11 cozy living room ideas that are perfect for hibernation season

It’s time to cozy up your living room with lots of warming colors, super soft textures and low lighting...

Ikea cozy living room
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Looking for some easy cozy living room ideas to inspire a winter makeover? With hibernation mode in full swing, we turn our attention to relaxing in our homes more than usual. For the ultimate cozy set up there are some key elements that will help no end – that fabulous crackle of logs burning, the hot chocolate cradled in your hands, the comfiest sofa and the softest throw with your favorite film! 

Sound dreamy right? Check out our top cozy living room ideas below to make your space the perfect place to be this winter and head to our living room ideas feature for even more inspiration. 

1. Go for a cream color scheme 

Coffee table decor ideas

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Yep cream living rooms and beige color scheme are back, and they are the perfect hues for creating soft, cozy, but still light filled spaces. Boucle is super on trend right now and is perfect for adding extra texture and make sure to add in some dark colors too to create a contrast for a really contemporary look.

2. Add in a fireplace for the ultimate cozy vibes

Fireplace ideas

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Nothing says cozy, comfy and warm like a fireplace, so if you have the room and budget, they can be the perfect addition to a living room. As well as obviously adding warmth, they instantly become the focal of the room and you can create one that fits perfect with your style – we love this more contemporary look with the fireplace flush to the wall. 

3. Pile up the logs 

How to use exposed brick: cosy rocking armchair in front of fireplace with exposed brick, and a grey and white rug and round mirror

(Image credit: Katie Lee © Future)

And obviously if you have a fire place you need logs, so pile them up in your living room to add a rustic touch. You know what, even if you don't have a fire, a log pile can just be lovely decor on a shelf or to fill in an unused fireplace. 

4. Mix rusty tones and velvety textures

Cozy living room ideas

(Image credit: Cormar carpets)

A cozy living room scheme can be created purely from the colors you choose. This rusty colored wall and dark mustard velvet sofa together create the most perfect warming color palette. This is your starting point and you can then go on to add tactile cushions and throws – as many as you fancy - and dark wood furniture to create contrast. Abstract artwork in pale textures ties in with the pale carpet and they help to balance the scheme and prevent it from becoming too dark. 

5. Go for a cosy rustic style in your living room

Cozy living room ideas

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You can make any living room cozy whatever your style. This modern rustic looking room has all the key textures to make for a cosy Sunday afternoon relaxing in front of the log burner. You can never have too many cushions for a start, and adding in a sheepskin or two will increase your cosiness to optimum levels! The exposed brick wall gives both character and a tactile quality and pattern is added with the fringed throw and rattan coffee table. 

6. Layer your lighting

Cream living room ideas: cream living room with bold black accents through furniture frames and shelving

(Image credit: Ikea)

So you have your cozy textures in the form of a velvet sofa or two, tactile rug and super soft cushions, and now you need to set the scene with your lighting. This can be ‘layered’ and you can do this by having your main light as usual, then another layer that will be table lamps and or wall lights, some of which can be angled to illuminate key areas like a reading nook. Finish the look with some candlelight, it’s the ultimate in relaxing light - that gentle flickering is mesmerizing!

If you need any more tips on living room lighting ideas head over to our guide. 

7. Remember light and airy can still be cozy

Cozy living room ideas

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Autumn and winter are not the only times of year we yearn to be cozy and a beautiful light and airy space whatever the season can tick the relaxation box for you to chill in. A cozy living room is created by pulling together numerous textures - in this room you’ll see a lovely slubby rug, muslin throw and thick blackout lined pleated denim curtains. The sofa is super squishy, all you need is a good book and a scented candle to complete the scheme. 

8. Go for a minimalist take on a cozy living room 

Cozy living room ideas

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What? You can be a minimalist and have a cozy living room? Of course! Clutter is not conducive to relaxation and creating a cozy scheme is all about making your space fulfill your needs and if a modern scheme is your thing then cozy it will be. A log burner obviously creates coziness in an instant and a warming paint scheme that consists of various shades of pink will give your living room an instant glow. 

For more pink room ideas check out our full gallery. 

9. Switch up your color palette for more cozy vibes

Cozy living room ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

It's actually quite easy to change the color scheme in a living room to make it cozier. All it could take to changing up a few cushions, throwing down a rug, you could even paint a wall (we love this olive green). If you are after more fall color schemes that would be perfect for creating a cozy living room check out our gallery. 

10. Create displays with books and prints

Living room with books by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

A very quick and easy cozy living room idea is to add personality with prints and books. You almost want the room to feel cluttered, but in a good way – so curate the clutter by picking color schemes and planning where everything is going to go. We love the relaxed look of this living room and the neutral colors mean it doesn't feel like there is too much going on. 

11. Add in touches of tartan for cozy traditional feel

Carpetright a/w

(Image credit: Carpetright)

This kind of highland heritage look always comes back at this time of year usually in slightly different forms. This year it was actually one of Ikea's big trends for A/W and we are seeing it seep into the homes of Instagram and Pinterest too. It's all about taking inspiration from rugged northern landscapes, with muted, natural colors and textures.

Obviously, you can't forget tartan too – this classic print is a bit of a love/hate thing, but personally, we think in the right situation and in the right shades it can really cozy up your living room. 

Sophie Warren-Smith
Sophie Warren-Smith

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