Behold! The best bedroom storage furniture — beyond a wardrobe, dresser, or nightstand

Space-savvy buys for small bedrooms

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At one point in my life, my bedroom was both a sanctuary and a dumping ground, bringing calm and stress all at once. Yep, like many of us, I was short on space, and even shorter on time, riddled with deadlines and unchecked life tasks waiting to catch me out when I least expected it. That is, until recently. Tired of wading through the ankle-spraining terrain that was my former chamber, I began my search for bedroom storage tips and tricks

The good news? There are plenty of handy helpers like bedroom organizers and even small yet stylish storage ottomans that you can buy to store and hide clutter at the same time. The even better news? I found plenty more where that came from, honing in on specialized bedroom storage furniture that — unlike your typical closet or drawer set — won't mean taking out a loan or hogging precious space.

From vanity chairs with secret compartments to playful display cabinets for odds and ends, my selection puts forward the pieces shoppers (that's you guys!) actually love and find useful in their lives. Gone are the days of searching for your favorite shoes, books, or shirt. Now, it's never been easier to arrange and store your items, all thanks to these stylish furnishings. Shoppers rate all of the below furniture pieces so highly, hence why we've featured them. If your small bedroom is lacking storage space, then don't wait any longer.

The best bedroom storage furniture to save space and hide clutter

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How do I get the most out of storage in my small bedroom?

According to Andrea Gary, the professional organizer and original "Queen of Kerfuffle," it's all about little tools that lighten the load. "If using a dresser, the best way to organize the drawers is to implement dividers and to file and fold," she says. "Dividers can be purchased in bamboo, clear, or white plastic."

As for footwear, Gary takes a similar approach: "Off-season shoes can be stored in clear containers on a high shelf in your closet," she explains. "This way they are not taking up primary space, but are easy to see and can be retrieved if need be off-season."

Elsewhere, tinier items need a home, too. "Taking jewelry items out of the small boxes and bags they come in and organizing them in a drawer insert makes it all accessible and easy to find," says Gary. Her recommendation? The Container Store, naturally.

Of course, these are smaller steps and should be combined with considered furniture options, like those listed in the article — especially if closets or drawer chests are out of your price bracket or already bursting at the seams. 

How we chose this bedroom storage furniture

Putting the voices that matter most first, we researched the best bedroom storage furniture with meticulous attention to the reviews and ratings given by buyers. While we haven't yet trialed the products ourselves, you can rest assured that shoppers don't lie. Never scoring lower than four stars, these furnishings actually improved reviewers' lives, all while looking the part. What else could you ask for?

Where to buy bedroom storage furniture?

If the specific picks above weren't quite to your liking, then put your search in the safe hands of these top sites, outlined below.

Otherwise, see our best furniture stores guide for more inspiration.

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