Bobby Berk's decluttering hack using numbers is easy and effective — and pros love his clever method

Bobby Berk's decluttering hack has officially changed our cleaning game for good

Bobby Berk's decluttering hack is genius. Here is the interior designer with brown hair, blue eyes, and a beard wearing a black blazer and shirt, in front of a blue painted background
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For anyone who has a drawer of doom, Bobby Berk's decluttering hack using a numbered system is an easy and genius way to transform it.

The interior designer and former Queer Eye star uses the 10-10-100 decluttering method, spending 10 minutes decluttering 10 items, and repeating until he gets to 100. We've asked cleaning and home improvement experts why it's so effective and exactly how to do it yourself.

When learning how to declutter your home, it includes tackling those pesky drawers, so trust me, as a dedicated declutter myself, you'll be thankful for a roadmap through it.

Bobby Berk's decluttering hack is a must-try for anyone with unorganized drawers

Using Bobby Berk's decluttering method will completely transform how you approach decluttering drawers in your kitchen and beyond, experts say.

“Bobby Berk's 10-10-100 decluttering method is indeed a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their space effectively,” says Tommy Mello, home improvement expert and founder of A1 Garage Door Service.

"By repeating this process until you reach 100 items," he adds, "you'll significantly reduce clutter.”

Bobby Berk’s decluttering hack is so soothing to watch, so it makes sense that it actually is relaxing to do. 

“This method divides the daunting task of decluttering into manageable 10-minute increments, making it less intimidating and more achievable,” explains Eliana Coca, cleaning expert and founder of E.C. House Cleaning.

She continues, “By focusing on removing 10 items every 10 minutes, this approach ensures continuous progress and reduces the likelihood of burnout.”

For anyone wanting to find out how to declutter when feeling overwhelmed, breaking it down into bite-sized chunks is a seriously smart move, and the 10-10-100 method gently guides you without the 'bite-size' being arbitrary and hard to pin down.

With Bobby Berk's number-led decluttering hack, it's really clear what you should be doing, how long for, and how much of.

How to do Bobby Berk's decluttering hack

In terms of getting started on the 10-10-100 method, begin by setting a timer for 10 minutes just like Bobby does, and then quickly gather items that you no longer need or use.

Eliana says, “The choice of which items to remove can be made swiftly to maintain momentum. For instance, start with obvious choices like outdated magazines, old mail, or unused kitchen gadgets.”

She adds that as you advance, the decisions might get slightly tougher. “This is where the quick time frame helps in making decisive actions without overthinking.”

As you declutter, you can also separate items into categories such as donating to secondhand furniture stores, recycling, or trash. 

“This makes it easier to dispose of items responsibly and ensures that things don't end up back in your living space,” adds Tommy.

While decluttering, our pros also advise not to forget to clean as you go.

“Cleaning supplies such as microfiber cloths and the best vacuum cleaners can also help maintain cleanliness as you declutter,” Tommy adds.

For a smooth decluttering session, Eliana suggests picking up storage bins with labels (the Bright Creations Storage Boxes from Walmart are easy to clean and eye-catching), as these are crucial for categorizing items efficiently.

She also says to choose strong trash bags that can hold plenty of weight, such as the Hefty Ultra Strong Bags from Amazon that are made from 50% recovered materials (20% post-consumer recycled materials and 30% reclaimed scrap material from the brand's manufacturing process).

What you need to do Bobby Berk's decluttering hack

From the best cleaning supplies to the best organizers, there are lots of useful items that will make following Bobby Berk's decluttering hack even easier than it already is.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

Meet the experts

A picture of Eliana Coca, a woman with dark brown hair smiling at the camera, with framed artwork in a dark brown frame and a pink flower in the background
Eliana Coca

Eliana Coca is a cleaning expert and founder of E.C House Cleaning in Massachusetts. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Eliana has honed her craft to perfection, mastering the art of transforming spaces into pristine sanctuaries.

A picture of Tommy Mello, a man with short brown hair wearing a white shirt
Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello is a a home improvement and DIY expert, and the founder of A1 Garage Door Service, a $100M+ home service business and home service industry leader. He's a pro at making homes the best they can be, which includes cleaning and decluttering them.

Applying this method when decluttering will ensure you don’t get stressed out and will leave you with sparkling results. 

“By embracing Bobby Berk's 10-10-100 method and incorporating these steps into your decluttering routine, you'll not only achieve a more organized living space but also experience the benefits of increased productivity in your home life,” Tommy finishes by saying.

If you’re as big a fan of this interior designer as we are, you might also want to check out Bobby Berk’s knife sharpener.

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