The best office bins for your home study

They might not seem like the most glamorous of homewares, but a great waste paper bin that’s both elegant and functional can work wonders in a home office

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The best waste paper basket is one that’ll fit in seamlessly within your home office design; stylish enough that you’ll enjoy having it around, but not so statement that your office bin becomes the focal point of your work space. So to help you find this perfect balance between style and function we've rounded up a few of our favourite waste paper bins for you to choose from... 

1. John Lewis Croft Collection Rattan Wastepaper Bin

Timeless rattan adds a beachy holiday feel, even when you’re working hard

Best for: Adding interest
Dimensions: H26 x W26 x D26cm
Reasons to buy
+ Natural artisanal feel + Sturdy but lightweight 
Reasons to avoid
- Double the price of some other options

A rattan waste paper basket is the ideal: strong and durable enough to last, but lightweight enough to be able to carry back and forth for emptying. The rattan cane is expertly woven into a pattern that adds texture and interest, while the washed white finish gives a laid-back rustic look, making it perfect for any light, bright workspace. 

2. Bendt Copper Wire Waste Bin

Geometric lines and copper wire make this one trendy disposal unit

Best for: Trendsetters
Dimensions: H26 x W30 x D30cm
Material: Metal
Colour: Copper
Reasons to buy
+ Very on trend + Makes a great storage bin 
Reasons to avoid
- Not for small bits 

This trendy office bin ticks all the boxes when it comes to acing modern style. With a wide set grid design in oh-so-trendy copper wire, it makes a very distinguished home for your ticked-off to-do lists. Very small bits of waste are likely to end up on the floor, so we recommend keeping it for paper recycling, but seeing as it has the rare distinction of being stylish enough to use as a storage basket, we think it would also make a great office storage solution

3. Biba Mock Croc Waste Bin

A snappy-looking bin for glamorous office interiors

Best for: Elegant and practical
Dimensions: H28 x W26 x D26cm
Material: Faux Leather
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+ Elegant leather look + Simple barrel design 
Reasons to avoid
- May be a bit dark for some spaces 

Who knew a waste paper bin could be so glamorous? If you’re looking to add a little fanfare to something that (let’s face it) can sometimes be a little boring, look no further than this mock croc waste bin from Biba. The brand’s trademark 70s glamour abounds in its contrast stitching and decadent textured finish, which reviewers say is subtle enough to blend into their existing office schemes. If you’re a fan of leather office accessories, we say make this your next addition. 

4. John Lewis Croft Collection Willow Waste Paper Bin

This traditional willow bin is a great fit for all kinds of spaces

Best for: A natural feel
Dimensions: H29 x W27 x D27cm
Material: Split Willow
Colour: Brown
Reasons to buy
+ Would look great in a traditional office + Great way to add natural texture 
Reasons to avoid
- Tapered shape won’t fit too well into corners 

It can sometimes be difficult to find traditional accessories for a space with such modern concerns as a home office, but this willow waste paper basket fits the bill nicely. Reviewers report that it’s light and easy to manoeuvre, good news for when hoovering day rolls around, but keeps its shape nicely. It also looks surprisingly expensive for its small price tag, and is a simple way to get natural materials into a space that can all too often look a little clinical, proving great value all-round. 

5. Umbra Woodrow Can

A minimal yet surprisingly fully featured paper bin

Best for: Minimalists
Dimensions: H22.98 x W22.98 x D22.98cm
Material: Guger Wood
Colour: Pale wood, Blue, Grey
Reasons to buy
+ Subtle design  + Handy integrated carry handles 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the biggest capacity 

Defeat clutter in more ways than one with this stylish bin, perfect for minimal home offices. It holds waste discreetly with its sleek tapered barrel design and pale natural wood finish, and reviewers loved the subtly stylish two-toned design and commended the quality. It’s a little on the smaller side, but as its simple cut-out handles are sure to make one-handed carrying a breeze, more frequent trips to the bin shouldn’t prove a problem. 

6. House by John Lewis Felt Wastepaper Bin

A guilt-free recycled bin for stylish eco warriors

Best for: Contemporary spaces
Dimensions: H28 x W24.5 x D24.5cm
Material: Felt and cardboard
Colour: Grey
Reasons to buy
+ More homey alternative to metal + Eco-friendly recycled construction 
Reasons to avoid
- May get dirty more easily than other bins 

Yes, you read that right: not a recycling bin, but a recycled bin. This eco option looks good and does good, with its smooth felt finish belying the fact that it’s made from fibres sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Clever, eh? If you find metal to look a little cold in a home office environment, this soft, tactile felt bin is a wonderful alternative, and unlike some more industrial options, it doesn’t present the risk of scratching hardwood floors. For a modern, elegant, but distinctly homey feel, this is a good buy. 

7. Osco Wire Mesh Wastepaper Bin

A classic affordable choice for home offices and homework-ready rooms

Best for: Budget style
Dimensions: H30.4 x W25.6 x D25.6cm
Material: Steel
Colour: Silver
Reasons to buy
+ Silver is smart and versatile  + Classic durable design 
Reasons to avoid
- Can dent 

Think of the waste paper bins you’ve encountered in the past and it’s likely this is the one that comes to mind. It’s a classic for a reason, and if you’re looking for a wastepaper bin that’ll fit in anywhere, neutral silver looks smart and businesslike but not boring. The perforated mesh construction also takes up less visual space than a solid barrel style bin, so for space-starved offices or sending with uni-bound kids, this is a good option. 

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