The best electric blankets

Electric blankets have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with extra safety features and luxurious makeovers — read our list of the best to find your new favourite

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Even if the weather outside is frightful, an electric blanket can see to it that you still get a good night’s sleep. A great alternative to space heaters, they’re extremely cost effective — with many costing as little as 1p per night, per side, to heat effectively — and with all the subtle fitted sheet and glamorous faux fur designs on the market these days, much less of an eyesore.

But if you’ve never bought one before, you might be surprised to learn that there are more types than you anticipated, so it’s worth getting to know them before you make a decision about which electric blanket to get. An electric underblanket fixes to the mattress like a fitted sheet to leave you with a completely cosy surface, while an electric overblanket can be used just like a regular blanket, making a snug layer between you and your duvet. A heated throw is arguably the most versatile type. They don’t come in standard bed sizes, so you can either use it as an extra topper for bedtime or curled up on the sofa on wintry afternoons or lazy Sunday mornings.

We’ve even throw a couple of wildcards into our top five, which offer options for heating chilly extremities in isolation, and even taking with you in the car, so read on to find out which heating option is best for you, and ready yourself for your snuggliest night’s sleep.

1. Dreamland Heated Fleece Fitted Dual Control Mattress Protector

This dual-sided electric blanket keeps the peace with two heating zones

Best for: Dual control
Over/Under: Under
Size: L200 x W150 cm
Settings: 6
Reasons to buy
+ Six temperature settings + Fast heat-up time 
Reasons to avoid
- Some have found it a bit fiddly to fit 

Our best electric blanket comes in the form of a sumptuously fleecy fitted sheet meets mattress protector, which covers a double bed in cosy warmth from top to bottom. According to Dreamland, it takes just five minutes to heat up, so you don’t have to decide hours before whether you’ll want an especially warm bed. It has six temperature settings, so it’s great for the person who runs cold all year round, but its big seller is its dual temperature zones. You can heat each side of the bed separately, so over-warm partners won’t get in a huff. 

2. Dreamland Faux Fur Throw Heated Electric Blanket

With dreamily soft faux fur and husky colouring, this ain’t your grandma’s electric blanket

Best for: Luxurious throw
Over/Under: Over
Size: W120 x L160 cm
Settings: 6
Reasons to buy
+ Luxurious faux fur + Auto shut-off and adjust setting 
Reasons to avoid
- Rather expensive 

Don’t worry, it’s faux! This husky-style faux fur heated blanket is a super stylish alternative to the purely functional, pale yellow electric blankets you might have spied at your nan’s house in the past. Extremely versatile, you can use it at the bottom of the duvet for cosy toes come bedtime, or wrap it around you on the couch on chilly days, and its auto adjusting temperature sensor will monitor the ambient temperature and heat up or cool down accordingly. When it comes to safety, this heated throw has it covered with overheat protection and auto shut-off timer. Great all round, if a bit pricey. 

3. Lakeland Velvety Heated Throw

Velvety to the touch and covered in sumptuous fleece, this blanket is a real softie

Best for: Soft feel
Over/Under: Over
Size: W135 x L180 cm
Settings: 6
Reasons to buy
+ Stylish design + Machine washable 
Reasons to avoid
- Only intended to be used flat 

If faux fur isn’t your thing, you can still find an ultra-stylish electric blanket in the form of this velvety throw from Lakeland. With a beautifully tactile fabric in of-the-minute soft grey shade on one side, and high-pile cream coloured fleece on the other, it’s the epitome of wintry chic, with added utility. It’s also machine washable and tumble dry-safe, and with an auto shut-off function that can be set for 1 or 9 hours, you can sleep soundly and safely too. However, Lakeland do advise that this blanket should be used flat, so we suggest looking elsewhere if you want a blanket to wrap around you on the sofa. 

4. Beurer Cosy Heated Foot Warmer

See to cold feet in mere minutes with this rapid foot warmer

Best for: Cold feet
Over/Under: N/A (foot warmer)
Size: 32 x 26 x 26cm
Settings: 3
Reasons to buy
+ Soft and comforting on achy cold feet + Removable fleece liner 
Reasons to avoid
- Would be useful if portable 

This electric foot warmer is ideal if you don’t need the all-encompassing heat of an electric blanket, but often find yourself with cold feet. The slightly funny-looking boot is designed to heat up quickly for rapid thawing, and the removable, washable fleece liner adds an extra layer of comfort that’s intended to be soft and soothing on achy feet. The three heat settings are illuminated for ease of use, and the auto shut-off ensures peace of mind. The only thing that would improve this warmer would be battery operation for taking it on the road, but we can’t have everything! As an at-home option, it’s hard to beat. 

5. Dreamland Heat On The Go Electric Heat Pod

Something warm to snuggle, whether you’re at home or on the move

Best for: Car trips
Over/Under: N/A (cushion)
Size: H29 x W21 x D6 cm
Settings: 1
Reasons to buy
+ Quick to charge; stays warm for two hours + No boiling water to deal with 
Reasons to avoid
- Far more expensive than a hot water bottle 

If you’re nervous about the safety of hot water bottles, or want an option that you can take on the go, look no further than this Electric Heat Pod. It’s a rechargeable cordless heat pack that takes just five minutes to charge, so even last minute adventures on chilly days won’t prove a problem. Dreamland say it stays warm for over two hours and starts to cool after four, making it ideal for car trips or for drifting off to sleep on wintry nights. The luxurious faux fur cover is a nice change from rubber, too, so if you’re after a safer, more portable alternative to a hot water bottle, go for this. 

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