more neutral alternative.

'It's time to put pink on pause and lean into a spectrum of pastel hues,' says Nadia McCowan-Hill, resident style advisor, Wayfair.

'Replace this typically feminine colour with calming shades of lilac and grey which promote relaxation and recalibration in a bedroom space. Plump for tactile (ideally organic) fabrics and introduce sleep-promoting scents like lavender for an added soothing touch.'

8. Use your speakers as a hi-tech shelf

A bedroom including Ikea's SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker, pastel green wall decor, black-framed mirror with perfumes and colognes

(Image credit: Ikea)

If drawers or bedside tables take up too much floor space  – floating shelves are the way forward when decorating a bedroom. This SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker is the perfect 2-in-1 solution for tech geeks and music lovers alike.

'Having a wall hung shelf in a small bedroom gives the perfect surface required for all your "bedside bits" without taking up valuable floor space,' says Georgia Metcalfe, co-founder and creative director at The French Bedroom Company.

'If space really is limited, with very little at the side of the bed you could move this shelf to above the bed which is a good way to practically decorate the wall too.  Add a plant, some books and a couple of treasured trinkets and you have functional wall art!'

9. Create a spa-like sanctuary 

A cozy cream bohemian small bedroom with double bed and rattan furniture

(Image credit: B&M)

Spa weekends with your significant other can be a lovely activity to do together. And they can often be expensive too, so why not incorporate some of the things you like most about a getaway in your own room?

Aside from the fluffy robes and slippers, this budget bedroom idea is all about tactility and natural textures. Look to rattan furniture, cream-colored fleecy throws, lots of faux fur and a soft, high-pile rug. Layering fabrics will help to create a cocoon-like space to nest in. And just when you think you have enough blankets, store some more in a wicker basket for extra winter warmth.

10. Have fun thrifting for retro touches

A retro bedroom scheme by B&M with mustard duvet and shelf behin bed

(Image credit: B&M)

Turn your home into a retro wonderland with everything you need to get in on the vintage bedroom trend. It needn't be expensive too if you search the main street for a charity store.

Alternatively, if you can afford to, vintage art fairs and auctions are the place to be to grab an iconic statement piece for your space. But if you're in doubt mustard yellows and bright orange pieces will give you the groovy color pop you need.

11. Layer your rugs for a cozy bedroom scheme

A blue bedroom with a double bed, floating shelves and layered Berber-style rugs

(Image credit: Cosy Coco)

Calm and tranquil, the watery and sea-like blue bedroom is full of line design which is visually appealing. Horizontal lines on the throw make the end of the bed look bigger, and the layered Berber-style Atlas rugs, available from Cosy Coco depict rugged mountains to bring the outside in.

12. Create a small, but perfectly defined WFH space

A flip-down wooden compact desk in a bedroom with a knitted coral footstool

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

WFH with a partner is a weird and wonderful phenomenon at the best of times. While your new-found colleague knows how you take your coffee, finding the space to go about your professional duties without distracting each other can be a challenge. So why not set up a home office in your bedroom? 

While one of you works in the kitchen or living room, someone else can set up shop in the boudoir. This flip-down desk plays the role of 'shelfie' after you've clocked off for the day.

'Creating a quiet desk space at home was a challenge during the pandemic, but as a new sense of normality settles, it seems that working from home (at least some of the time) is here to stay,' says Helen Stone, interiors writer, John Lewis & Partners.

'Whether it’s a place where you can set up your laptop or a space to pursue a new interest, an extra work station won't go amiss. ANYDAY Work has a range of solutions including compact desks, smart chairs and great storage for packing everything away into at the end of the day, making home your home again.

'And don’t forget the lighting. The nights are drawing in, after all…'

13. Maximize your space with mirrored furniture

A Fleur Mirrored Double Wardrobe by Next with framed wall art, purple velvet curtain and floor lamp

(Image credit: Next)

We all know about the power of mirrors, and the important role they can have to make a small room look bigger, and bounce light around the room. Here, reflecting panes of glass are present on the wardrobe which give the illusion of a larger floor plan. But you can always play about with side cabinets, and of course... An actual mirror.

14. Make your bedroom twinkle with stars

A grey bedroom by Next with velvet star-motif bedding

(Image credit: Next)

As the sun goes down and your blinks get slower, you'll want to create a night time nook to nestle in. Perfect for star gazers and grey bedroom lovers, this velvety-clad sleep quarter shines bright with star-studded bedding from Next. 

15. Nuzzle up with a Nordic scheme

A nordic-inspired white bedroom with tree in corner and quilted bedding with faux wall panelling

(Image credit: Next)

Nordic-inspired rooms aren't just for Christmas. Full of wooden features and faux furs, this Scandinavian bedroom is makes a sweet bedroom idea for couples – without the long trip to Lapland.

If you haven't got real wood shiplap walls, fake the look with wooden-effect wallpaper. It provides that perfect Après ski-style cabin aesthetic. Opting for a small tree in the corner of your bedroom can also have the same effect, if space permits.

Get the All Over Pleated Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set from Next.

16. Create intimacy with black

A black bedroom with wall paneling and silk bedding, trio of pendant ceiling lights and mirrored sideboard

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Yes, it's controversial, but a black bedroom is the perfect way to create drama and moodiness in a small bedroom idea for couples. And the perfect bedfellow for this dark color? Metallics.

So team this hue with sultry champagne and silvery silk bedding and low-lighting with a dimmer setting so that you can set the mood to something that suits you. 

17. Zhuzh up a jungle luxe scheme with a DIY canopy

A white bedroom with palm print bedding and canopy

(Image credit: The French Bedroom)

Creating an outdoor-inspired and biophillic boho bedroom has lots of benefits for you and your other half. It's on-trend and a quick and affordable way to bring some dynamic energy into the room.

But there are ways to amplify this aesthetic and it doesn't take much money to take this from plain palm to a revolutionary rainforest scheme. Simply secure bamboo canes to the walls and drape with a light and flowy fabric for an airy jungle-like scheme.

Heavy curtains or drapes might be too much for this snug space – but this is just right.

18. Short on wardrobe space? Opt for an Ottoman bed

An open green velvet ottoman bed in bedroom

(Image credit: Fishpools)

Learning how to organize a closet successfully can be a challenge so when it comes to sharing – especially in a small bedroom – you need to give it even more though. While shirts and suit jackets need to be hung up, there's usually a lot of casual clothes and occasion-wear that we don't want to get creased.

That's why, an ottoman bed is the perfect compromise if you don't have room for a conventional master closet. You can store essential everyday garments in your closet and keep clothes that are out of season in this hidden compartment. To make the most of this space, invest in vacuum packed storage bags which remove the excess air out of the bag, allowing you to stow away so much more. We've shopped around for the best storage beds to make your life easier.

19. Fit built-in wardrobes

A blue bedroom with fitted shaker-style wardrobes, fireplace and window seat

(Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom)

Another way to save on space is to go bespoke – namely through fitted or built-in wardrobes. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages if you go down this route. While the experts endeavour to make use of every inch of space, as they aren't modular, you can't take them with you if you choose to move home.

However, as they are a made-to-measure component, your closet organization ideas will be second-to-none, as you can choose how you style this space.

20. Choose a slim clothes rail

A black industrial style wrought iron clothing rail by Cox and Cox to organize clothes in a small bedroom for couples

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Strong and sturdy, this black industrial clothes rail from Cox & Cox looks just like wrought iron, and is the perfect small bedroom idea for couples  – especially if your scheme is based around a minimalist or modern bedroom idea you've tried to emulate.

Far from flimsy, it's a great way to display your favorite clothes, and it includes handy basket shelf both above and below to be used in place of, or in addition to a wardrobe in your bedroom.

How do you optimize space in a small bedroom for couples?

'If your bedroom is in need of more hanging space – whether that’s to deal with the family’s winter coats or your summer wardrobe, then look at a slim hanging rail,' says Jennifer Morgan, interiors editor at John Lewis & Partners.

'Choose a design with a shelf underneath to max-out the storage potential, or one that folds away when not in use. And again, edit regularly… the look should be one of calm and order.'

How do couples decorate small rooms?

'Needless to say adding a mirror to a petit boudoir will enhance the light and airiness.  If the view from your window is worth repeating, having the mirror opposite the window will increase the natural light flowing into your room.' says Metcalfe.

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