18 master closet ideas to organize your clothes and shoes in style

These master closet ideas will give your garments and footwear a fabulous place to live

A blue bedroom with fitted shaker-style wardrobes, fireplace and window seat
(Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom)

Master closet ideas can be a tough one to get right. You'll need to assess how much hanger room you'll need, whether you'll be sharing this space. Plus, if you have an excessive amount of clothing, knowing what out-of-season garments can be stored away (or given to the charity shop) can be an overwhelming decision.

But it's not just the inside that counts. Aside from their storage benefits, closets come in a whole heap of colorways and materials to match your bedroom style.

These bedroom ideas for couples take into account classic interior trends, drawer space, practicality and functionality so you won't have to fight to get your clothes out of your wardrobe.

Make the most of the closet space that you do have and browse these closet organizers to store your shoes and clothes practically — and in style.

Master closet ideas that are marvellous

'Finding the right wardrobe depends on the size and shape of your room, how you organise your clothes and accessories and how you prefer to access them,' says Ashleigh Shering, partner and bedroom furniture buyer, John Lewis & Partners.

'A stand-alone wardrobe can add real character to a bedroom. We offer a wide range of freestanding furniture to complement any interior décor, from open clothes rails and minimalist modern designs to traditional solid wood wardrobes.'

'Alternatively, modular furniture is well-priced and gives you the freedom to adapt the furniture to suit your room and to organise your clothes collection just the way you like.'

1. Color match an old closet to your bedroom

A teal bedroom with matching master closet and palm print chair

(Image credit: Future)

Blue-green bedrooms have calming properties, which is just what you want when sorting through your wardrobe to find the perfect outfit. This teal bedroom has a cocooning and enveloping quality with a hint of jungle luxe with a printed chair, palms and bird wall art.

But, the star buy here is the master bedroom closet which has been color matched to the rest of the bedroom paint color. You can copy this idea by finding a furniture company who will design your wardrobe in the same shade. Or alternatively, have a go at upcycling your closet yourself.

2. Choose a closet with patterned inserts

Wardrobe with panels decorated with large floral print against a pink wall with elaborate coving, floral curtains and rug.

(Image credit: Future)

If you have a tendency to decorate your interiors with maximalist flair, don't let your choice of master closet hinder your creativity. These wardrobe panels have been decorated with a large floral print which compliments the adjacent bedroom curtain idea and patterned rug underfoot.

Subtle wall coving and dusky pink wall paint adds a lovely feminine touch too.

3. Build a dressing table into your design

A master bedroom with grey wardrobe and dressing room niche with chair

(Image credit: Future)

Take inspiration from this closet idea that features a dressing table that's tucked neatly away when not in use.

In this grey bedroom, two wardrobe doors pull apart to unveil an idyllic area to get ready. With a mirror down the center, you can share this space with your significant other.

Split it equally so you have ample room for make-up and jewellery on one side, and a beard bar and colognes on the other.

4. Position a chair next to your closet

A white and cane closet with leaf-shaped rattan chair, wood-effect wallpaper, and white canvas wall art with biophilic detail

(Image credit: Future)

No matter how old or able you are, having a chair positioned next to your master closet is a useful idea. As well as helping you to put on your socks and slippers, you can also drape clothes over it to help prepare you for the night before bed or an evening before an important night out.

What's more, after washing and ironing a load of clothes, it's an impromptu clothes storage checkpoint for garments before they are put in the wardrobe. We love this leaf-shaped chair which works perfectly with the natural cane detail of the sliding wardrobe, wood-effect wallcovering and leafy wall art.

5. Go country with a French farmhouse design

A limewash wooden wardrobe with wooden chair and patterned floral wallpaper in bedroom

(Image credit: Cotswold Co)

French is the language of love, so if you're looking for a romantic bedroom idea – look no further than this 'ooh la la' design. This Camille Limewash Oak master closet from Cotswold Co is a perfect way to add a bit of country character to your bedroom, boasting elegant curves and a limewash finish that gives it a lovely weathered appearance.

But let's not just go by its looks. Practically, it scores highly on the storage and durability front too. Made from oak and premium quality oak veneers, you’ll find plenty of full width hanging space behind the double doors, and the roomy curved drawer at the bottom will take care of all your bulky woolly jumpers and jeans. Antique-style button handles add a discreet yet functional finishing touch too.

6. Inject coastal style with louvered doors 

A white wardrobe with louvered doors and accompanying side board by Laura Ashley

(Image credit: Laura Ashley)

Coastal and nautical-inspired bedroom decor is a classic interior trend. But trying too hard with this scheme can often result in it looking tacky and gimmicky. By choosing a statement piece of furniture, such as a master closet idea can help ensure that your final execution looks grown-up.

With a hand brushed painted and lacquered finish, this Laura Ashley Devon 2 Door 1 Drawer Louvred Wardrobe works well in a couple's bedroom. While not essential, the sideboard benefits from two storage spaces with adjustable shelves as well as three good-sized drawers for even more space in this white bedroom.

7. Make use of awkward space with a fitted closet

A loft bedroom with fitted sage green wardrobes and skylight windows

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

At the end of every day, you'll want a relaxing environment combined with a well-planned room that makes the best use of your available space for furniture and storage. 

To make the most of space in rooms with awkward shapes, alcoves, sloping, low or high ceilings, a homeware store or independent carpenter can plan and install fitted wardrobes to your needs and requirements, and your preferred design and style.

This master closet works well in this loft bedroom and skylight features with the sage green palette and white bedroom floor offering a bright space to pick your favorite dress or pant suit.

8. Glamorize your space with a mirrored closet

A Fleur Mirrored Double Wardrobe by Next with framed wall art, purple velvet curtain and floor lamp

(Image credit: Next)

This mirrored master closet from Next is the perfect piece of furniture for social butterflies and those who want to create the look of a larger bedroom.

With an antiqued pewter finish and crystal effect glass handles, investing in the Fleur Mirrored Double Wardrobe means that you can check your hair and makeup is looking prim and proper before heading out to that fancy wine bar or formal engagement.

Amplify the light-enhancing properties of this shiny wardrobe by positioning a bedroom lighting idea, like a floor lamp next to it for extra wow-factor. Or see double by adding another mirrored surface in close proximity. Because you can't have too much bling, right?

9. Have a his and hers setup

A white master closet in a bedroom with a traditional fireplace

(Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom)

Although us adults are told to be nice and share – sometimes, it just ain't happening when it comes to master closet ideas. But rather than becoming disgruntled by the fact that you need two spaces, see this as an opportunity to have a his and hers closet organization idea.

This Heritage master closet by The Fitted Bedroom company is the ideal addition to any property, from period to modern – complementing bedrooms with traditional features like this fireplace. It’s available in 33 colors including super matt finishes and super height doors for extra-tall ceilings.

10. Get a chic look for less

Black and rattan cane wardrobe with black leather pouffe, khaki throw, cream rug and black framed wall art

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Made from MDF, fir wood, rubberwood and metal, this Franco Black Wardrobe will add a sophisticated look and feel to your home. 

Given that similar models can cost significantly more, this is a fairly budget bedroom idea that will add instant wow-factor. The dark colourway alongside stylish seventies-style design make this the master closet you will both want and need.

The accompanying black leather pouffe and line drawing wall art are genius ideas that make this space look even more expensive.

11. Go for a durable finish

A bedroom with white shiplap walls, and concave taupe master closet design in adjacent room

(Image credit: Daval)

Whether you're sharing your master closet with multiple members of the family or have little kids who like to play hide and seek or slam your wardrobe doors – your modern bedroom will need a durable wardrobe design.

One company has revolutionised its offering by integrating a special thermal technology into their closets to ensure that they last longer.

'High-performance furniture with innovative surface treatments are essential these days, especially given the extra pressures of modern day life,' says Simon Bodsworth, managing director at Daval Furniture.

'To introduce a new set of super matt foil finishes with thermoactive foundation is an opportunity for our customers to very easily extend the lifespan of their bedroom furniture through the simple application of heat.'

12. Make use of dead Mezzanine space

A Daval taupe colored wardrobe with window seat on mezzanine with bedroom in background

(Image credit: Daval)

'A mezzanine area with landing space is typically just a ‘walk-through’ which has little to no impact on your home or lifestyle.' explains Bodsworth.

'Rather than waste space, made-to-measure furniture is the ideal solution for turning dead space at the top of your stairs into a multi-functional wardrobe and dressing area: that could also be coordinated with your bedroom furniture too!'

'A great example of multi-form furniture that is well-designed and purposeful, is the  mezzanine furniture concept by Daval named Harvard with angled-end wardrobes with integrated window seat.

'The full length mirrors naturally extend space assigned for dressing and beautification, typically reserved for the master bedroom or en-suite bathroom, and the comfortable window seat provides a new area in the home to relax and unwind.'

'The simple shaker design is shown in warming Stone Grey which creates a neutral furniture arrangement for storing surplus garments, shoes, winter bedding or function as a practical play area that discreetly organises your kid’s toys, accessories and extra clothing.'

13. Choose a compact size for a small bedroom

A grey compact master closet by Dunelm with cane detail and five drawers

(Image credit: Dunelm)

If your bedroom is a bit on the small side – you can still have a master closet. Finished in a choice of painted colourways with natural lacquered coating, this stunning Lucy compact wardrobe by Dunelm features a woven cane design.

Beautifully designed with five drawers and a single door cupboard, it is the perfect master closet for maximizing storage space and would suit a range of interiors, in particular a Scandinavian bedroom.

14. Choose a masculine design

A black wardrobe by the Cotswold Co with distressed wall decor

(Image credit: Cotswold Co.)

Finding suitable bedroom ideas for men and women can be a challenge. But, black is a color that is gender-neutral and can quickly bring dramatic touch to your bedroom.

Strikingly modern looking with its soft and chalky matt black tones, we think this modern closet idea will look superb contrasting against a lighter wall color, making a real focal point. Beautifully made, with full width hanging space, room for shoes at the bottom, and a handy drawer for socks and underwear, its clean lines and simple paneled doors will bring country-style elegance to your bedroom.

15. Add a cute window seat to help get ready

A blue bedroom with fitted wardrobes, double bed and window seat

(Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom)

If you've recently had a child, you'll probably be wondering how to share a room with a baby. Night feeds, changing nappies and multiple rounds of outfits will all be needed.

By introducing a window seat next to your master closet, you can easily use it as an impromptu changing table to go about your parental duties. And if the toddler hasn't transitioned to their new bed yet, or needs an extra hand getting ready – they can also use this spot to stabilize themselves when putting their shoes on.

16. Go for decorative wardrobe features

A built-in navy and mirrored master closet with decorative finish

(Image credit: Neatsmith)

In a modern bedroom, it can be hard to incorporate decorative features like wall art and other homewares without making the space feel messy or cluttered. While an interior touch here or there is fine, going OTT can make the space feel cramped.

Cue this Neatsmith Castille master closet idea. This blue wardrobe is ornately decorated with a mirror and boxy geometric detail, adding interest to an otherwise minimalist grey room design.

17. Have three times the fun with a triple closet

A white triple closet wardrobe in bedroom with pink wall paint decor

(Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

While you and your partner's interior tastes may differ, there's one thing that can't be missed out when looking a master bedroom: storage. Sure, he or she may give you 'that' look when you come home with yet another dress or pair of shoes from the mall (who can resist a sale?), but that's what the Kemble triple wardrobe was made for.

Though this room is eclectically styled with magenta pink walls, a pastel geometric rug, and a rustic-effect backdrop, this white master closet is a versatile fixture that'll suit most bedrooms.

18. Go mid-century modern with a walnut wood walk-in

A master closet by Sharps using Walnut wood

(Image credit: Sharps)

If space permits, why not consider a walk-in closet idea? Now this doesn't have to be a whole separate room to stash away your clothes, celeb-style. This can just be an open space in a larger bedroom, with a stool and perhaps some spotlights overhead. That will you will feel like an A-list star when you get ready.

We particularly love this classic warm style by Sharps using walnut wood.

19. Go for a closet with sliding doors

A white master closet wardrobe by Next with shiplap style detail

(Image credit: Next)

And finally – we've shown you master closet ideas with open shelving and doors, but this sliding wardrobe with shiplap detail would look great in a rustic bedroom idea way out in the suburbs. So you can live the American dream with your white picket fence and accompanying wardrobe to match.

How do you make a simple closet?

If you don't fancy DIYing your own master closet idea, but can't afford made-to-measure furniture, a modular wardrobe is your best bet for something that is customizable.

'When everything has its own place in your wardrobe, getting dressed is a joy,' says Bo Hellberg, CMO at String Furniture.

'The flexible and modular String© gives you open shelves for your everyday denim, cabinets for accessories, handbag and shoe shelves to display your prized possessions, and hangers for everything else.'

'All functions are completely versatile and can be placed in a variety of combinations to suit small or big spaces and meet all your needs. Creative storage for an organised lifestyle.'

How to measure up for your master closet

'Before you order a freestanding or modular wardrobe, it’s best to take some time to check that the furniture will fit your room and that it has the right proportions for the look you want to create. To check, map out the width, height and depth using newspaper, or mark out with masking tape,' says Shering.

'If you order freestanding furniture, be sure it will fit through the door when we deliver it. If you think it's going to be tricky, take a look at furniture that's partial assembly or flat-packed.'

'We often remove legs from assembled furniture to reduce the possibility of transit damage. Tall pieces of furniture may need to be assembled on the floor and then lifted up, so do check that there's sufficient ceiling height for this.'

'Most of our freestanding wardrobes have fully assembled bases and you will only need to construct the top half of the wardrobe and attach it to the base.

When buying John Lewis & Partners Fitted Bedrooms as well as the ranges exclusive to us within Lawrence Walsh Fitted Bedrooms, you can arrange a free at-home consultation. A designer will take all the measurements for your customised furniture.'

Shering has also provided us with her top tips on installing a freestanding master closet with ease.

Expert tips for freestanding furniture

  • Leave yourself enough space to walk around the room comfortably.
  • Try not to overcrowd the space so you can retain a spacious look and feel.
  • Make sure there’s enough space for outward-opening hinged doors.
  • Allow for any nearby hanging lighting.
  • Consider sliding doors if there’s little room in front.
  • Measure floor space in front of any opening drawers.
  • Don’t position the wardrobe too close to doors and windows.
  • Check dimensions before ordering additional hanging rails, shelves and internal drawers.
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