Want better sex? Choose the right mattress

New research identifies the best mattress features to improve your sex life

Bedroom by John Lewis & Partners
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Is your sex life not all you wish it was? It could actually be your mattress (sounds like an excuse, we know, but it's true). Recent research of over 200,000 people* reveals the mattress features that are guaranteed to improve your sex life. 

So, what should you be looking for in a mattress that will be seeing lots of action? The key is a mattress that is bouncy but not too soft. A mattress that is hard and unresponsive will be uncomfortable, while one that is too soft can lead to awkward sinking and feeling trapped in the mattress. You should also avoid noisy mattresses (bye-bye old-fashioned springs), and mattresses that trap heat (think cheap memory foam). 

Based on this research (conducted with US mattresses in mind), we can make some confident recommendations of our own. If you are in the UK, the best mattress for sex is the Casper mattress. It has great bounce, is neither overly hard nor smotheringly soft, and it's made from cooling foam that won't make you too hot. Our second top pick is the Rest Assured Richborough mattress. It's supremely well built – so will handle whatever antics are thrown at it – and is very supportive and bouncy throughout, even at the edges. 

Ready to... err, bounce?

*Research based on customer experiences and in-house testing by Tuck.com