Traditional bathroom must haves

If you are renovating or updating a traditional bathroom here are some classic Victorian and Edwardian pieces that you might want to include

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Traditional style clawfooted roll-top bath costs from £2,975, Drummonds

Indoor bathrooms started to crop up in the homes of the most affluent Georgians, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era that an industry developed around producing plumbed-in sanitaryware.

The Victorian bathroom is characterised by dark wood, claw-foot bathtubs and luxurious decoration. The Edwardian style is much lighter, better suited to a smaller bathroom and retains the luxury of the Victorian suite without the unnecessary clutter. With only subtle differences between the two styles, it is easy to mix and match Victorian and Edwardian pieces to create the perfect bathroom for your space.



Wall mounted lavatory sink with double taps, made to match original Victorian Thomas Crapper basin, £530


‘The Thunderbox’ solid oak or mahogany concealed cistern is hand made by the joiners at Cathpole and Rye and can be finished to your specification, £2,000 excluding VAT


Victorian toilet seats were typically in this throne style and would be paired with a high level cistern, on the wall above, £430, Old Fashioned Bathrooms


Traditional Thomas Crapper high level cistern made in aluminum, which is more rust resistant than the original cast iron, £765


Burlington’s Anglesey screw valve taps, £103.20, Soakology


Roll top slipper style bathtub with shower riser

Slipper baths were around in the Victorian period, but with the growing use of showers and their compact size, they became far more popular in the Edwardian period, £560, Victoria Plum

Wall mounted Edwardian style shower riser system with a ceramic handle, £179,


Edwardian shower mixer with an integrated shower hose for use on a bath, £174, Heating and Plumbing warehouse

Thomas Crapper aluminium cistern with a beer style flush handle

Low level cast iron cistern with a ceramic ‘beer-engine’ style flush handle, £765, Thomas Crapper


Edwardian style oval toilet seat in dark mahogany, £70.72, Old Fashioned Bathrooms