24 blue bedroom ideas to inspire a restful refresh

These blue bedroom ideas are sure to create a calming space from dark and dramatic navy blues to soothing teals

a blue bedroom with patterned wallpaper and blue bedding on bed
(Image credit: The Secret Linen Store)

These blue bedroom ideas are perfect if you are thinking of having a bedroom refresh. Blue is known for being such a calming color, even at its most dramatic it still has that soothing feeling you want in your sleep space. 

It's also super versatile and ranges from barely-there pastel blues for a laid-back, beachy feel, to deep, inky blues that create a cozy, cocooning vibe. It's also a color that works so well with other shades so you can really experiment with your scheme and create a blue bedroom idea that perfectly suits your style. 

'Blue can be a little difficult to use because it’s generally cool-toned, and the lighter shades can almost make a space feel too big and open (first world problems eh)!' says Annie Sloan, color and paint expert at Annie Sloan

'You have a couple of options here. One is to opt for a deep, rich blue – which has a complex balance of warm and cool pigments and will make a space feel bigger, but not exposed. Or, if you’re like me and you like to play with color, use complementaries. I’d include some orange accessories which will provide warmth, emphasize the depth of both colors and make a very stylish statement.'

Just keep on reading for all our favorite blue bedroom decor, plus plenty of ways to bring this beautiful bedroom paint color into your space...

1. Keep it simple 

Blue bedroom with orange cushions

(Image credit: Future)

Paint is the simplest (and usually cheapest) way to bring some blue hues into your bedroom. So get out your decorating dungarees and get covering those plain walls in a gorgeous deep blue teal. This color might seem like a bold choice but it works in any size room, with any amount of natural light – it never looks too dark or too flat. 

You could go with one feature wall idea behind the bed or opt for all four walls to make more of a statement. Either way, pair this deep blue with simple decor – keep the walls free from too much clutter, your furniture simple, and add in plenty of white to contrast and lift the blue. Oooh and those orange velvet cushions? Yes, please!

2. Pair deep blue walls with crisp white ceilings

Blue bedroom with grey bed and white ceiling

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

If you love the idea of going all over with blue paint but don't want to risk it making your room feel darker or smaller, our top tip would to be pair it with a crisp white paint. 

See how in this bedroom the blue stops just before the ceiling at the picture rail (you can fake one if you haven't got one) it gives the room height and stops the blue from overwhelming the space.

3. Pick a bold blue bed

a blue velvet bed in a bedroom with wallpaper and clashing prints

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Designing a blue bedroom isn't all about paint, you can create your color scheme using your furniture too. A blue headboard is an obvious choice as your bed tends to be the focus of your space anyway. 

How gorgeous is this velvet scalloped number? Try your hand at making a DIY uphiolstered scalloped headboard yourself with our guide. And we love how the color is reflected in the adjoining room. You could weave in more blue with your soft furnishing and decor or pick a cute wallpaper that has just hints of that same blue. 

4. Contrast blue with pink hues

blue cobalt bedroom wall with pastel coloured bedspread and upholstered bedframe

(Image credit: Sanderson)

Loving the vivid colors in this blue bedroom. And we know that pink and blue aren't a color combo you see all too often, but we think this space proves that that needs to change. A pop of pink furniture against a blue wall, or a mix of blue and pink throw pillows not only creates a fun contrast but softens all those cool tones too. And despite the quote bold mix, there's something very sophisticated about a vivid blue and peachy pink.  

We have loads of pink and grey bedroom ideas too if you want more of this rosy hue going on in your bedroom. 

5. Layer up the blue tones with bedlinen 

wall panelling in a bedroom with blue bedding

(Image credit: Loom & Last)

Bed sheets are a lovely, easy way to bring in some blue tones to your bedroom, and we say the more the merrier. Layering up all those textures and blue hues creates such a relaxed, serene look that you 100% want in a bedroom. The raw edges and slubby fabrics only enhance the softness of the blues and it's all freshened up with a white bedroom wall paneling idea.

6. Don't be afraid to contrast colors in a blue bedroom

Blue and yellow bedroom with gallery wall and yellow and blue contrasting shades

(Image credit: Future)

Yellow and blue may seem like a bold color scheme, but pick the right tones and it creates a fun, vibrant bedroom that doesn't feel too over the top. 

Opt for slightly toned down hues – mustard yellow with a muted teal works perfectly in this bedroom. You could pick simple white bed sheets if you want a more minimalist look or go all out and bring those yellows and blues into your bedding and pillows too. 

7. Create a beachy vibe

Egon Walesch and Richard Goodwin turned a run-down cabin into a stylish lakeside retreat

(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)

Blue is synonymous with beach house style and it's a super simple look to recreate too. Keep your walls and floors white – if you have been blessed with wooden floorboards you could even paint them white, and panel the walls or pick out shiplap effect wallpaper for a more low maintenance option. Then add in those pop of royal blue with your decor, lighting and bed linen. Add a striped rug for an even more nautical vibe.

If you love this look we have plenty more where this came from in our beach house interiors gallery. 

8. Go maximalist with a mural 

Blue bedroom with mural feature wall and bold blue bedding

(Image credit: The Secret Linen Store)

Maximalist lovers, this blue bedroom is for you. All those gorgeous colors and patterns come together to create a surprisingly serene and calming space. That's the great thing about decorating with blue, no matter how bold you go it still always has that lovely soothing quality. 

Picking a mural design over a wallpaper gives a room a more expensive, luxurious feel – loving the hints of lime green in this one and how it lifts all those watery blues. 

9. Paint a feature wall in soothing teal

Pink and green bedroom with brass sconce light fittings and pink headboard

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Not quite blue and not quite green, teal bedroom idea is a lovely, soft way to bring some blue tones into your bedroom. Despite being darker, teal almost has the quality of a neutral tone in certain natural lights and a lovely cozy feel once night falls.

'One thing I would always avoid is anything too saturated in a bedroom – my bedroom is painted in deep Aubusson Blue and at night-time, it’s the most seductive, soporific, cozy night-sky blue. In the morning as daylight fills the room you can see the green nuances to it, so I’m still getting my color kick but I’m not trying to go to sleep in a room with a bright green wall shouting at me.' says Annie Sloan

10. Combine blue and black for a dramatic look

Ensuite bathroom with blue walls

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Black and blue isn't a combo you see very often, but in this blue bedroom, it totally works, with the walnut woods adding some lovely texture too, definitely one to try out.

This is the ideal color scheme for rooms that don't get tons of natural light too so you can really embrace that dark, cocooning feeling. 'East-facing rooms are drenched with morning light but cooler in the afternoon so work with nature and play to this bias using soft Aquas, (essentially blue/ green shades).'

'They have a natural affinity to the lighting conditions but rarely feel too icy due to the blend of both colors. Aqua has a lovely restful quality and is super flexible depending on how you decorate your room with other furnishings which can make the room feel either modern or traditional.'  says Patrick O’Donnell of Farrow & Ball

Note how the ceilings are painted as well, adding even more depth and drama – a winning ceiling idea

11. Keep things light with a sky blue bedroom

blue walls and floral bedhead in Victorian home with view of stairs

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

And at the opposite end of the spectrum. If you are after a light and breezy feel to your bedroom a light sky blue will always do the trick. This bedroom feels so fresh and inviting, with the blue working wonderfully with the splashes of deep red in the headboard. This is the perfect hue for a more traditional bedroom idea but you could adapt it to suit a more modern style by pairing it with white and navy blue. 

12. Go super dark with an almost black blue

Interior designer Jojo Humes renovated and modernised 1970s bungalow

(Image credit: Jemma Watts)

Really deep, almost black blues are having a bit of a moment right now. We are seeing this dramatic shade all over Instagram and Pinterest, but it's actually a far more liveable color than you might think. Especially if you stick to just one wall and style it with plenty of lighter colors and textures to add warmth. 

See how in this small bedroom idea the dark wall draws the eye to the back of the room, making it appear larger. And it doesn't feel at all gloomy because of all the white going on in the rest of the space.

Find more dark interior design ideas in our full gallery.

13. Use the same tone throughout

bedroom with pale blue textured wallpaper, blue and white bedding/blanket, white bed, bench, side table, artwork, table lamps and pendant, wooden floor

(Image credit: Karen B Wolf Interiors/Racquel Langworthy)

For a harmonious look pick one shade of blue and use that throughout. The best way to match up is to take a swatch of the color with you while you source the elements. Take a swatch of your bedroom wallpaper idea and use that as your guide. Add in white as it looks really fresh with sky blue and a pale wood flooring for an earthy finish.

14. Midnight blues for drama 

dark blue bedroom with dark blue painted walls, navy bed, white skirtings and floorboards, dark gray rug, gray and blue bedding, white pillows

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

Dark inky blues will give a cocooning feel, and are for those who adore a moody look. Contrast is key though and you can create that with white woodwork and flooring. Bedding can be lighter too and consider adding in textures, both pale and dark gray goes with this blue shade so embrace it and enjoy the coziness. 

15. Mix blue patterns and prints together 

blue bedroom with blue print drapes and cushions, blue and red upholstered headboard, pink cushions, carpet, side table, footstool and blue armchair, artwork

(Image credit: ILIV)

‘Bedrooms offer a great opportunity to experiment with patterns and color,’ says Debbie Leigh, design manager at ILIV.

‘From the bedspread to the curtains and even headboard, there’s so much to play with. As a starting point work with three fabrics in your chosen color palette – the key is to then vary the scale of the patterns. For example, if you pick a large-scale pattern as your main one, the second should be half the scale or size of the first, such as a large floral paired with a plaid or geometric pattern.  

The third can then be similar to either of the first two but using coordinating colors. When mixing two or three patterns it’s a good idea to also break them up with the clever use of plains either as plain cushions, trims, or borders.’

16. Barely there blues 

pale blue bedroom with beaded shades of blue chandelier, ensuite, textured blue wallpaper, pale blue bedding and cushions, side table, artwork

(Image credit: Karen B Wolf/Racquel Langworthy)

‘Blue’ can cover a multitude of shades, from almost blue-black to a barely-there pastel shade. They all have their place and the color you choose will depend on how big your bedroom is, what depth of color you want, and how you apply it. 

This calming blue bedroom by Karen B Wolf Interiors shows you the other end of the scale – subtle shades of sky blue teamed with pale blonde wood and textured white bedding. The only punchy factor is the beaded chandelier that shows three darker shades.

17. A blue based wallpaper will do the trick 

bedroom with peacock blue wallpaper, white picture rail and ceiling, wooden floors, blue skirting, wooden round side table, yellow based lamp, blue upholstered bed, white bedding, pink throw

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you don’t want a flat blue painted look then consider a wallpaper idea. You don’t need to have it on every wall but if you do and the print is large then only wallpaper up to the picture rail so you get some ‘plain’ color for balance. Note that in this lovely bedroom the skirtings are painted blue too, this design feature gives a modern edge despite the classic style wallpaper. 

18. Team with jade green 

bedroom with blue panelled wall, hardwood floor, jade green bed, white bedding, gold chandelier, black and gold side table and table lamp, mirror

(Image credit: Dwell)

Navy and jade green are a winning combination to consider, both have similar tones and when combined with a dark hardwood floor the result is a sophisticated color scheme that looks luxurious with accents of gold. 

Painted wall paneling gives an almost regal feel and is a perfect way to add texture to a scheme. Mix with black for an edgy contemporary finish.  

19. Paint the ceiling and walls the same shade

pastel blue bedroom with green and white side table, bright multicoloured artwork, white lamp, white bedding, pink and stone cushion

(Image credit: Mary Patton Interior Design/Molly Culver)

For an all-encompassing look choose a blue you love and paint all the walls and the ceiling. Yes, all of it! It works particularly well if you have a large room and a high ceiling as it will visually lower it and create a more welcoming feel. 

To make this look work you need to integrate other elements like a grand bed frame – nothing makes a statement like a four-poster – and add in patterned drapes and a rug.

20. Mix blue with tactile elements 

blue and gray bedroom, blue velvet bed, gray textured wallpaper, artwork, wooden side table, blends, carpet

(Image credit: Tribe Design Group)

‘The vibe starts with carefully curated, mostly local art and a soothing color palette of navy, white, and gray with touches of brown, warm woods, and mixed metals. In the master bedroom, the showpiece is the custom bed with Pindler fabric adorned with Bellino bedding and a Hermes blanket.'

'Custom Roman shades in Groundworks fabric with a David Hicks by Ashley Hicks print dress the windows in both the bedroom and the adjoining office,’ says Brooke Wilbratte, founder and lead designer at Tribe Design Group.

21. Pastel shades for happy ambience 

pastel blue bedroom with green and white side table, bright multicoloured artwork, white lamp, white bedding, pink and stone cushion

(Image credit: Mary Patton Interior Design/Mary Culver)

You can’t beat a combination of pastel shades together – minty green, sky blue, and bubble gum pink. And the color doesn’t need to come just from the walls, that’s your starting point and in this case, is a pretty sky blue shade. 

Source furniture and accessories with hints of color and look out for details like the blue trim on these pillows. Use wall decor ideas to combine all the colors together. 

22. Opt for a blue bed

gray and blue bedroom with gray linear wallpaper and blue bed, white artwork, white bedding, gray accessories, side table, chrome desk lamp, basket

(Image credit: Neptune)

Want to keep your walls neutral? We love this modern linear wallpaper in soft gray, it sets the tone for the rest of the scheme and makes it easy to use the same shade throughout with bedding and accessories.

Then, choose a navy-colored bed as the focal point. Blue and gray are a good combination and you can play with different tones for extra interest. 

23. Add an accent of scarlet 

blue bedroom with red bed and cushions, blue painted door, wooden floorboards, rug

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Scarlet is perhaps not the accompanying color you may have thought to team with blue, but actually, it’s a great option. It’s bold yes, but if you use it minimally it works a treat.

There are two blues in this contemporary bedroom, a paler shade on the walls teamed with a deeper tone on the woodwork, cushion, and throw. These add depth and add a much-needed third shade to the mix. The red is only used three times, but that’s enough to make a stylish impact.

bedroom with blue wave wallpaper, blue stripe blanket, large mirror, side table, chairs, view to patio

(Image credit: Maestri Studio/Par Bengtsson)

If you live in an apartment with a patio area then you can link the interior and exterior as Maestri Studio has done here. The blue wall of the patio idea matches the wallpaper perfectly. These details, although small, can elevate a scheme from average to interior design level instantly.

How do you make a blue bedroom cozy?

‘Adding a warm color palette is one way to make the room feel cozy. Alternatively, incorporating tactile fabrics like velvet or boucle, whilst remaining in the blue color palette, will instantly bring comfort. Soft furnishings like curtains or scatter cushions, as well as armchairs and bed frames, are a great way to add color and texture,’ says Rob Ellis, head of design at dwell

‘To make a blue bedroom feel cozy, I suggest draperies and plush bedding to soften the space,’ says Mary Patton, founder and principal designer at Mary Patton Design.

Can you mix blues in a room?

‘When mixing blues, it’s important to select variations with different undertones. For instance, a deep teal will work perfectly on a bed frame creating a focal point, but for the bed linen or walls opt for a lighter shade of blue, this will allow you to stay on theme without overpowering the space,’ advises Rob.

‘Blue can be a great neutral, so nearly any color can be an attractive compliment. I like mixing raspberry and blue; also blue and green make a nice, calming combination,’ adds Mary.

What shades of blue are good for a bedroom?

The best shade of blue for a bedroom will depend on what look you are going for. If you are after a light, relaxing almost beachy feel you'll want to stick with those light blues – sky blue, duck egg blue, and pale turquoise would all work well. If you are after something more dramatic to create a more cozy ambiance then deep navy blues, and midnight blues are what to go for. 

As we have said the great thing about blue tones is how versatile they are and tend to work in all rooms of any size and with any amount of natural light. But as a general rule, you might want to avoid using anything too cool-toned in a darker or north-facing room, unless the icy look is a vibe you want to go for.   

Jemma Dayman, buyer for carpets and rugs at Carpetright says: 'Don’t be afraid to layer several shades of blue and tie together with whites and greys.

'If you’re not ready to commit to a bold carpet, opt for weathered wood or stone effect luxury vinyl which can be paired with complementary blue walls or blue upholstery.

'When considering a nod to nautical don’t go overboard with accessories, so it remains on-trend rather than novelty.'

What colors go with blue in a bedroom?

Blue pairs well with so many different colors as it has so many shades ranging from colors so light they are almost neutral to ones so dark they are almost black. Some of our favorite combinations though are; the classic navy and white, they just always look so elegant and chic. 

Orange and a muted denim blue work well together for a more vivid look, as do yellow and blue. Pale pink and deep blue are less bold than yellows and oranges but you still get that vivid contrast. And then there are grey bedroom ideas. Grey, of course, works with pretty much every color, but the cool tones layered up with cooler blue tones look so stylish in a more contemporary bedroom.

When picking your blue bedroom color scheme just be sure to order samples so you can see what different color combos look like in your space.  

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