Jeremy Allen White's mirrors channel 2024's biggest interior design trend — designers say they're “smart and sleek”

Designers love Jeremy Allen White's mirrors, thanks to their retro style and clever placement

Jeremy Allen White's mirrors are so sleek. Here is the actor wearing a black jumper, standing in front of a dark green leafy background with white flowers
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Jeremy Allen White's mirrors have officially inspired me to change up my wall decor game and go for a quirky, eclectic vibe.

The star of cooking comedy-drama The Bear has proven he can serve up sizzling home decor style just as well as he can delicious dishes. I've asked interior designers why his mirror set-up works so well, plus picked matching mirrors that I'm eyeing up to achieve a similar look.

His mirrors are retro-style, one of the biggest interior design trends this year. I like the fact they match this but are elegant, ageless, and the style is easy to replicate at home.

Why we're loving Jeremy Allen White's mirrors

Even though they’re simple to the eye, Jeremy Allen White’s mirrors have bags of character and charm.

“This smart and sleek mirror set is not just an ordinary square or circle — instead, the retro design is a bit asymmetrical and adds repetition and interest to the space,” explains Angela Rennie, interior designer and founder of Angela Rennie Design.

“The simple dark brown, wooden frames allow our eye to focus on the subject and get a glimpse into how the room is decorated,” she adds.

It’s not just mirror styles that stand out here — it’s how they’re placed onto the wall, too.

“The mirrors, available in an array of sizes, are thoughtfully arranged on the wall in a manner reminiscent of a curated gallery,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

She says this not only adds visual interest but also creates a harmonious blend of modern and vintage aesthetics. 

Nina continues, “The reflective surfaces enhance the serene, neutral interior, showcasing the meticulous design of the surrounding space.”

As well as this, Nina loves the interplay of the rich wood tones and the mirrors' metallic reflections, which she says create a striking contrast and a sense of understated luxury.

How to recreate the look at home

The beauty of Jeremy Allen White’s mirror wall art is its simplicity, which means you can keep things uncomplicated when trying the look in your home. 

“Mirrors are fabulous for making a small space appear larger in the way they bounce light back into the space and create the illusion of a bigger space,” Angela explains.  “A tip for creating this vignette in your home is to shop at Target or Home Goods  (such as mirrors from TJ Maxx) where you don't have to spend a fortune."

For example, the Olivia & May Wall Mirror Set from Target comes in at just under $120 for three mirrors, are made from solid iron, and are easy to wipe clean.

“But, mirrors don't necessarily have to come in a set — you can create your own set by buying in odd numbers, such as three or five,” Angela adds.

You can also switch up the frame styles, as long as there’s a unifying element such as the same color or metal finish.

“Also, be sure to try and buy various sizes, small, medium, and large, so that there is a variety,” she suggests.

Shop our Jeremy Allen White mirror edit

Want to bring the star's marvelous mirror style into your own home? These picks will help you do just that.

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Jeremy Allen White’s mirrors are more than just functional objects — they add an artistic flair to his home.

“By bringing Jeremy’s mirror styling technique into your own home, you can add refinement in a way that will make any space feel timeless,” Nina finishes by saying.

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