Premier Care in Bathing – Walk-in baths & walk-in showers for people with mobility issues

Today, more of us are living longer than ever before! In many ways this is good news as we have more time to enjoy retirement and time to watch our families grow up. However, not all of us will enjoy good health, and some of us will experience mobility issues as we age. Difficulty with walking or even doing simple tasks, such as, climbing in or out of the bath doesn't have to mean the end of independent living.

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The ability to stay in your own home and take care of your own basic needs for as long as possible is something that most of us care about very deeply. Today there are many ways in which a home can be adapted to help you stay independent for longer.

One of the most difficult areas of the home for people who are less steady on their feet is the bathroom. The presence of water will make any surface slippery, and when that is combined with the need to maintain balance while climbing in or out of a bath or shower then it is easy to see why so many accidents occur in the bathroom. Fortunately there are some things that you can do to make your bathroom safer. The most useful of these is fitting a walk-in shower or bath.

Premier Care in Bathing offer walk-in showers and bathrooms that come in a great range of colours and styles that will complement any bathroom no matter what size or shape. If you are considering remodelling your bathroom and think that you may have mobility issues in the future then it is a good idea to be prepared and to take the opportunity to incorporate a walk-in shower or bath into your design. If space is a concern for you then it is possible to fit a walk-in shower that really makes the most of the smallest amount of space.

For most people fitting a walk-in shower is about safety and convenience, but let’s not forget that there are other benefits as well.

A traditional shower is frequently not easy to maintain. They come with awkward corners, and crevices that can be very difficult to reach into and clean. As a result there is often a build-up of dirt and grime that rarely gets properly cleaned away. By contrast, a walk-in shower is usually a much more open space which can be accessed more easily and cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Shower or bath? Stay safe whichever you choose

Often as we get older we feel less safe in a slippery shower and start to take more baths than before, but with more of us switching to water meters we are all becoming more concerned about the amount of water we use each day. One popular solution is to fit a walk-in shower with a seat so you can relax in safety and comfort in the shower and use less water than a bath.

If you do want to enjoy the luxury of a bath in your own home then a walk-in bath is a great way to enjoy it in safety, you can step straight into the bath and relax. Walk-in baths come with slip-resistant surface, and mixer taps that are thermostatically controlled to ensure your water temperature stays constant.

Whatever best suits your lifestyle you can stay safe with a walk-in bath or shower that is perfect for your bathroom.