9 best sofas 2021: comfortable couches for stylish interiors

The best sofas for your living room; we've rounded up the most comfortable sofas, from spacious corner sofas to compact couches and stylish settees

Best sofas 2021: trendsetting sofas for stylish homes
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Looking for the best sofas available? We know buying a new sofa can be one of the most stress-inducing furniture shopping experiences out there - especially if you're looking for a couch that fits the requirements of the whole family! After all, it's a big purchase and it's likely to be a piece of furniture you're going to use - and look at - every day, so it's a decision you'll want to get right. 

In order to help take some of the stress out of the search, we've rounded up the most comfortable and stylish couches on our radar.

From family-friendly corner sofas with plenty of seating for the whole tribe to smart three-seaters, comfortable chaise end couches with space to put your feet up, or compact two-seaters for tight spaces, we've gathered the best-in-class settees to narrow down the hunt.

For multifunctional sofa beds - to accommodate the guests we’re all hoping to host again soon! - find a helping hand over on our edit of the best sofa beds. Otherwise, read on to discover the best sofa for your home.

Best sofas 2021

NB. For easier price comparison between models, we've selected the three-seater version of each sofa style (other than the corner sofa) in the most affordable upholstery option. You can find the alternative sizes available for each style in the 'size options' field. 

Best all round sofa - Bailey at John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

1. John Lewis & Partners Bailey Large 3 Seater Sofa

A good value all-rounder that works in a wide range of rooms

Size options: 2, 3 & 4-seater, corner sofa, sofa bed & high back versions
Upholstery options: Over 150
Lead time: 10 weeks
Matching furniture: Armchair and footstool

A timeless yet modern design, the Bailey sofa from John Lewis also delivers a great choice of upholstery options and, combined with the affordable starting prices, we think that makes this one of the best sofas for all-round versatility.

There are also a wealth of sizes and shapes on offer from a compact two-seater to a spacious five-seater chaise and corner sofas, plus a sofa bed option for multifunctional seating. 

And - to keep those members of the household who might prioritise comfort over style just as happy - there are also high-backed versions of the most popular sizes available that we think look just as stylish as the low-backed model; offering extra back and shoulder support without a compromise on looks.

Best classic sofa - Bluebell from Sofa.com

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

2. Sofa.com Bluebell 3 Seat Sofa

A classic sofa with versatile size and assembly options

Size options: 2, 2.5, 3 & 4-seater sofa, chaise, sofa bed & corner sofa
Upholstery options: Over 100
Lead time: 6 - 10 weeks
Matching furniture: Armchair & footstool
Reasons to buy
+Great choice of sofa sizes+Option to have final assembly completed in destination room - great for rooms with awkward access

One of the brand's most popular lines, we think Sofa.com's Bluebell sofa is one of the best sofas for a classic yet contemporary look. 

The low scroll back arms with simple pleated detailing and turned wooden legs on castors give this sofa a touch of the traditional, whilst feather-wrapped foam cushions lend comfort and practicality.

The elegant design is available in a versatile selection of sizes - including a 2.5 seater useful for smaller living rooms - meaning you're sure to find a width that works for you, and the great range of upholstery options allows for contemporary choices that work just as well in a modern as a period property.

A real bonus for homes with awkward access, for a fairly reasonable additional charge the most popular sofa sizes can also be delivered in parts and built by the Sofa.com team in the room of your choice.

The best velvet sofa - Scott from MADE

(Image credit: MADE)

3. Made.com Scott 3 Seater Sofa

An affordable sofa with reasonably-priced velvet options

Size options: 2 & 3-seater sofa & 4-seater chaise sofa
Upholstery options: Over 10
Lead time: 10 - 12 weeks
Matching furniture: Armchair, chaise longue & bench stool
Reasons to buy
+A good value comfortable sofa+One of the best prices for velvet upholstery+All sizes very generous in width - check your measurements before you buy

Deep foam cushions that are just the right amount of firm make the Made.com Scott sofa a comfortable seating experience at a reasonable price. 

We also really like the fact that the two and three-seater options come with one long seat cushion rather than the usual two - meaning no-one gets stuck with the gap! - and the cute bolster cushions make the perfect headrests for an impromptu nap.

There are fewer upholstery choices than with most other couches in our round-up, but this is one of the best sofas for affordable velvet fabric options. And it's insta-famous! - you might recognise the 'Grass' velvet green sofa from The Girl With The Green Sofa. The leather upholstery options are also good value. 

All sizes are pretty generous in width which is great if you have plenty of room. Just make sure you check your measurements before you buy because this sofa will take up a bit more space.

Best sofa that has a hidden bed - Milner from MADE

(Image credit: MADE)

4. Milner Sofa Bed, MADE

A chaise sofa that's actually a sofa bed

Size options: Left or right chaise sofa bed & 2-seater sofa bed
Upholstery options: Under 10
Lead time: 8 - 10 weeks
Matching furniture: No
Reasons to buy
+A versatile multifunctional sofa bed+Luxe-look velvet upholstery options+Useful chaise storage

If space is tight and you need your sofa to work a little harder than usual, then the Milner sofa bed from MADE allows you the versatility to turn the front room into a guest room when visitors come to stay. 

And luckily there's no need to compromise on comfort, as despite the foam seat pads being on the firm side this is still a perfectly decent sitting option, whilst the foam mattress - or memory foam if you upgrade - ensures your guests will get a sound sleep too.

The hidden bonus is the secret storage in the chaise seat - ideal for stashing extra guest duvet and bedding away out of sight, and for storing scatter cushions whilst the beds in use.

Best corner sofa - Stella from Sofa.com

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

5. Sofa.com Stella Medium Corner Sofa

A spacious corner sofa for relaxed lounging

Size options: 2 and 3-seater, chaise, sofa bed and corner sofa in various sizes
Upholstery options: Over 100
Lead time: 10 - 12 weeks
Matching furniture: Yes - armchair and footstool

Straight-cut arms and a squared profile give the Stella corner sofa from Sofa.com a contemporary look that isn't going to date. We love the no-nonsense simplicity of the design that works just as well in period properties as it does in a modern home. 

Depending on the space you have to play with, opt for the medium or large corner sofa to provide plenty of seating for all the family. And if you need a more bespoke arrangement? This corner sofa can be ordered by modular unit to ensure the perfect fit.

We love it in the cotton matt or smart velvet upholstery options, but there is a wide range to choose from at Sofa.com including budget-friendly and fuss-free cotton and polyester mixes.

Best three-seater sofa for an elegant look - Seattle at Raft Furniture

(Image credit: Raft Furniture)

6. Raft Furniture Seattle Sofa

A sophisticated three-seater sofa

Size options: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4-seater & jumbo
Upholstery options: Over 20
Lead time: 8 - 10 weeks
Matching furniture: Armchair & footstool

For a grown-up three-seater - that's also available in two, two-and-a-half, three-and-a-half, four and jumbo seater - we think Raft Furniture's Seattle sofa epitomises understated elegance. 

Slim, sloping arms lend contemporary cool, whilst turned wooden feet add a touch of classic sophistication that make this sofa the perfect addition to a period property.

We like things kept simple with the palette of neutral cotton and linen weaves on offer, but for a touch of luxe there are some great shades of muted velvet too.

Best modular sofa - Bundle from John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

7. John Lewis & Partners Bundle Modular Sofa

An adaptable modular sofa for versatile seating options

Size options: Multiple 'build-your-own' modular configurations
Upholstery options: Over 200
Lead time: 7 days for ready-made upholstery; 10 weeks bespoke upholstery
Matching furniture: Armchair & footstool

For the ultimate in versatility, John Lewis' Bundle sofa comes in modular sofa units starting from just £299. Add them together however you wish - to create a roomy three-seater, family-friendly corner sofa or comfortable chaise by adding in the backless 'more-than-a-footstool' unit.

We love the low-to-the-ground block seats and slim armrests that create a contemporary design ideal for a modern family lounge. And, with over 200 upholstery options you're sure to find a fabric you love - although if you need a sofa in a hurry then the ready-made navy marl upholstered option is available in just 7 days. 

Best leather sofa - Jarrod from Made.com

(Image credit: Made.com)

8. Made.com Jarrod 3 Seater Sofa

A contemporary leather sofa for a modern home

Size options: 3-seater & chaise sofa
Upholstery options: Under 10
Lead time: 6 - 8 weeks
Matching furniture: Armchair
Reasons to buy
+A leather sofa with contemporary style
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly firm cushions

If it's the best leather sofa you're after, then the Jarrod sofa from Made.com is one of our top picks. It offers classic leather upholstery but with a contemporary design that's perfect for a modern home.

A low-slung frame and graphic black metal legs give this sofa a minimalist vibe, and also make it appear less bulky - a common problem with a 'traditional' leather sofa that can dominate a room. 

Opt for tan or truffle brown leather, or if you like the look but fancy fabric, there are also two washed cotton options. 

Best sofa in a box - Model 03 Swyft

(Image credit: Swyft)

9. Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 03 Modular

Best sofa in a box; quick delivery and easy access

Size options: Multiple 'build-your-own' modular configurations
Upholstery options: Under 10
Lead time: From 24 hours!
Matching furniture: Footstool

If time is of the essence then you're probably unlikely to get your hands on a sofa any quicker than Swyft's 24-hour delivery estimate. 

One of the new breeds of flat-pack sofa-in-a-box that offer prompt arrival and easy maneuverability for apartment dwellers and those with tricky hallways and interior angles, Swyft's Model 03 is built from modular sofa units which allow you to make the configuration as big, or small, as your space allows. 

You may be paying more for the convenience this option offers - a modular unit starts at £640 - but if laidback contemporary vibes are your thing then this sofa has plenty on offer.

The low profile and boxy looks make for a modern investment, and comfort hasn't been forgotten either (although the low back won't be for everyone). Check out our in-depth review of the Swyft Sofa Model 03 to find out more.

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