A family TV room

The owners of this house have converted the previously cluttered garage to create a cosy television room for the whole family

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The owners of this four-bedroom house lived in the property for a year before deciding to transform the living space.

First on the list was converting the garage, which had been used as storage. They decided to turn it into a snug/TV room.

As planning permission had been granted, it proved relatively simple.

The garage doors were removed and the gap built up, with a large window installed. Insulation was added then boarded over and the walls were plastered. As there was already a door from the hallway, no changes were needed to create access, while the electrics were run in from the house.


Now that the garage has been transformed into a snug/TV room, it has units all along the right-hand wall, from Habitat and IKEA, giving the space a whole new purpose. The vintage light was bought in Oxford


They hired a local building company for the whole house renovation; it took just over a month to complete and cost £38,000.