Best electric blanket: 5 warming buys to get you through chilly nights

It's coming up to electric blanket season! Make sure your bedroom is as cosy as possible with these top picks...

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Electric blanket: Dreamland Dual Control Cotton Heated Mattress Protector
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Electric blanket season is upon us! With the nights getting darker and the morning's cooler, it's time to up the cosiness in your bedroom. What, you don't have one? Well, let us tell you, they are life-changing!  

A great alternative to having your heating on all night, they’re extremely cost-effective, with many costing as little as 1p per night. Plus, with all the subtle fitted sheet and glamorous faux fur designs on the market these days, they have definitely shed their old fashioned skin. 

We've selected the best electric blankets on the market to keep you toasty in bed (or on the sofa) on cold nights.

What is the best electric blanket?

We've picked out the Dreamland Fleece Easy Fit Dual Control Heated Electric Underblanket as the best electric blanket out there. It heats up in just five minutes, it has six different settings and is fleecy for extra comfort! 

These are the rest of our top picks, below. But keep on scrolling for the full reviews:

Dreamland Heated Fleece Fitted Dual Control Mattress Protector

Best for: Dual control
Over/Under: Under
Size: L200cm x W150cm
Settings: 6
Reasons to buy
+Best electric blanket

Our best electric blanket comes in the form of the Dreamland Fleece Easy Fit Heated Electric Underblanket, a sumptuously fleecy fitted sheet meets mattress protector, which covers a double bed in cosy warmth from top to bottom. 

Quick to heat

This blanket just takes five minutes to heat, so you can switch it on, go and make your cup of tea, your hot chocolate, your brandy, whatever your choice of bedtime beverage might be, and then you can come back to a toasty warm bed. 

Dual control 

This is what makes this model so popular. You can control each side of the blanket separately, so if you share a bed with a radiator who doesn't need as much heat as you, it's ideal.  

Plenty of temperature settings 

It has six temperature settings, so you can adjust the temperature to suit you.

Automatic shut off

You can programme the blanket to turn off after anywhere between one and nine hours. Perfect if you want it on for while you fall asleep but don"t need it on all night.  

Dreamland Faux Fur Throw Heated Electric Blanket

Best for: Luxurious throw
Over/Under: Over
Size: W120cm x L160cm
Settings: 6
Reasons to buy
+Best heated fur throw

Electric blankets aren't always for using in bed! Check out the Dreamland Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw, a super stylish alternative to the purely functional, pale yellow electric blankets that give you granny vibes. 

Looks beautiful 

We will cover the more practical elements next, but what puts this electric blanket above the rest is how gorgeous it looks. It's luxuriously soft and the faux fur looks to be really great quality, and really realistic too. 


Pop it over your sofa or throw at the end of your bed, this electric blanket can be moved around the house, where ever it's super cosiness might be needed. 

Auto-adjusting temperature

This is clever. The blanket can monitor the temperature of the room and adjust it's temperature accordingly. Or you can just choose from the six different heat settings to find the perfect temperature for you. 

Quick to heat

This electric blanket can reach a roasty 37ºC in just five minutes, plus it has an auto-shutoff system so you can choose how long you want it to heat for and not have to worry about leaving it on. 

Dreamland luxury velvety heated throw

Best for: Soft feel
Over/Under: Over
Size: W135cm x L180cm
Settings: 6
Reasons to buy
+Best heated blanket

If faux fur isn’t your thing, you can still find an ultra-stylish electric blanket in the form of this Dreamland luxury velvety Heated Throw...

Cheap to use

This electric blanket costs just 1p per night to run, so a lot cheaper than having the heating on all night, especially since it's probably only the bedrooms you need to heat. 

Machine washable 

A big plus. The cover of this electric blanket is machine washable and tumble dry safe, just make sure you read all the washing instructions first. 

Lots of heat options 

As with our previous top picks, there are six heat settings, plus a ‘ready to relax’ pre-heat setting. It also has Intelliheat technology which means it will maintain a constant temperature throughout use, perfect if want to keep it on while you sleep.  

Auto-shutoff feature 

Again this electric throw has an auto-shut off function which can be set for between one and nine hours, so you have the peace of mind it won't be left on for too long. 

Beurer Cosy Heated Foot Warmer

Best for: Cold feet
Over/Under: N/A (foot warmer)
Size: 32cm x 26cm x 26cm
Settings: 3
Reasons to buy
+Best heated foot warmer

Okay, so it's not exactly an electric blanket, but we couldn't not include this heated foot warmer from Beurer. The slightly funny-looking boot is designed to heat up quickly for rapid thawing...

Three heat settings 

There are a few heat options, which is great for a foot warmer, lots just have one setting. You can pick from three temperatures depending on how desperate your feet are in need of warmth.  

Auto-shutoff function 

As with the blankets, this heated foot warmer also has an auto-shutoff feature. You can set it to stay on for up to 90 minutes and then it will automatically turn off. 

Removable, washable inside

You can take out the fleece lining of this boot and hand wash it, which we think is an essential when it comes to anything hot feet related. The only thing that would improve this warmer would be battery operation for taking it on the road, but we can’t have everything!

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

(Image credit: Silentnight )

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

Budget electric blanket

Best for: Convenience
Over/Under: Under
Size: Single, double and king
Settings: 3
Reasons to buy
+Fast heat up+Washable
Reasons to avoid
-Some say comes up small

A great budget-friendly option, this Silentnight electric blanket is the cheapest of our top picks...

Ultra-fast to heat up 

This electric blanket heats up in just a few minutes, so there's no waiting around before you can jump into bed. It comes in a range of sizes too, and sits nicely under your sheet so isn't visible.

Smart assistant compatible 

If you purchase a Silentnight Alexa compatible plug, you can turn it on from your phone or using your voice, so that it's hot for you when you jump into bed. 

Three heat options 

There is less choice when it comes to temperature with this electric blanket, just three, but reviewers seem happy with the options!  

What to consider when buying an electric blanket

Throw or blanket?

Do you think a heated blanket would be more use underneath your sheet in your bedroom or thrown over the sofa in your living room? With a traditional electric blanket that goes in your bed, you get the cosiness of your whole bed heating up, plus there are dual control options if you share a bed. But with electric throws you get the manoeuvrability, you can take it with you to every room it house, plus wrapping one around you on the sofa is dreamy. They, however, don’t come in standard bed sizes, so you can either use it as an extra topper for bedtime or on the sofa. 

Temperature settings 

Look at how many options there are. We say the more the better, because obviously the weather constantly changes, so it's nice to be able to adjust your blanket's temperature accordingly. Go with one that has at least three heat options. 

Energy efficiency 

Most new electric blankets will be really energy-efficient, costing as little as 1p per night to run. But do always check, one of the main benefits of them is they cost less than heating your bedroom, so always check this will definitely be the case.  


The safest, modern electric blankets should be fitted with an auto-shutoff function so you can't accidentally leave them on for too long.  


Look out for an electric blanket that can be washed. Most should have a removable cover that you can either wash by hand or bung in the washing machine. A lot are now tumble dryer safe too. It's just more hygienic and practical to get one with a removable cover. 

What kind of mattress do you have?

If you are looking at buying an electric blanket do use in bed, do think about whether it is safe to use with your current mattress. Memory foam and electric blankets are rumoured to be a to be a no-go, but memory foam mattress manufacturers say that their mattresses are fine to use with electric blankets, there are just a few rules to follow. Place a sheet between your mattress and your blanket and always heat the blanket gradually. Plus, it's recommended that you never heat a memory foam mattress for longer than half an hour. 

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