Feng shui bedroom layout, color tips and more rules to create a zen sleeping space

A feng shui bedroom will have you feeling serene at any time of the day, but most especially at night. From the best colors to furniture dos and don'ts – create good vibes in your space

Feng shui bedroom
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We all want good vibes right now, and these feng shui bedroom ideas are a brilliant step in the right direction. What with the current climate, it's vital that your bedroom is your own little sanctuary of positivity.

In case you're not familiar with the term 'feng shui', it's is all about building positive energy in your surroundings via the right colors, furniture placement and there are other rules to adhere to also. It's a Chinese concept, that defines specific spatial arrangements that can optimise the flow of Chi (energy) in our space, by reflecting on the basic principles of nature.

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There are lots of factors that play into creating good feng shui and fending off negative energy. We've rounded up the most important ways to feng shui your bedroom with help from Adams selfstore and Feng Shui expert, Priya Sher*. No matter what type of bedroom space you have, these simple rules are all achievable, affordable and stylish.

1. Opt for soft edges

Bedroom idea by Perch and Parrow

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Choosing furniture that has round edges is great feng shui and helps promote a feeling of comfort and safety. Harsh, pointy edges – which feature highly in so many bedside tables and other pieces of furniture that may sit in your bedroom – can promote bad feng shui, so choose more organic lines, softer edges and natural materials where possible when putting your bedroom design together.

2. Keep your bed central

Bedroom with blue Loaf bed and pink Loaf curtains

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The positioning of your bed is a crucial part of feng shui and there are a couple of dos and don'ts to consider. 

You do want your bed to be central to a wall, however, you don't want it to be in line with, or even very close to the door as it's said that your energy will constantly be pulled throughout the night...A little spooky, but, food for thought.

According to Adams selfstore you should 'Place your bed in the centre of the room and not in line with the door. This will centralise the energy of your room and prevent it from escaping.'

3. Choose feng shui bedroom colors

Habitat bedroom

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Choosing a calm and neutral bedroom color scheme is the best way to create serene surroundings in your space. Priya suggests  'Paint the walls a peaceful color, pastels and neutral colours are soothing for the mind. Bright bold shades such as red or neon colours can over-activate the energy and cause unrest.'

4. Choose functional furniture

Bedroom storage ideas

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Promoting good feng shui is all about incorporating things that have meaning and purpose. Ensuring these items are attractive will also help with feng shui so you can get a little creative and still showcase character throughout your decor.

'Functional furniture like a bookcase is great feng shui. The principles teach us that our possessions should have roles so a bookcase will serve a function but also provide an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture' suggests Adams Selfstore.  

Whether you've a wardrobe, or chest of drawers working as your bedroom storage, these are functional items so fine to keep in your bedroom, provided that yours are organised à la Marie Kondo folding method as best possible. 

5. Declutter

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Speaking of functional furniture, simply decluttering your space is a surefire way to bring a more zen feel to your bedroom zone. And, you should be sure to actually declutter and not just shove things under your bed...

Adams Selfstore suggests the 'Feng Shui doctrine states that clutter should be minimised as a rule but especially in significant areas of restoration like your bed and your living room. '

6. Use both natural and artificial light

Ikea bedroom idea

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'Invest in an alternate source of light for your room, a lamp will help make your room feel dynamic and more pleasant to be in at night' Adams Selfstore advises.

A combination of lighting is best for all bedrooms anyhow, but this promotes good feng shui also. In addition to lamps and other light sources, natural light plays an important part so try to place your bed where the morning light can naturally wake you up, immersed in positive Chi.

7. Bring nature in

Bedroom idea using houseplants

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It's clear that house plants are a must for good balance, especially when feng shui is all about creating harmony in your surroundings by better connecting you with nature.

'Plants are hugely important for feng shui, they bring nature into your home and allow a room to breathe. Studies have also shown that the presence of plants can reduce anxiety levels' suggeses Adams Selfstore.

Even just adding fresh flowers can enhance your sleep space. 'Fresh flowers uplift the energy of a space and bring a strong healing spirit as well as luck and blessings... To support your health place a small orchid plant on the bedside table in the corner diagonally opposite the bedroom door.” Priya advises.

8. Keep electrical items to a minimum

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If you work from your bedroom a lot of the time, remember to take your laptop out at night as an overload of electrical items can disrupt sleep and add clutter to your space. 

'To encourage a restful sleep, keep electrical items to a minimum in the bedroom, as electromagnetic stress drains our energy'” Priva advises.

9. Set the mood with candles

Lights4fun bedroom lighting

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Candles are great not just in Scandi bedrooms, to purify the energy in your space to help bring you both comfort and inspiration. 'These especially should be used in winter or when feeling lonely, as they represent a fire element of Feng Shui, bringing romance to the bedroom.' Priva advises.

10. Think about reflective surfaces

Ikea wooden walled bedroom

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As mirrors bounce energy and light around the room, it's best to avoid placing these opposite windows or directly in front of your bed as any reflections can disturb sleep. 

Expert tips on how to Feng shui your bedroom

Expert in how to Feng shui your home, Priya Sher affirms that ,'Our homes should be a sanctuary, a place that we can relax and recharge in. The principles of Feng Shui maintain that we live in harmony with our environment. The bedroom is a space that we spend around a third of our life in, so it is vital to have the energy in this space balanced so that we can recharge our own energy.'

Danny Richmond, Managing Director of bed and mattress retailer of Bed SOS, suggests: “We should all be prioritizing sleep and relaxation in our homes... Since our beds have such an impact on creating a positive vibe in the bedroom, and the importance of a strong headboard that brings such a sense of strength and support in our lives, we should all make sure we have the best quality beds and mattresses to keep the good vibes and energy flowing around the room.”

*In collaboration with Bed SOS.

Here's to an incredible night's sleep. Zzz.

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