10 moody living room ideas to go with any aesthetic

Get cozy with our moody living room ideas recommended by design pros

Indigo blue living room with matching sectional, artwork on walls, floor lamp
(Image credit: Barrett Oswald Designs / Tim Lenz)

Check out these moody living room ideas, full of dark and dramatic styles. Our designs cover all of the popular living room styles, from a moody retro living room to boho style and modern, there's something for everyone. 

And that's without showcasing the moody colors you can choose too – from plum to the deepest green, black to terracotta – all these shades can be used to create a moody living room that you'll love. 

Our moody designs come straight from the pros so you nail some new living room ideas.

10 moody living room ideas 

Our 10 dramatic living room ideas will help you choose the interior style you love and give you some fabulous moody room color choices too. 

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1. Mid-gray

Mid gray living room with antique cabinet, white woodwork, Francesca's

(Image credit: Francesca's Paints)

Gray certainly has its place when it comes to moody living room ideas and it does suit more classic schemes. It's a good shade to consider when you want to try out the moody trend but not go too dark. 

"A moody yet calming blue-grey color, Croft is perfect for use in the living room, as it has a welcoming effect and works well with natural light. Created with a combination of black, raw umber, and purple tones, this versatile blue-grey shade can be used as a standalone color for a dramatic look or as a striking feature wall," says Francesca Wezel, founder of Francesca’s Paints.

White is a great balancer when it comes to experimenting with moody colors for the first time, Francesca agrees, "To add contrast and interest, try painting surrounding woodwork a light color – this also prevents a room from feeling too dark."

Wayfair's Hertford Accent Chair is a good mid-gray that would suit this moody color scheme. 

2. Boho designs

moody living room ideas, terracotta bohemiam style living room with wallpaper, 70's styling, velvet pink sectional, black blind, dark red vintage rug, artwork, coffee table, plant

(Image credit: Divine Savages / Probably This)

For a more bohemian style moody living room consider a terracotta teamed with a dark-based wallpaper. 

"Creating a moody living room doesn't have to mean using black or dark grey.  Instead, use rich jewel tones and deep earthy neutrals such as terracotta and the darkest of greens for walls and accents. Opt for wallpaper featuring dark, large-scale florals or nature-inspired motifs," advises Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages

"The lush, dramatic blooms set against a deep background create a moody yet romantic feel. Our Bloomin’ Marvellous design in Blush Green is a deliciously dark print that makes the perfect talking point in any living space."

Add more bohemia with a curated gallery wall that consists of gilt-style gold frames (we love Target's Travel Photo Gold Framed Wall Art) filled with portraits and landscapes. 

Jamie Watkins
Jamie Watkins

Divine Savages specialises in creating exquisitely crafted wallpapers, fabrics, accessories and limited edition art prints for the brave and bold. It was founded by husbands Jamie Watkins and Tom Kennedy in 2017.

3. Chocolate brown

Chocolate living room with pale floors, oatmeal armchair, black side table and lamp, fire place, artwork,

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

There's been a resurgence for chocolate brown living rooms and it's easy to see why – it's cozy without being cold and it's super stylish. It looks amazing in both modern and classic spaces and it works well with other colors. We really recommend trying it out for your moody living room. 

"Warmer alternatives to black such as ‘Chocolate Color’ or ‘Purple Brown’ will be seen as black but will reflect warmth and offer a softness not exhibited by the cooler black tones," says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene

"Rich warm colors based on umber and ochre deliver cocooning, restful, and charming spaces. Deeper, richer caramels are perfect for creating enticing and sumptuous spaces."

expert headshot Ruth Mottershead
Ruth Mottershead

Ruth Mottershead, Creative & Marketing Director of Little Greene, has been working in her family’s business for 12 years. She writes content for the company’s marketing material, manages photoshoots and communicates with Little Greene and Paint & Paper Library’s customers. 

4. Dark blue

Dark living room with painted walls and ceiling, white armcharisa and coffee table, view outside, large metal pendant ligh

(Image credit: Tara Felice Interiors / Sarah Rossi)

The moody color you use is key to the effect you'll get. Sometimes we might want to swap a light and airy room for one that's dark and moody, and that's exactly what Tara Felice Engelberg, founder of Tara Felice Interiors did with this striking sunroom:

"This space was one of the only original spaces to remain after a massive near tear-down renovation. The rest of the house is pretty light and airy, so I thought it would be cool to offset and highlight this original space by painting it a dark hue. We selected Farrow & Ball's Railings

This room functions as a lounge room of sorts, and being that it is on the first floor and open to a large kitchen and family room, it needed to be a casual and calming space for this large family of seven to hang out in.  We went with subdued furniture colors and highly textured fabrics (boucle swivels anyone?) to enhance the tranquil vibes."

We love how Tara painted the ceiling too, it really brings it down visually and creates a unique moody living room space. If you want a blue-black shade check out Benjamin Moore's Old Navy 2063-10

5. Modern designs

Sage green living room with modern furniture, the right view to yellow dining room, grey flooring:rug, fire place,

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Choosing a deep green living room idea for your moody scheme will give it a modern makeover as green is a key color this year in interiors. 

It has an elegance that ensures it elevates a living room and a darker shade really adds depth. We love how this living room has accents of black and grey – consider a grey rug for your flooring, it grounds the green perfectly. Amazon's Homfine Washable Area Rug Geometric in Grey is a good match and will add to the contemporary feel. 

6. Cozy features

Indigo blue living room with matching sectional, artwork on walls, floor lamp, coffee table,

(Image credit: Barrett Oswald Designs / Tim Lenz)

It can be a little daunting when you embark on a moody living room, and that can be helped by the accessories you choose, for example, artwork is great for breaking up an expanse of wall, even if it's a color you love.

"A bold living space deserves bold art. For this room, we used strong imagery to enhance the moodiness of the saturated dark navy paint. The mix of vintage military posters and space photography offer an energetic feeling to this richly designed room," says Barrett Oswald, partner and principal designer, Barrett Oswald Designs.

And this kind of combination is what creates a copier feel says Patrick O'Donnell, brand ambassador, Farrow & Ball, "Darker, moody colors can imbue a magical quality in your living room, especially when they are used primarily in the evening. Maximizing a cozy quality, they can cocoon you in their richness."

image of interior designers Barrett Oswald, two women standing together one wearing black, the other black top and jeans
Barrett Oswald

Barrett has always had a passion for style and design. Her love of interior design has been a natural progression – from a teenager who mixed toile wallpaper and band posters in her bedroom, to a graduate of the Fashion Institute in NYC, and eventually to the stylist of a commercial, oceanfront condominium in Florida.

Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O’Donnell has been bringing his impeccable eye for colour to Farrow & Ball since 2012. Over that time, he has been a showroom manager, global color consultancy manager and now brand ambassador. However, he is best known as the much-loved face of Farrow & Ball on social media. 

7. Dark plum

Plum living room with navy accents,

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Plum is a fabulous colour to choose for a moody living room because it's not too dark but has a dramatic and warming quality. It's great for a north facing living room that might feel a bit chilly normally. 

Paint and color expert, Annie Sloan CBE explains why a more intense shade instead of blue and black is a good choice, 'Look to rich, dark, jewel-toned colors to create a dramatically atmospheric feeling. This mood is ideal in a living room, allowing you to cocoon yourself in a seductive, indulgent, comforting space of an evening whilst confidently expressing a bold and sophisticated style choice during the day.'

Pick a couch pillow in a plum shade to match you walls, Wayfair's Velvet Throw Pillow will be oh so tactile.

expert headshot of Annie Sloan
Annie Sloan CBE

Annie Sloan, CBE, invented her revolutionary furniture paint, Chalk Paint™, in 1990 and hasn’t stopped refining and improving her formula since. She is widely considered one of the world’s leading authorities in paint, color and style.

8. Shades of gray

Snug with bookcase, couch, footstool, artwork, shade of gray,

(Image credit: Imparfait Design Studio / Michael Kaskel)

You can use more than one shade of a color to help break up the scheme when creating a gray living room.

All work in their own right and as such look great together too. As a general rule of thumb use the darker color the most, then the mid gray, and finally the lighter gray as an accent. 

For a similar brown gray as these bookcases we recommend Lick's Grey 07 Matt, it has a touch of green that softens it whilst adding depth. 

9. Black walls

Black walls, white ceiling, tan leather armchairs, black couch, artwok, lights, cream drapes,

(Image credit: Rincon Rd)

There's no moodier a living room than a black one right? But how do you get the balance right so it doesn't feel like you're living in cave? 

By adding warming colors to your scheme like a gorgeous tan leather, oatmeal drapes, fairy lights and some earthy accessories like earthenware vases and wooden ornaments. 

Start by choosing your furniture – mix it up by using a black couch and a couple of tan armchairs. Have a look at the rest of our top buys below to copy this sumptuous moody black living room.

10. Retro style

Dark green walls with retro furniture, mid century modern style, rattan hanging chair, coir carpet, glass and metal oval coffee table,

(Image credit: Little Greene)

The best thing about picking a moody living room scheme is that it really can be applied to all interior styles. This fabulous mid-century modern living room and contemporary architecture really lends itself to this look.

And if you don't want to embrace black then consider a dark green – this shade is called Obsidian Green by Little Greene and it's a green black so not as dark as jet black for example. "The trend for rich, cocooning living spaces that bring a sense of comfort continues with a move toward the soothing power of darker shades. Using darker colors can create a sense of intimacy and an encompassing feel, however, a true black can feel austere when used on all four walls," says Ruth Mottershead. 

Lighting is key when you embrace moody living room style, check out this Decorian Black Floor Lamp from Wayfair, the gold accents will give your retro moody living room a warm glow. 

Our moody living room ideas will help you take the steps to trying out this fabulous look in your space. There are plenty of options and you don't need to use black or dark blue, there's plenty of jewel like shades like plum and dark green to consider too that will work equally as well. 

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor of indie magazine, 91, Sophie trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for the modern bride.