21 totally genius bedroom organizers to really maximize storage

Small space? No problem

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Living in an apartment, I have to be careful with what, not to mention how much, I buy. Whether it's more clothes, another pair of shoes, or makeup I am lusting after, I'm forever questioning whether I can have it all, and still keep my organization on point. My latest and greatest trick to max out my storage space has to be nifty bedroom organizers.

It started out when I landed on the cute home organizers side of TikTok, and now I am officially obsessed with making sure every inch of my apartment is tidy. 

The storage solutions I've featured will help you organize everything from your cute and compact nightstand to your heavily overflowing closet. Yes, a closet organizer means you won't need to completely rethink your system or even get your drill out. It's all renter-friendly here, which your landlord will appreciate too.

I promise these picks will upgrade your bedroom storage in an instant.

21 of the best bedroom organizers, as rated by shoppers

I've shopped everywhere from The Container Store to Walmart and even spotted some genius Amazon organizers that are budget-friendly and stylish enough for every space. Need I say any more?

Bedroom storage furniture

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Need plenty of room to work with? Go for multi-use furniture that's stylish and practical, or some freestanding shelves.

Bedroom storage bins

Little items such as stationery and jewelry will fit snugly in these handy boxes.

Bedroom shelf organizers

I'm forever running out of room for my clothes, shoes, and purses, and seriously rate these organization ideas for expanding shelf space.

Bedroom makeup organizer

These are so handy for keeping those li'l pieces all in one place.

Bedroom drawer organizers

Say goodbye to cluttered drawers. Separate out your clothing or your trinkets with these pretty and practical dividers.

Miscelleanous bedroom organizers

For all of those random bits and bobs you need to keep in check, here are a few general bedroom organizers. For everywhere from your desk to under your bed.


How do I organize my bedroom?

Audit everything you have in your bedroom, throwing away any trash and giving away anything unused to Goodwill. Then, target specific areas such as under the bed, your desk and your nightstand, and use organization items that will help you utilize the space better.

How did we choose these bedroom organizers?

These bedroom organizers have been carefully chosen because of their high-ratings from verified shoppers. We looked through our favorite stores, such as Amazon, Wayfair, and Target, when researching these items. Everything featured has plenty of reviews from people who have used the pieces to transform their bedrooms. 

Browse more bedroom organizers...

You might still be on the lookout for exactly what you need in order to organize your bedroom just as you want it. These are the retailers we would recommend for shopping around for more bedroom organizers:

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