Anglian's Scrappage Scheme will recycle old doors and windows – plus could save you up to £3,000

Help the environment and you could receive money off and up to £3,000 with Anglian's recycling scheme

Anglian Home Improvement Scrappage Scheme
(Image credit: Anglian Home Improvement)

Did you know than an average uninsulated UK house seeps £2,800 worth in energy through its windows and doors over a decade? Another compelling reason to replace your old windows and doors with new, energy-efficient ones. 

But have you thought about what happens to your old doors and windows when you replace them? Happily, there is now a way to prevent them simply going to landfill and contributing to environmental pollution: Anglian Home Improvements run a Scrappage Scheme that allows you to get brand new, energy-efficient windows while receiving a discount of up to 40 per cent and up to £3,000 scrappage. Crucially, your old windows and doors will be recycled and reused for the manufacturing of new ones. 

The scheme is highly effective, and its recycling achievement is impressive; to put Anglian's recycling efforts into figures, they:

• Extrude 16,000 tons of plastic each year, which equates to 20 million metres worth;
• Recycle 80 tons of metal each year, the equivalent to 640,000 drinks cans;
• Recycle 1,300 tons of uPVC each year, which is the same weight as 109 double decker buses;
• Recycle 3,300 tons of glass annually, the equivalent to the weight of 660 African elephants.

The Scrappage Scheme has earned Anglian a Recovinyl Certificate, which commends companies actively seeking to save energy and reduce waste and carbon emissions. It is currently the only UK company that extrudes, manufactures, and installs windows to hold this certificate. 

Rachael Munby, marketing director at Anglian Home Improvements, comments on the all-round benefits of the scheme, 'Scrappage gives our customers the opportunity to upgrade their property at a more affordable price, while also helping to offset the hikes we’re all seeing in our monthly energy bills. They can feel safe in the knowledge that their old windows and doors have been responsibly recycled.' 

Rachael is at pains to point out, though, 'Terms and conditions do apply, so we would urge all customers to visit our website for full details.'