The first months of our new home… and work to do on the bathrooms

Zoe shares an update on the progress of her project, including the finished bathrooms

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The end of summer and beginning of autumn has been spent adjusting to not just life in our new house, but also trying to know when to fit in all the remaining jobs and when it is okay to turn a blind eye until the time is right.


So far, we have slowly decorated our way through the house, meaning we had lived in each room as we’ve gone along, eating, sleeping and spending time in bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms while others are being worked on. Apart from the confusion around room names, this has, at least, allowed me to appreciate each room’s positives and negatives, as well as helping to work out what each room would be best used as.


It has been a long process of hard, time-consuming work, but each new room that has been finished and moved into has felt like such a treat. From living in two rooms with no heating and a microwave and hotplate for cooking, the luxury of four bedrooms, a kitchen, utility, living room, playroom and hopefully soon to be finished office feels palatial.


The upstairs bathrooms have been finished in the same travertine finish as in the majority of the ground floor of the house, including the kitchen. Like in the kitchen, the flooring in the bathroom works really well with the underfloor heating there, while the use of the same material has really added to the sense of flow through the house.


For a different design feature, the master en suite features the travertine up an entire wall, which also remedied the poor state of the wall, which probably would have needed replastering if not tiled.


As the bathroom layouts, which sit in the new extension, have been built from scratch, we have had the luxury of exactly specifying the design for each bathroom. We spent a long time planning how the bathrooms would be used now and how they would be used in the future, so that we could future proof both for the time when I have two teenage boys using one and my husband and I seeking solace in the other.

This has meant we have been able to install features such as three shower heads (one fixed rainhead for the shower and a flexible showerhead for both the shower and bath) and an inbuilt bath filler and overflow (no bath taps to clean!). All of these items added minimal installation costs, allowing us to prioritise the bathroom budget on taps, showers and valves.


We opted for recessed shower valves by Bristan, which had to operate the temperature and pressure of two different shower heads. Unfortunately, I got lulled into buying a cheaper freestanding bath filler and shower for the en suite, which ended up being faulty and leaking through to the ceiling below, before being replaced – a costly lesson.


The final small indulgence in the bathrooms has been mirrors from Pebble Grey. After being frustrated by misting up mirrors in the past I was adamant that I would install demisting mirrors with inbuilt shaver points for toothbrushes – although I have to say that upgrading to the Bluetooth speaker versions was strictly for fun!