London bee corridor to provide 7 miles of wildflowers for the bees

Bee corridor initiative by London Borough of Brent aims to give the capital's bee population a boost

Krupa Sheth sowing seeds on the bee corridor. (Brent Council)
(Image credit: Brent Council)

A London borough has sown a bee corridor as part of a new initiative to save bees. Bees need our help, and they need it urgently. And what better way to help them than provide them with more food? 

Earlier this week we reported that gardeners are being urged by the RHS to refrain from mowing their lawns in May to allow for vital wildflowers to grow and provide nourishment for the nation's bees. So, this timely initiative on a larger scale is welcome – and will hopefully provide an innovative inspiration for other councils to follow.

Brent Council's brand new 'bee corridor' project features 22 wildflower meadows sown across the north London borough's green spaces. Together, they will form a seven mile long wildflower corridor that will hopefully give the capital's bees a much-needed boost. The corridor will be in full bloom by the summer. 

Krupa Sheth (above), Lead Member for Environment, says, 'Bees and other insects are so important for pollinating the crops that provide the food that we eat. We must do all we can to help them to thrive. I'm proud of Brent's commitment to boost biodiversity in the borough and look forward to seeing the meadows in full bloom in just a few months' time.'