What to Spend More On and What to Save On in the Bathroom

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We’re all looking into our wallets and purses, swiftly avoiding the moths that fly out, and wondering where all our money disappeared to. The economy isn’t exactly at its strongest at the moment, and with people more worried about getting by and affording the essentials to support their family, renovating a bathroom can be put firmly on the backburner. However, nobody wants to keep using a bathroom that looks like it was last updated in 1992, has broken parts or simply doesn’t feel comfortable enough to use like a bathroom should.

So, when it comes to doing something with a bathroom you’d rather scrunch up and throw in the bin but don’t have the pennies to completely transform it, you need to prioritise what you can spend more money on and what you can safely get away with spending less on. Stick to these tips and you should be able to get a decent looking bathroom without succumbing to spending more than you actually have.

Save on

Bathroom Accessories

The great thing about bathroom accessories is the scope for creativity you have. Sure, you can get a decent set of soap dish, cup holder, toothbrush holder and more for a relatively cheap price, depending on where you look. But if you don’t mind a little handmade creativity then why not scrimp even more and make your own?

If you don’t fancy handmade creations in your bathroom, or you’re simply not too good in that department, then you really shouldn’t have to spend much on getting a standard set of chrome bathroom accessories. Like anything there are expensive versions, but if you just opt for bog standard versions that can be safely thrown away and replaced if they suffer any damage then you’re not going to be dipping into your budget by much.

Just remember; the less money you spend on accessories the more you can put aside for the real statement pieces.

Bathroom Storage

Similar to bathroom accessories, there is definitely space for applying the creative mind when it comes to storage space. There are plenty of places where you can get a nice stack of wooden baskets that will serve your storage needs – and look good to. Plastic containers also work too, of course, but when you’re looking try to avoid ones that look like they belong at home in a garage. You could even fit pouches to the back of a door, or convert an existing fixture into a place that provides storage space (such as building your own vanity cabinet under a sink). The point is that you don’t have to spend a lot on a storage cabinet, but if you do then make sure it’s a combined bathroom mirror and storage cabinet so you kill two birds with one stone.


Do you really need to spend a fortune on a couple of towels, just because their hotel-like soft surface feels like a little slice of heaven? Ok, so it’s nice to have but if you’re serious about saving money then I’m sure you can opt for a cheaper set of towels for now. Instead of just buying a few luxury towels, buy them in bulk so that you have plenty available. This means, especially if you have a family, that you can rotate through your towels regularly rather than using the same few towels over and over again – which will quickly wear them out.

Maybe you can buy the odd one, simply for a bit of extra luxury when you’ve had ‘one of those days’?

Spend on


Cheap taps tend to be low quality taps too. The last thing you want when you’re about to wash your hands is for the tap to not work at all or, worse, fire out a stream of water into your face. Since taps in your bathroom are going to be getting regular use you’ll want to buy some that will stand the test of time, not taps that won’t stand up to a few months of people coming and going.

Of course, you also want them to look good and cheap taps can have that tacky look to them. You can always tell when you’re using a cheap tap too, something just doesn’t feel right. Brands such as Grohe are famous for making beautiful taps of the highest quality, and you know exactly what you are getting when the buy one.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture

For a similar reason to taps, go for higher quality furniture rather than the cheaper and lower quality wood that’s used in the cheap versions. You’ll find that these low quality versions will wear out faster, and given the amount of money you’ll spend on bigger fittings (over say, for example, a few bathroom accessories) you’ll want to get the most for your money and have something that you won’t need to replace for a while.

Hired Labour

It’s been said elsewhere that you can save on labour and do it yourself, but I don’t agree. Yes, installing bathroom tiles might be a task that you can do yourself, but it may also be a task that you can make a bit of a mess of and end up wasting money having to buy more tiles and materials to replace the duds. Unless you’re really confident and have a good track record in DIY I’d leave it and get some professional help. It goes without saying that the majority of plumbing work needs to be done by a qualified plumber too, so don’t risk a disaster or injury by trying to do it yourself or enlisting the aid of someone who’s credentials are suspicious.


I don’t know about you, but I can immediately tell if you haven’t spent all that much on bathroom tiles. While you can get away with buying cheaper bathroom accessories, the tiles are going to be a permanent fixture that covers a large proportion of your wall space – so you want it to look the best it possibly can. Putting a little more money aside for quality tiles will be worth it in the long run, especially as it’s something you probably won’t be planning on changing for a good while.

That said you can still save some money when looking for tiles. Firstly, be absolutely sure about how it’s going to look in your bathroom before you make the purchase. Furthermore, proper planning and simple tile designs will save both time and money. You won’t be short of tiles or left with too many leftovers if you take extra care with planning.

Despite all this advice you may still be able to find a quality product at a bargain price. If the manufacturer has a good reputation for providing high quality products, but has knocked the price down on some of their ranges then by all means go for it. Sales and end of line discounts are offered no matter the initial price.