5 mudroom ideas to help you get organized before winter

Ahead of outerwear season, these clever mudroom ideas will help you stay organized.

Mudroom Ideas
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Whether or not we want to admit it, winter is on its way. And with it comes muddy boots, puffy coats, and scarves and hats galore. Fortunately, it is possible to keep everything clean and organized. Enter these clever mudroom ideas.

Whether you have a traditional mudroom that could use an upgrade or are simply looking to create a vignette in your entryway, these organization and storage ideas boast both style and practicality. These days, cleanliness and organization is more important than ever as we return to a winter at home. Achieve both with these five hacks.

Create Locker Storage

Mudroom Ideas

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Mudroom lockers are great for an array of reasons. First, they allow every member of the family to have their own designated space. They also typically combine concealed and exposed storage so you can stash clutter (like mismatched hats and gloves) while displaying those cute Bean boots you saved up for. Finally, the style you choose for your mudroom lockers will set set the tone for the rest of your home.

For a farmhouse feel, opt for an all-white color palette with natural wood accents. Handy? You can build your own, like Brooke and Henry at Plank and Pillow.  You'll need to build a base with shoe compartments, add locker dividers, and install an attractive backing. Brooke and Henry went all-in on modern farmhouse style and opted for vertical shiplap. 

If that sounds like more than you can handle, don't worry. There are plenty of pre-built options handmade on Etsy, like this Williamsburg storage unit. The result looks like custom built-in millwork with a much lighter price tag.

For more of an industrial look, you can opt for actual school lockers. These can be found on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay,  or at your local resale/salvage shop. Go with the natural, aged look or spray paint them in a high-gloss finish for modern style. Whatever you choose, make sure you have an extra set of hands for the install, as vintage lockers are very heavy. 

Add An Open Closet

Mudroom Ideas

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For smaller spaces where a comprehensive locker unit doesn't make sense, a simple open closet will do the same trick (and you can add cute storage baskets to conceal clutter). You can purchase a pre-made closet system like this one from Wayfair, or, you can up-cycle and existing coat closet. 

Swap your heavy door for lighter bifold doors, or remove the door entirely for a built-in look. Then, paint or wallpaper the closet interior to complement your home's aesthetic. From there, you can add an extra shelf on the bottom third of the closet to hold baskets for winter accessories. Underneath, include a stylish boot tray

Maximize the layout of your closet by hanging corner shelving and extra side shelves like Sammy on State did for this dramatic makeover

Designate A Place For Feet Wiping

Mudroom Ideas

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As its name suggests, the most important role of the mudroom is to keep dirt and mud from being tracked through the rest of the house. Make sure to place a large,  nubby doormat or an entryway rug indoors to encourage proper feet wiping. Like this clever entry layout, be sure to station a handy bench nearby where your family can have a seat and remove their shoes — and even stash them underneath before proceeding through the rest of the house. 

Don't Forget The Boot Tray

Mudroom Ideas

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Whether stationed next to the door or placed under your entry bench, a boot tray is key to catching the mess from melting snow stuck to the bottom of your shoes. For a fun DIY, purchase a cheap boot tray on Amazon. Then, spray paint it in a chic metallic finish or in your choice of matte hue. 

Be sure to chose a universal, multi-surface formula like Rust-Oleum or paint that is specially formulated for plastic. Check that your surface is clean and dry, and then spray. It instantly personalizes the look, and you won't feel guilty getting it dirty (its intended purpose), since you didn't spend a whole lot. 

Hang It Up

Mudroom Ideas

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Most importantly, you want to keep things organized and off the floor with plenty of hooks and ways to hang your belongings. This chic Industrial Entryway Mirror is perfect for hanging keys and small purses, and it even has an attached shelf for your wallet or mail. 

A hanging wall hook rack is a great option for coats, or if you have the space, a freestanding coat rack is both practical and a stylish statement. Create a customized vignette by hanging hooks and mirrors an a corner of your entryway or mudroom. Position them along with a freestanding coat rack, shelving with baskets for hats and gloves, and a bench to sit and remove shoes.