Experts share how to declutter a bedroom – 10 tips for a tidy space

Decluttering a bedroom is a must to keep your space a sanctuary away from daily stresses. This is how the experts do it.

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Decluttering a bedroom is not only good for your space, but also for your wellbeing. Your bedroom can’t be your sanctuary when it’s full of clutter after all, and the saying 'tidy space, tidy mind' is pretty accurate.

It’s not just surface clutter you need to take care of, it’s also the hidden clutter that fills up your dressers and closet – whether you have the best bedroom storage setup or not. Before you start, spend a few minutes visualizing the kind of bedroom you want, and consider the intended purpose of your space too. 

Walking into a tidy, clutter-free bedroom every evening will be a calming and restful experience. You'll be likely to get more restful shuteye also. To help banish the clutter once and for all, we've called in the experts to see what they have to say.

1. Have a good clear out

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First things first – have a good clear out. This is so important because we all tend to hoard items that hold memories for us – memories of course are invaluable, but do you need that dress you wore 10 years ago that doesn’t fit now? 

We asked Lisa Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Imagine It Done for her top tips on get starting with the big declutter: 

‘Organizing begins with saying hello to your clothing and accessories. Look at yourself in the mirror for who you are now, not who you were or who you want to be. Forget about rules! Examine yourself and your budget. Categorize your belongings into piles: keep, donate, toss, giveaway, and sell,’

Go through everything and really, the more ruthless you can be the better. And it’s a great feeling when you have a pile to donate – one’s person's discards are another person’s joy. Once you’ve got less clutter you can start to look around at your storage space and start organizing your closet properly too.

2. Utilize the space under your bed

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‘If storage is pivotal, pick a divan over a classic bed frame, this will allow you to maximise the storage space available without taking up any additional floor space; which is especially important in small bedrooms. Drawer storage seamlessly blends within the divan base to safely store away any bedroom essentials,’ advises Adam Black, Co-Founder of Button & Sprung.

3. Storing seasonal clothes

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If you have an existing bed that you love that’s not a divan, then you can still use the space underneath, Ikea offers a great range of storage solutions that can be used for storing seasonal clothes and spare bedding. Keeping them in clothes bags allows them to be kept clean, dust-free and easy to hand for when the season changes. 

4. Invest in furniture that has a double use

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‘Get organized and stay organized with storage furniture and accessories: beds with storage, ottomans with storage that can also be used for seating, coffee tables to use for dining and containments, entryway benches for seating and storage. The list is endless,’ says Jacobs.

5. Work with the space you have

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To maintain a tidy bedroom it's about making sure your storage solutions work with your space and routine. ‘Ensure you select the right size furniture for your bedroom as furniture that is too small can look lost in a large room.’ advises Francesca Birch, Designer at Danetti.

‘On the flip side, heavy and large furniture in a smaller sized bedroom can make the room feel too crowded. Tallboys are great if you have limited floor area as they make use of vertical space without using up too much space width-ways, whilst also adding different heights to your room.' Don't forget about trinkets and small essentials that when all on display can quickly make a bedroom feel messy. 'Choose a roomy bedside table with drawers like the Orson, where you can hide books, reading glasses and any other night-time essentials within arm’s reach, but out of sight.’

6. Bespoke support

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‘Made to measure storage is perfect for crafting solutions that use every inch of space you have,’ advises Rachael Hutcheson, National Retail Manager at Sharps.

‘A great way to begin planning is by assessing what you need to store and then rationalising your closet. Hang clothes on a rail to measure how much hanging space you need, count your shoes and look at folded items to work out what needs to be stored and how. Perhaps you need to include more drawers and shelves or dedicate a section of space for floor length items? Beginning to plan with this technique will help create the optimal design and future proof your wardrobe, especially if you leave a little extra capacity.’

7. Choose your dressers well

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When it comes to important storage pieces like dressers, look for designs that suit the amount of clothing you have – post declutter. Ideally, you'll have something streamlined that won’t take up much space either to not overcrowd the room. Dressers that have different sized drawers are a good option as you can keep underwear in the smallest, tops and tees in the next and sweaters in the bottom. Remember you can also utilize the space on top too. 

8. Create an open shelving rule

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Once you’ve decluttered your clothes it’s time to put them back in an orderly fashion. If you’re a super organized person then consider an open plan closet. There’s nothing like everything being on show to make you super neat and to help you remember which clothes you already have. You don't want to end up with the same pair of jeans bought on five different occasions... And, trust us, that can happen.

If your bedroom’s decor is essentially you, which in most cases is the case, then your closet clothes will fit into your color scheme perfectly, so having them out on view as shown here, will enhance your space visually also.

You can also personalize your closet further as Jacobs explains, ‘Use accessories to personalize your closet. Add bins and space maximizers for function. Select your favorite framed photos and/or memorabilia to add character to your space.’

9. Store with style

neutral bedroom with rattan pendant light and rattan side table

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‘Functional storage does not have to compromise your interior style. On-trend rattan and wicker pieces offer practicality as well as a stylish, handcrafted appeal,’ says Kate Gibson, Home Buying Manager at Habitat

With a hint of Cali Casual style, you can keep clutter free by choosing storage pieces that you love, like this rattan piece that has a wooden top, instead of using a conventional bedside.

10. Dedicate a small space to accessories

jewellery storage with jewellery tree

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Last but by no means least, the smaller personal pieces also need a home. 

‘Organise your knick knacks in style by opting for fun and quirky decorative trays and dishes. A jewellery tree is a great option for those who love to keep their accessories on display, preventing tangling and creating easy accessorising quickly before heading out,’ advises Nadia McCowan Hill, Resident Style Advisor at Wayfair.

How do you keep a bedroom tidy long term?

Maintenance is essential, and the hardest part. We love the 30 minutes a day method:

‘Be decisive, focused and committed to eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary can speak. Establish a weekly 30 minute routine, like brushing your teeth and washing your face. The hardest part is getting started. Success will follow,’ says Jacobs.

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor of indie magazine, 91, Sophie trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for the modern bride.