10 men's bedroom ideas – simple, stylish, sophisticated (and not just for men)

Our men's bedroom ideas (that obviously aren't exclusively for men) are cool, chic and really easy to copy in your space

men's bedroom ideas – blue and grey bedroom with bedside lamp
(Image credit: Christopher Jolly on Unsplash)

Men's bedroom ideas aren't something that get a lot of attention in the interiors world are they? We supposed it's because all bedroom ideas are technically men's bedroom ideas, but there are certain looks that suit men's space in particular. 

So we thought we pull together a gallery of stylish, cool bedrooms that are the perfect balance between sleek sanctuary and cozy sleep space. All our ideas (as always) are super easy to achieve and can obviously be used to decorate any bedroom, not just men's bedrooms. So anyone can find inspiration here.

Keep reading for our fave looks and styles, and for more bedroom ideas head over to our feature. 

1. Pick a dramatic bedroom color scheme 

Basement bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Richard Gadsby)

Oooh dark colors, how masculine. Seriously though, deep blues and greys used on all four walls (and even the ceiling if you are feeling brave) does create a very sleek, sophisticated vibe and look great paired with brighter colors to make them pop. Break up a wall of dark color by adding a gallery wall made up of prints and posters, photos. Mix and match the frames too, to add even more texture and interest.

Eyeing up that four poster? Us too and we say go for it! You can always make it more subtle by painting it the same color as the walls as you can see here. 

2. Add a stylish reading nook 

Made.com paint

(Image credit: Made)

A chair in a bedroom is a beautiful thing. Not only does it look stylish, it creates a lovely little zone in your space where you can sit and read and drink coffee and contemplate life. They perfectly fill an empty corner of a room and let's not forget how handy they can be throwing  (sorry storing) clothes you wear all the time. Add a small side table or a stool to the setup to really make it feel like its own reading nook. 

3. Switch your bedding for a quick men's bedroom idea

Basement bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Changing over your bedding really is the easiest way to change the look of a men's bedroom and start a whole new color scheme. Grey is an obvious choice for men's rooms as it's neutral and chic, but you can add some warmer tones too like browns and burnt oranges. Pick up some new cushions to bring in these more inviting colors and to add more texture and comfort. 

4. Choose a statement headboard

Bedroom with grey button back headboard

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Bring some softness into a men's bedroom design by opting for an upholstered headboard. A button-back design adds a touch of traditional sophistication and can work with loads of different styles too. Give it a bit of edge by combining it with a modern side table and some contemporary prints hung above. 

5. Bring in those coastal vibes 

Egon Walesch and Richard Goodwin turned a run-down cabin into a stylish lakeside retreat

(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)

Nautical interiors lend themselves so well to men's bedroom design. The are crisp, clean and neutral. Now we aren't suggested go all out seaside with oars on the walls and blue and white stripes over every surface, but you could bring in some of those Hamptons vibes with a white wash floor, shiplap panel walls and just a touch of blue with some throw pillows.

6. Pick out storage that will become a feature 

Ikea men's bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you don't need a full-on wardrobe in your room, a setup like this can be a great way to store clothes, save space and become a feature too if you match the clothes you hang to the style and colors of the bedroom. 

7. Or pick a subtle, practical wardrobe

Ikea men's bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

Ooooh, what a cool space! Love the mix of deep blues and dark woods. If you are in need of some bigger storage furniture pieces, a dark wood would work in so many styles of room. Yes, darker woods are a bold choice as they can be quite imposing, but if you keep the shapes simple and the backdrop a dark color too, they can be a really stylish focal point. 

8. Create softness in a men's bedroom with natural textures and colors

Loft bedroom with DIY headboard

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

Men's bedroom ideas don't always have to just be grey or black or some other moody hue, you can go for a light and airy color scheme that's filled with natural textures. We love this space and it would work so well as a men's bedroom if you are after a softer but still quite masculine look. That distressed wall too!  So cool and gives it a bit of an industrial feel to contract all the lighter colors.

9. Add pattern with a feature wallpaper

Dark green bedroom with book shelf wallpaper

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Want a really easy way to add pattern to a man's bedroom? Wallpaper. Stick to just one wall, or even make a feature of the ceiling by adding wallpaper up there. We love this almost library-like design and how it works with the dark green olive wall and the pop of orange from the lampshade. We could even get on board with the flamingo. 

10. Don't forget to add some personality 

Bedroom idea using houseplants

(Image credit: Ikea/ Polly Wreford)

Even if you are after a sleek, minimal space, you don't want your bedroom to feel stark or unlived in. Add in some personality with prints, posters, houseplants and decorations. If you like the lived-in look of the room above just experiment with hanging and dotting knick-knacks around your space in groups or on shelves, and if you are more a fan of less fuss and clean lines why not add a gallery wall? 

What colors are good for a man's bedroom?

Bedroom with shelves as side tables

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

The best colors for men's bedrooms totally come down to the tastes of the man who lives in it, but usually darker colors like greys, blacks, browns and blues will come in in some form. You could of course add some pops of brighter colors too like reds, oranges, greens and yellows. Use accessories like prints and cushions to do this if you want to stick with a neutral background. 

What should you include in a man's bedroom?

Ensuite with blue walls

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

The key things to include in a man's bedroom, or any bedroom for that matter is a bed (obviously, college days are over it's time for a proper frame), some form of storage like a set of drawers, and something to hang clothes in, whether that be a closet or a clothes rail. You might want to include a full-length mirror too. 

A good mattress would be an extra addition too and nice sheets to match. Also consider how you will light the room and include a couple of bedside lights or wall mount lights above the bed. 

Brighten up the space by adding artwork, and bring in some coziness with throw pillows and a comforter. 

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