This Google Nest Hub is my secret to multitasking — and right now, it's on sale

Short on time? Me too, and this Google Nest Hub is my secret sauce for multi-tasking every morning

google nest hub
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Picture this: Waking up every morning, put on a fresh pot of coffee, all while catching up on what top stories are happening in your neck of the woods? That would sound pretty ideal, wouldn't it? It does, and fortunately for me, my Google Nest Hub (opens in new tab) makes that dream a reality, day-after-day.  

See, the Google Nest Hub truly helped me find my footing and smoothed out all of my nightmare mornings I had grown accustomed to. 

Pre-Covid, working in the media, my schedule was unpredictable, and in-between early mornings and very late-nights, it rarely left any time to catch up on anything happening outside my wheelhouse.

Come to think of it? I missed out on pretty much everything — and that's not an embellishment. So often, my dad would have to text me the morning weather as a result of knowing I would not have time to check it, and in turn, inadvertently ruin my day. (Dads = life savers!). And, it wasn't until a friend of mine suggested this digital screen, that I too could enjoy my mornings. 

At the time, the Google Nest Hub rang in at just under-$100, and truthfully, it was well worth every single cent. I instantly paired it next to my Keurig machine on my kitchen counter, and every morning when I go to make a cup of coffee? I use my finger to turn on the digital touchscreen — and ta-da! 

I can listen to the morning news, my YouTube playlists, and come nighttime? It's a complete gamechanger for anyone who's trying to master the art of cooking — which is something I've yet to.

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Google Nest Hub 7" Smart Display with Google Assistant - Chalk (opens in new tab) l (Was $89.99), Now $49.99, at Best Buy

Prepare to meet your new digital helper! The 7-inch touch-screen (opens in new tab)display, allows you to set reminders, stream videos, and watch your smart security camera's footage through Google Assistant. 

You can search online for new recipes and take things step-by-step or work alongside a YouTube tutorial, and no matter which way you go? There is no wrong way to approach it. 

However, the most significant feature? Well, next to the voice command that instantly recognizes your voice, it would be the smart security system. 

As a female living alone in New York City (and coming home all hours of the night), I love that I can pair this camera to my phone and feel safe-and-sound, knowing that my apartment is how I left it. More importantly, it's a life savior every time my forgettable self wonders whether or not I turned my best curling iron off.  (There are only so many times I can call my security man before he starts to yell at me, lolz!). 

All you have to do is come up with a cool username (My name is: UnderCover Superstar at Home), and pair it to your smartphone or any other handheld device, and prepare to reap the benefits no matter where you are.  

Oh, and better than that? You can keep this feature on the down-low. The blinking light on your home screen blends in that in the event you do have intruders (which I hope you don't!), they'll never know you are recording them. As I said: game-changer. 

I can write you a novel on why this 7" inch device (opens in new tab) is such a lifesaver, but for the sake of time? I will sum this up and say: run, do not walk to the nearest computer and add it to your shopping bag — not only is it on sale, but it's the sale you do not want to miss. 

Still, want more? Check out the Google Nest Hub available at these other retailers below: 

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