We've tracked down Jennifer Lopez’s Keurig coffee maker — it's perfect for making Barista-quality drinks

Jennifer Lopez’s Keurig coffee maker is ideal for making frothy cappuccinos and lattes

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Jennifer Lopez’s Keurig coffee maker wasn’t what I expected to be lusting over when scrolling through her Instagram feed, but here I am. Usually, it’s her incredible outfits or dancing skills that fill me with envy — but luckily, her coffee maker is more attainable, and at an incredible price right now.

She's a singer known for hits such as Let’s Get Loud and acts too, starring in Hustlers, Shotgun Wedding, and The Mother. She's a queen at everything — so I’m not surprised she knows how to pick great coffee makers, too.

In one of Jennifer's recent Instagram posts, she showed us how to make Bella Berry Punch in her gorgeous modern kitchen. While drooling over the delicious cocktail recipe, we were excited to spot the Keurig coffee maker in the background. 

Real Homes' resident coffee expert tracked it down and let me tell you: she delivered. Not only that, but it’s on sale right now so you can sip on the same coffee as Jenny From the Block without splashing out Hollywood-level cash.

Jennifer Lopez’s Keurig coffee machine

More about Jennifer Lopez's Keurig coffee maker

A birds eye view of a Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker on a wooden table with a coffee next to it

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Drum roll please: Jennifer Lopez’ coffee maker is the Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker. the ever-popular Keurig coffee makers are known for being easy to use — no barista experience required. 

This model is one of the best pod coffee makers, transforming milky drinks with its frother. On the Keurig site it’s on sale, where you can save a $35 on it right now.

Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker | Was $189.99 Now $154.99 (save $35) at Keurig

Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker | Was $189.99 Now $154.99 (save $35) at Keurig

For those who love a latte and cappuccino but don’t have the barista skills to make it happen by themselves, this Keurig is an absolute winner. With latte and cappuccino settings plus a dishwasher-safe frother, it couldn’t be easier to make a coffee shop-style brew. We can see why Jennifer Lopez has one in her home.

While we haven’t tested this exact model ourselves, we have tried and tested numerous Keurig coffee makers in the past, so we know what makes them so brilliant. 

“She might be a famous singer and actress, but by owning this Keurig small coffee maker, the singer/actress has shown she's relatable,” says our head e-commerce editor and coffee expert Christina Chrysostomou. "This is because they’re easy to use, and aren’t too pricey."

Christina Chrysostomou selfie
Christina Chrysostomou

Christina Chrysostomou is our acting head ecommerce editor, resident coffee expert, and customer advisor at Real Homes. While she hasn’t tried this specific model, she is a fan of the Keurig brand, having tested other coffee makers by the brand.

Christina says that there’s a lot to love about Keurig coffee makers in general. 

“They're affordable, easy to use, plus you've got access to over 400 varieties and over 60 brands of coffee with new partnership opportunities popping up all the time,” she explains. “This particular model can make coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos, and what I love most is that it's got a dishwasher-safe milk frother.” 

Basically, this makes cleaning it a total breeze. 

Whether you have a busy schedule like J. Lo or just want a delicious coffee shop style, the Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffee Latte & Cappuccino Maker is the perfect choice for those who love a frothy coffee and the ease of using a single-serve coffee maker.

Three alternatives to Jennifer Lopez’s coffee machine

J.Lo’s coffee maker is a great price, but you might be looking for a different brand, type of coffee machine, and even a different size. Here are three alternatives that may tick your boxes instead. 

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

Jennifer Lopez’s Keurig coffee maker is a brilliant choice for anyone looking for a machine that’s affordable and makes cups that will rival your fave coffee shop. She’s not the only celeb with good taste in coffee machines, though — Vanessa Hudgens’ De’Longhi is barista-approved and one of the best you can get. 

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