4 ways to get creative with colourful paint in your garden

Paint isn't just for your house. Brighten up your outside space or garden office by getting creative with colour. Cuprinol's colouful outdoor paints offer a cheap way to make a big impact to your garden

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Far too often, garden furniture, fences and garden sheds are painted in brown, or dark green, and any colour comes strictly from the flowers. But, Cuprinol’s colourful range of outdoor paints means that this can change, so your garden and garden office can be just as colourful as any other room in your home.

Whether you’d like a tile-effect wall, a focal point for a garden office, a colourful outdoor table or a fun den for the children, these simple steps will help to add a quirky touch of fun to your outside space.

How to create a tile effect in your garden

Whether you have a purpose built outdoor kitchen, or just a favourite corner for BBQs, create a statement by painting tile effects onto the walls.

You will need:

Cuprinol garden shades:

  • Terracotta tester pot
  • Seagrass tester pot
  • 1 x 1L Natural Stone

1. Apply Curpinol Natural Stone background colour and let it dry for 2-8 hours.

2.  Create 2 square stencils, measuring 16x16cm. Draw a 1cm border inside the square, and 2 diagonal lines across the square. Use a craft knife to cut out 2 opposite segments.


3. Mark out a 15x15cm grid.

4. Position the stencil and secure with tape. Use a sponge to lighting dab the paint through the stencil.


5. Remove the stencil gently, and repeat. Leave to dry for 2-8 hours.


6. Rotate the stencil, dab on a different colour paint, and repeat. Leave to dry for 2-8 hours.



7. Enjoy your new tile-effect wall.


Create a focal point in your modern garden office

It can be difficult to make a garden office look like more than just a shed with a desk in it. For a quick and easy way to give your office a touch of warmth and style, create a bright focal point which can act as a notice board.

You will need:

  • spirit level
  • chalk
  • 2″masking tape
  • tape measure
  • 2″ paint brush
  • 1″ paint brush
  • small roller & tray

Cuprinol garden shades:

  • 1 x 1L Honey Mango
  • 1 x Black Ash tester pot

1. Use a spirit level to mark a square on the wall and outline it with masking tape, being sure to press the masking tape into any crevices. Paint along the masking tape with Cuprinol’s Honey Mango paint, then fill in the whole square. Leave to dry for 1-8 hours.

2. Mask off a smaller square within the painted area to create your border.

Top Tip! Paint over the tape to seal the edges.


3. Paint the border in Cuprinal’s Black Ash, and remove the masking tape after 1 hour.


4.  Leave to dry for 2-8 hours, and enjoy your stylish and bright garden office.


How to create an outdoor table

For the ultimate in luxury outdoor living, create your own outdoor coffee table in just a few simple steps.

You will need:

  • 2 x breeze blocks
  • pre-treated wooden board
  • dustpan & brush
  • 2 x 2″ paint brushes

Cuprinol garden shades:

  • 1 x1L Old English Green
  • 1 x Lavender tester pot

1. Ensure all your surfaces are clean and dry

2. Paint the breeze blocks with a first coat of Cuprinol’s Old English Green. Then, within 1 hour, apply the 2nd coat.


3. Paint your wooden board with a first coat of Cuprinol’s Lavender, and apply the second coat within the hour. Allow 2-8 hours for it to dry.


4. Put the wooden board onto the breeze blocks, and enjoy your new colourful outside table.


Enjoy blue skies all year round

Whether it’s a children’s play area or a teenager’s den, make yours a happy place where you  daydream beneath the clouds.

You will need:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • 2 x 2″ paint brush
  • roller & paint tray

Cuprinol garden shades:

  • 1 x 2.5L Misty Lake
  • 1 x1L White Daisy

1. Paint your fence with Cuprinol’s Misty Lake, and apply a second coat after 1-8 hours.


2. Draw a cloud stencil onto cardboard and cut it out.

3. Position the cloud template on the fence and chalk around the shape.


4. Paint the cloud in Cuprinol’s White Daisy, and apply the second coat within 1-8 hours. Allow to dry for 2-8 hours.

5. Enjoy sunny skies all year round.