The storage that will transform your small kitchen

These storage solutions for small kitchens are game-changers. Free up your surfaces and feel a bit more in control with their help

kitchen storage jars
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Adequate storage is important in every room in the house, but it's actually our kitchens that are most often cluttered with numerous jars, bottles, and utensils. In small kitchens, they take up valuable surface space, and even in larger ones, they can still create an untidy look that most of us would rather avoid. 

The following kitchen storage solutions are guaranteed to make any kitchen easier and more pleasant to use, and are affordable to boot. 

1. Stackable kitchen storage jars

Brabantia Glass Stackable Jars

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Kitchen storage jars look nice, but clutter up even spacious kitchen cupboards in no time. The Brabantia Glass Stackable Jars solve this problem: store them in neat columns to maximise cupboard and work surface space.  

2. Fridge organiser drawers 

fridge organiser drawers

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Don't you just hate it when a jar in your fridge falls over and spills, making everything else sticky? Or when a slab of cheese ends up sitting on top of a punnet of strawberries (cue strawberries that smell of gorgonzola). With these clever clip-on fridge organisers, you can declutter your fridge and keep different types of produce separately. 

3. Undersink storage

under sink shelf organiser

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If you've been stocking up on cleaning products, chances are your under-the-sink area isn't a pretty sight right now. Which is where this neat under sink shelf organiser comes in: it's height and width adjustable, making it easy to fit around your pipework. You're gaining extra space straight away with those top shelves, which is useful if you've got lots of laundry detergent. 

4. A kitchen trolley for all kitchen sundries

kitchen trolley

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A kitchen trolley is the easiest way to free up worktops in a small kitchen and organise everything without needing a bulky pantry or dresser. This kitchen trolley from Amazon is good-looking and spacious, with four tiers for all your bottles, jars, and utensils. And when you're done with it, just roll it out of the way. Perfect.