I don't care if Adele's Stanley Cup isn't on sale — here's the cheapest place to buy her Quencher H2O Flowstate Tumbler

Adele's Stanley Cup has been on my list for months and I'm *finally* treating myself to the Quencher H2O Flowstate Tumbler.

Adele in a burgundy dress pointing to a rose gold Stanley cup
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Adele's Stanley Cup has been on my mind ever since I spotted it on her Carpool Karaoke session with James Corden. Its gorgeous rose gold color is just so Instagrammable, and despite there being lots of other Stanley Cup alternatives out there, this is the one that hasn't left my heart.

Adele is known for iconic songs such as Someone Like You, Skyfall, and Hello, among countless others. She's a superstar in every right, so of course she has a sparkly and shiny Stanley cup to match her fabulousness. I've had it on my shopping list for months and am always checking to see if I can grab it anywhere at a good price. That day has finally come.

While it isn't a Black Friday home deal, it's still a brilliant price for a Stanley Cup. If you're looking for one to add to your Christmas list or to gift to someone, this is the one to go for. It'll look so good whether it's on your desk or in your car like Adele's was. Here's where you can grab it from, plus why I'm adding it to my cart ASAP.

Adele's Stanley cup is going in my cart right now  — here's why

The Stanley cup has been everywhere at the moment. You might have spied Stanley cup alternatives — but if you want the same color as Adele, you're going to need to shop the OG's collection.

Adele's Stanley cup

I can happily reveal that Adele's Stanley cup is the Stanley Quencher H2O Flowstate Tumbler in Rose Quartz Glow. The cup does come in just a standard Rose Gold, but if you want that shine and sparkle power, go for the Glow instead. You can grab it for just $35 at Williams Sonoma right now.

Why I'm buying Adele's Stanley cup

The shiny rose gold design has completely made me fall in love. Do you remember that rose gold phase that everything went through a few years ago? I never got out of it and I have no regrets. It's just so much more interesting than silver or gold, as this Stanley Cup proves. 

Being as environmentally friendly as possible is super important to me, so I know buying this travel coffee cup and using it at coffee shops in place of disposable ones will be better for the planet. Many places offer a $0.10 discount on drinks with your own cup, so with the amount of coffee I buy in a year, I'm sure to make my money back in no time (that's girl math!).

I also struggle to drink as much water in the day as I should when I'm WFHing. I'm sure that this eye-catching design will encourage me to take regular sips — much prettier than a boring glass of water. The double-wall insulation will also keep any drinks hot or cold, so whether I've got a cool glass of H20 or a warm drink from my coffee maker, I'll be covered.


♬ original sound - Stanley 1913

I already had this on my wish list, but it made its way to the top spot after watching this viral Stanley TikTok, which not only showed how durable the cups are but also how kind the brand is. A brand that looks after its customers always has my support.

Similar Stanley cups and accessories on sale

Stanley Classic Stay-Chill Beer Pint 16oz Rose Quartz Glow | Was $26 Now $19.49 (save $6.51) at Amazon

Stanley Classic Stay-Chill Beer Pint 16oz Rose Quartz Glow | Was $26 Now $19.49 (save $6.51) at Amazon

Though marketed to keep drinks cold for up to 4 hours and iced for up to 17 hours, this cup will also keep coffee hot for an hour. It hasn't got a handle or straw like the Quencher H2O Flowstate Tumbler, but this one does have 25% off and is available in the same color as Adele's.

Stanley Stay-Chill Classic Pitcher 64oz Rose Quartz Glow | Was $45 Now $33.75 (save $11.25) at Amazon

Stanley Stay-Chill Classic Pitcher 64oz Rose Quartz Glow | Was $45 Now $33.75 (save $11.25) at Amazon

If juice or lemonade is more your thing, the classic pitcher in the metallic pink tone might be more suited to you. Nonetheless, it can keep coffee warm for 2.5 hours making it perfect for long road trips, and ensuring those vocal cords are warmed up for an Adele-inspired sing-a-thon in the car.

Stanley French Press 48oz with Double Vacuum Insulation | Was $70 Now $52.48 (save $17.52) at Amazon

Stanley French Press 48oz with Double Vacuum Insulation | Was $70 Now $52.48 (save $17.52) at Amazon

OK, so this isn't a Stanley cup, but this small coffee maker has all the star qualities of the drinking vessel and would make such a great gift this Christmas. There are up to 44% other colorways, but if "Someone Like You" wants the Adele aesthetic, you can still say "Hello" to 25% off.

Watch Adele - The Final Carpool Karaoke

Whether you're looking to stay hydrated or to look fabulous while staying hydrated, Adele's rose gold Stanley cup is a stylish choice to shop if you're in the market for a reusable cup. 

Want to shop even more celeb-loved cups? Kourtney Kardashian's glass coffee mugs are so chic and will look great in your cupboards and on your kitchen table. 

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