5 mud kitchen ideas you're going to want to copy this summer

These mud kitchen ideas are the perfect way to encourage your kids to spend more time in the garden this summer

Mud kitchen ideas
(Image credit: Aldi)

Whether you're looking for mud kitchen ideas to DIY your own or looking to buy one ready-made, there's no denying that mud kitchens are perfect for getting young children to spend time outdoors. They're a good way to get them into gardening, too, since mud kitchens are so easy to also use as potting tables or plant displays. 

Any competent DIYer can easily accomplish a mud kitchen using just old pallets, but add some nice paint and accessories, and you could end up with a very nice decorative addition to your garden. We've popped our favourite ideas below. 

Don't fancy doing DIY? Browse mud kitchens you can buy below, too. Then, for more garden ideas, head to our hub page. 

Mud kitchens to buy

Editors Choice

Aldi mud kitchen, £54.99
The Kitchen comes with a wooden prepping area and a box for the mud and is another of Aldi's tools for keeping kids entertained and stimulated during lockdown. VIEW DEAL ON Aldi Mud Kitchen

Argos mud kitchen, £100
This Argos mud kitchen is twice the price of the Aldi buy, but it's got more features that your kids might love including a a hob, two sinks, an oven and play utensils. Love it.View Deal

Smyths Toy Superstore mud kitchen, £49.99
LOVING this little bargain from Smyths! This outdoor play kitchen features a reusable chalkboard for writing up today’s special: sand sandwiches, obvs. With switches to turn, decorative flowerpots to fill and lots of hooks and shelves for kitchen accessories, this mud kitchen is built to inspire creative play.View Deal

Mud kitchen ideas to inspire you

Got some spare wood, and a few basic DIY skills? These are not that difficult to make – and decorating them really is the fun part.

1. A natural timber kitchen even adults will want to use

This gorgeous mud kitchen idea hails from _fraeulein_ , and we really like the rustic, natural timber finish. This is quite easy to recreate, too, using pallets, old crates, or pre-bought wood planks. Use stainless steel mixing bowls to replicate the 'sinks'. If the wood you're working with is a bit rough, you might want to sand it down before your kids use the mud kitchen. 

2. The £10 mud kitchen made from pallets

Can you believe this mud kitchen cost sherynpottsxoxo only £10 to make?! All you need is two pallets and some paint, which is how the smart look has been achieved. Use our buying guide to exterior wood paint to pick the one for your DIY project. 

3. The repurposed BBQ table

This repurposed BBQ table by harrysmudkitchens is another mud kitchen that will equally accommodate children and adults (just remove the alcohol bottles while the kids are using it, obviously). Mud kitchen during the day, outdoor bar during the evening? Perfect for smaller gardens. 

4. The plant table cum mud kitchen

Want to encourage the little ones to garden while they're playing in the mud kitchen? This Instagrammer's idea from the_ft_times is the perfect combination of a plant table, a DIY station for making bird houses, and mud kitchen. Made entirely from recycled materials including old pallets and shelves, it's an eco-friendly design, too. 

5. The French-style boho mud kitchen

This super cute style by _.lotta.leben._ involves a bit more work than the other designs on our list, but it's so worth it if you like a touch of French rustic style in your garden. The devil is in the detail: the cupboard door, the pull-out drawers, and the fancy hooks make this a dainty design. If you're a keen DIYer and know how to work with wood, this is a great weekend project to explore.