Experts share how to declutter a bedroom — 10 tips for a tidy space

Calm the clutter chaos 🙌

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POV: You’re not a naturally minimalist person and find keeping your room neat and ordered a struggle. Trust us, we hear ya. Not everyone is born with the Marie Kondo mindset, and when keeping the clutter at bay doesn’t come all that naturally to you, knowing where to start can be challenging. 

But, regardless of whether decluttering comes naturally, what you should know is that keeping your bedroom clear of clutter is not only great for your space but also for your well-being. Why? Well, because your bedroom should be your sanctuary — aka your escape from the stresses and strains of daily life. 

Whether it’s a shared dorm with a college roommate or a teeny tiny space in your first apartment, clearing the clutter comes with some serious benefits ("tidy space, tidy mind" and all that). Plus, walking into a tidy, clutter-free space gives major calming and restful vibes. Oh, and FYI, it’s also easier to sleep in a more organized space. 

To help banish the clutter once and for all, we've called in the experts to see what they have to say.

1. Have a good clear out

Too much stuff will make your room feel more compact than it is, so it pays to start with a clear-out. Clearing out can be tough, esp. when you like to hold onto items that have emotional meaning. But the best way to approach the situ is to ask yourself: Do I need it? If the answer is no, be brave and say goodbye. 

Lisa Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Imagine It Done shares her top tips on getting started with the big declutter: 

"Organizing begins with saying hello to your clothing and accessories," says Jacobs. "Look at yourself in the mirror for who you are now, not who you were or who you want to be. Forget about rules! Examine yourself and your budget. Categorize your belongings into piles: Keep, donate, toss, give away, and sell."

2. Utilize the space under your bed

We might be focusing on removing clutter but having adequate storage in place is a key aspect of being able to declutter your bedroom. You see, beds take up a crazy amount of space, so utilizing that area is vital (particularly if you live in a shared dorm or a smaller apartment). The good news is that when it comes to under-bed storage you have options. 

For built-in storage, a divan-style bed is best. Alternatively, you can always pick out some under-bed storage bags or containers that can be easily slipped under your bed frame. 

3. Store seasonal clothes

Got too many clothes? Bestie, we feel ya. If you've got clothes that you actually wear but not enough space to store them in your bedroom, it might be time to split your wardrobe into seasons. You can then store any items in your attic, basement, or at your parent's house (if they have the excess room you lack) that you don't currently need. 

A great hack for easier seasonal clothes storage? Invest in vacuum pack bags. Honestly, they save SO much space. And, FYI, they're super simple to use. 

4. Treat yo'self furniture that has a double use

"Get organized and stay organized with storage furniture and accessories. Beds with storage, ottomans with storage that can also be used for seating, coffee tables to use for dining and containments, and entryway benches for seating and storage. The list is endless," says Jacobs.

Admittedly, this can sometimes be trickier when you rent (as your landlord may have provided the furniture) but there's no harm in asking them if you can swap a few things out. 

5. Work with the space you have

A smaller bedroom that's filled with too many pieces of furniture is naturally going to feel cluttered. So, it's worth taking the time to make sure that the furniture and storage solutions you have in place, suit the size of your space. 

Oh, and don't forget about trinkets and small essentials that can quickly make a bedroom feel messy. 

6. Utilize the storage that you do have 

Regardless of the amount of storage your bedroom or dorm offers, make sure that you're really utilizing it. Think about how you can make the most of every inch of space. Because, the more storage you have available, the less visible clutter your room will have. 

For dressers, invest in drawer organizers to help keep your drawers neat and ordered. For your closet, ensure that you have adequate hangers and the right storage to utilize any leftover floor space. 

7. Store with style

Storage doesn't have to impact the look and feel of your space. Be selective in regards to the storage you add to your room, and you can ensure that anything you add enhances the style. 

Opt for on-trend rattan and wicker pieces that are both practical and stylish, or choose woven round storage baskets. Keep your bedroom clutter-free (and on-trend) by choosing storage pieces that you love. 

8. Utilize clutter baskets

Once you've decluttered your space and got all the storage that you need, consider keeping a clutter basket in the corner of the room. So that every time something appears in your room that doesn't belong in there or lacks a home you can pop it in the basket to keep the space organized. Then, once the basket is full, you can spend a little bit of time returning all the clutter to where it belongs or finding new homes for things. 

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