5 country kitchen ideas that you can re-create – even if you live in the city

These classic country kitchen ideas are for everyone, even if you couldn't be further from the country...

country kitchen ideas
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Looking for country kitchen ideas? So, you don't technically live in the country, so what, that need not matter! These looks are ones you can copy and adapt for your current kitchen – that's the great thing about the country, rustic look it's, well... rustic. Plus, freestanding units are a big part of country kitchens, so you can just add them into your current space without having to rip anything out or start totally from scratch. 

Keep scrolling... then make sure you head to our kitchen ideas page too for even more inspiration. Also have a read through our country kitchen ideas gallery, because if you like the look of these rooms, there's plenty more over there. 

1. Paint your kitchen cabinets for a more country feel 

blue shaker kitchen

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You can get that instant country kitchen feel simply by changing the colour scheme in your kitchen. Think creamy neutrals, pastels and more recently, the increasingly popular, dusky sky blues. We love this colour and a great way to add it is by painting your kitchen cabinets.

You can do this yourself in just a weekend, just follow our guide to painting kitchen cabinets and make sure you are using the best paint for kitchen cabinets too. 

2. Create a country feel instantly with free standing furniture 

Hadleigh cottage kitchen

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer)

As we have mentioned, country kitchens are all about being flexible and are often made up of almost entirely freestanding units. You can get a similar feel in your current kitchen by incorporating some furniture – we are talking islands, butcher's blocks, sinks, dressers and even bookcases would do. All these are practical pieces too as they will add extra storage and surface space. Look out for unique pieces on Ebay, Etsy and in charity shops. For more flexible freestanding kitchen ideas, check out our feature. 

3. Add plenty of quirky displays 

cottage kitchen shelves

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Fill up shelves with lots of lovely knick knacks – crockery, cookware, jugs, flowers, plants, prints, anything and everything that looks pretty. It's these kinds of ramshackle displays that will instantly add a country kitchen feel. Loving the slightly retro feel of this colour scheme too. 

4. Hang up a pulley drying rack 

spurling cottage utility room

(Image credit: Future / Jody Stewart)

Even if you never use it, it's a nice addition to a country-style kitchen. Hang it over an aga or a fireplace, or wherever you want to add a feature for an instant rustic, 'I wash and dry everything by hand', look. You can buy modern versions of old fashioned pulleys on Garden Trading

5. Go for a white scheme to keep the space bright

renovated former laundry Period Living awards

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

If your kitchen is lacking natural light or you're simply looking for easily achieved, space-enhancing effects, consider opting for a timeless white (or off-white) scheme. It also gives a country kitchen a slightly more contemporary vibe so if you live in a modern home this would be a good way of blending the two styles. 

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