6 small hallway storage ideas to make your corridor look extra cute

Get inspiration for adding more storage to your small hallway

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Small hallway storage ideas can be so hit-and-miss. Those of us living in compact spaces could all do with some extra space to store stuff. Sometimes the options out there can come across as less than inspiring, and much of the storage furniture available looks pretty basic.

But don't let the boring hallway storage ideas out there break your soul. Here's the deal — you don't need to keep your kicks fresh in those Footlocker boxes, nor will you have to keep your butt pressed against that hallway closet door to contain everything that's crammed inside.

Even the most microscopic hallways will look fine as heck with these innovative ideas. We've also included some helpful buys that'll provide extra storage space and style. 

Small hallway storage ideas that'll make a big difference

Planning out how to execute one of these small hallway storage ideas can feel a li'l overwhelming. To make the process easier, these examples are sure to inspire with plenty of products included to put your dreams into action. 

Prices were accurate at the time of writing this article. 

1. Become the cane queen

A small hallway with neutral decor, including black console table and cane baskets

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Rattan and cane accent pieces always add a great pop to a small space. If your space is looking too dark or dull, some natural materials really help make it feel lighter and more organic. These storage pieces look way more sophisticated than those plastic bins left over from college.

2. Max out on hallway closet space

A neutral hallway with a white door and side table with a pot plant

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OK, so that little cubby in your hallway might not have the same square footage as Narnia, but you can optimize it with a few accessories to get the best bang for your buck, space-wise. Hooks, boxes, and baskets will make everything more accessible.

3. Add some bohemian flair

A small hallway decorated in a bohemian style with black framed mirror, wooden console table, wooden coat hooks and boho style runner carpet

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Don't be afraid to get all artsy with your entrance. Though this interior style is a lot more relaxed, there is still loads of potential for practicality. And while I've included lots of white picks, this is your chance to play with color and texture. Bamboo, cane, and linen will also look lovely. Here, Anna and Tina of @insta.rior have made full use of wooden furniture and flooring, which pairs perfectly with the colored glass vase and fluffy pampas.

4. Boost your hallway shoe storage situation

A black IKEA TRONES shoe storage cabinet mounted to wall and decorated with matt black vase. A black framed mirror is positioned above

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When it comes to shoe storage in a small hallway, slender designs are your BFF. Buy a measuring tape from Amazon (if you don't already own one) and start sizing things up.

Remember, you don't have to stick to shoe racks or wall-mounted furniture. Storage ottomans and even repurposed bedroom storage benches double up as seating to tie your laces.

5. Grow your storage from the ground up with a hall tree

A storage rack by a door in a small hallway

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You'll be pleased to know, there's no watering or nurturing needed for a hallway tree! These fixtures are an absolute powerhouse allowing you to keep coats and keys in one place so you're not late for work (or a date).

Again — use your measuring tape to ensure you order one that's an appropriate height for your space. Condo ceilings can be on the low side. We're not on the set of Bridgerton, bb.

6. Consolidate clutter with a good console table

A hallway storage table next to a mirror

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Say bye to that bulky console table that mom used to have (ft. potpourri) and say hey to narrow-yet-nice surfaces. These aren't just tables — some have USB ports and others have built-in LED lighting. Because first impressions count right? And IDK about you, but I always need to charge my cell.


How do you keep a small hallway organized?

Keeping a compact hallway organized can be a struggle, which is where having plenty of storage space comes in handy. Small hallways tend to get cluttered quickly, so having plenty of compact storage solutions available, like wall-mounted cabinets, console tables, and discrete storage ottomans, is key for keeping a small hallway neat and ordered. 

Can you make a small hallway feel bigger?

If your hallway feels overly cramped and compact, you might want to think about how you can create the sense of a larger space. Having adequate storage in place allows you to keep the area neat and tidy, and with less clutter, the hallway will feel much larger. Real Homes' editor-in-chief Melissa Epifano also suggests using transparent furniture or floating items. "An acrylic table gives the illusion that there's more room than there actually is," she says. "You could also opt for floating shelves to avoid having additional items blocking the floor and encroaching on the limited space you have."

Looking for a new rug for your hallway? There are plenty of chic small entryway rugs available to make this area look cozier. 

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