The best floor lamps

Create a relaxing ambience or flood your space with light using our pick of the best floor lamps

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A floor light has the capability to completely transform the mood and feel of your home. With a flick of a switch, a dark, enclosed room can feel light and airy, while a spacious minimalist space can instantly feel warm and welcoming.  Many floor lamps come with multiple light settings, so you can select a glow that reflects your mood - a romantic evening may call for some low level lighting, while those exceptionally dark and dingy days may require a stronger light to make the aspect more cheerful. 

Floor lamps are available in all shapes and sizes, enough so that a certain amount of thought needs to go into selecting a lamp before you purchase it. Firstly, you need to think about whether you want to flood the room with light or focus it on a single area. Torchiere lights face up to the ceiling and emit the most light into a room, but arched lights should be considered if you’re looking to illuminate a reading chair, for example. 

Also consider whether you want to make a feature out of your light. Classic floor lights are generally simplistic in their structure, with a single fixture that is either traditionally or minimalistically adorned to create a desired effect. Tree floor lights consist of two or more branches and can be more intricately or boldly designed to create a statement piece. 

If you think that’s all, not quite. You’ll need to make sure that your chosen floor lamp is in proportion to the rest of the room. A small snug, for example, shouldn’t require an overly decorative multi-branch tree lamp, while a subtle singular classic floor lamp will disappear into the background of an expansive, open plan space. 

Our selection covers a wide range of modern and traditionalist lights. From those that are bold enough to make a statement in even the largest of loft conversions to lights that will sit cosily in the corner of a cottage lounge. Read on to find the perfect floor lamp for your home. 

1. John Lewis Trent Floor Lamp

Minimalist and modern spaces will embrace this Scandi-style lamp

Best for: Modern style
Bulb type: 28W ES
Material: Plated steel, nickel
Dimensions: H155cm x W24cm x D82cm
Reasons to buy
+ Minimalist + Adjustable in 3 places 
Reasons to avoid
- Only one light setting 

Scandi style is all about embracing boldly minimalist and often linear design. With just one plain steel pole projecting from a textured base, there’s something industrial about this light which make it perfect for modern-style interiors. Adjustable in three places, the design of this floor lamp will also allow you to direct the light in any way you require, whether that’s over your favourite reading chair or towards the centre of the room.

2. Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp

Lights, camera, action

Best for: Industrial style
Bulb type: 27W 40W ES
Material: Metal, beech
Dimensions: H165cm x W75cm x D24cm
Reasons to buy
+ Will make a statement + Adjustable light settings 
Reasons to avoid
- Not suited to traditional homes 

You wouldn’t see this lamp in a cottage snug, but if you love open plan living and require a statement floor lamp to draw the eye, this one will certainly succeed in doing that. Inspired by Hollywood’s golden era, this industrial-style tripod light won’t fail to impress. You can adjust the brightness settings so it emits short, bright or dim light, perfect if you’re looking to create a certain mood in your home. The contrast between the silver metal and the white legs gives it a clean, streamlined finish. 

3. Bow Large Floor Lamp

A contemporary bow light that will bend to your will

Best for: Statement piece
Bulb type: 27W 40W ES
Material: Brass plated metal and marble
Dimensions: H196cm x W150cm x D38cm
Reasons to buy
+ A statement piece for non-fuss spaces + Adjustable stem 
Reasons to avoid
- Could be too obtrusive for some 

This floor lamp is one of the largest in our list, so it naturally lends itself to open spaces where it doesn’t become too obtrusive. As an arch lamp, it’s perfect for supplying reading light, and can even be positioned away from the chair or sofa, thanks to its long, adjustable, arched stem. Finished in a bold copper effect and featuring a marble base, it’s certainly eye-catching, great if you’re looking for that statement piece to bring your lounge into proportion. 

4. John Lewis Meena Light Effects Floor Lamp

A luxury light with exquisite detailing

Best for: Warm light
Bulb type: 42W ES
Material: Steel and grey fabric
Dimensions: H123cm x W20cm x D20cm
Reasons to buy
+ Features intricate metal work + Emits a warm glow 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the brightest light 

Those who love warm, dark colours will be drawn towards this detailed floor lamp, which, thanks to the intricate metal design, is almost tribal in its finish. The liner dims the light of the bulb, which makes it emit a soft glow, rather than full blazing light, something that reviewers either love or dislike. This floor lamp is part of a larger collection, so you could create a theme throughout your home. The only other negative is that it’s the most expensive floor light on our list. 

5. Marks and Spencer Dexter Floor Lamp

A pretty, elegant floor light to draw the eye

Best for: Elegance
Bulb type: 20W G9
Material: Brass
Dimensions: H150cm x W23cm x D23cm
Reasons to buy
+ Embraces both lines and curves + Frame is minimalist 
Reasons to avoid
- Bulbs are not included 

Playing with curves and lines, the minimalist central pole of this floor lamp allows for the six spherical bulbs to be the stars of the show. The design of the lamp is neither overly traditional or modern, which makes it universally suitable for any lounge style. The only thing to note is the bulbs aren’t included, and seeing as it requires six, costs may add up. 

6. John Lewis Amara Floor Lamp

A beautifully elegant light with hints of pastoral design

Best for: Tree-style light
Bulb type: 18W G9
Material: Iron, glass
Dimensions: H150cm x W34cm x D34cm
Reasons to buy
+ Torchiere light creates ambiance + Pleasing to the eye 
Reasons to avoid
- The lights are a bit tricky to place 

With its elegant curves and leaf detail, this beautiful floor light is subtly pastoral in its design and would probably suit a modern or a traditional setting. The glass shades make the lamp delicate, so it may not be suited for homes with young children. A few reviewers mention that the glass shades are difficult to affix, but once the lamp has been put together, they’re very pleased with the overall effect. 

7. Senk Floor Lamp

A dainty light that allows you to direct light in different directions

Best for: Directing light
Bulb type: 25W E14
Material: Steel, marble base
Dimensions: H221cm x W133cm
Reasons to buy
+ Rotate the heads to direct light + Available in steel or brass effect 
Reasons to avoid
- Very tall 

This arch lamp is great if you’re looking to illuminate certain aspects within your lounge, as you can adjust the heads to direct the light. It’s got a sleek and fairly delicate design, so it may not fair well if it gets toppled over, although the marble base makes it incredibly sturdy. This lamp is certainly a statement piece, so it should be put in a place where there’s minimal decor, otherwise your room could become too fussy.