10 Black Friday shopping secrets – you'll want to read these now

Win at Black Friday with our top-secret ways to get amazing deals on everything for your home

Black Friday 2019 is less than a month away, and if you want to get the best deals, then you need to be prepared. We've put together 10 failsafe ways to make sure you save the money come November 29th. From doing your research to checking refund policies, here's how to make sure you're feeling smug when the big day arrives:

1. Sign up to newsletters from your favourite retailers

This guarantees that you'll not only see the best deals on Black Friday itself, but any top bargains in the run-up, too. And don’t forget to sign up to the Real Homes newsletter. As well as great ideas for your home and garden, we'll also be sharing the best Black Friday deals on our email newsletters. Subscribe now to keep up to date with the event. 

2. Write a shopping list (or get Alexa to make one for you)

There are so many things up for sale on Black Friday, you can end up like a panicked kids in a sweet shop five minutes before closing time. Write a list of items you actually want to buy and note down your upper spending limit for each. If the product isn’t on sale below that limit, it’s not the deal for you. It also means you can search for exactly what you want and get in there first.

3. Research the best products

If you know you want a particular appliance or product, research the best models beforehand so you know exactly what you are looking for on Black Friday. Our Real Homes buying guides are here to help you find everything from the best vacuum cleaner to the best pair of hair straighteners, so check them out. This is our way of helping to stop you from spending money on a dud, just because it was cheap.

4. Use Google for specific deals

Once you know what you want, use Google to search for that deal. Type in KitchenAid deals, for example, and not only will you see Google shopping results, but also buying guides from third parties like us. These are great for reading up on the pros of a product and comparing a few different models in once place. Search for these on Black Friday itself, but also in the run up, incase there's an offer that is too good to miss.

5. Don't just compare prices

Low prices are great, but don’t discount the extras. Free shipping, extended guarantees and free aftercare should all be factored in to the overall cost. Buying an appliance? Check if installation is thrown in, too. Gas ovens will need fitting by an approved engineer and you may want a plumber to fit your new washing machine, so free installation could save you a lot of money.

6. Check a deal really is a deal

If you are holding out to buy a product on Black Friday, check what it’s RRP is now and get an idea of how much it costs from various retailers. Then, when Black Friday comes around, you will know how good a deal really is.

7. Bookmark Black Friday pages

To speed up your shopping on the big day, bookmark retailers’ Black Friday pages now so you don’t have to find them on the big day. There are a few ways to find these. Try searching the name of the site and ‘black Friday’ on Google. Or, go to the site and play around with the URL. A lot of sites use ‘/sales’ or ‘/black-friday’ for their Black Friday pages.

8. Don't wait until Friday November 29th

Last year, lots of sales dropped the day before and some even began in the week running up to Black Friday. We are expecting the biggest discounts on the 29th, then another flurry on Cyber Monday which is on 2nd December. But last year, Amazon released loads of deals on the Thursday night, so keep an eye out.

9. Check delivery times

Black Friday is a little bit later this year and therefore closer to Christmas. So, if you are buying gifts – or perhaps furniture that you want in time for the festive season – check how long it will take to be delivered. The poor post people will also be a lot busier than usual, which may mean longer delivery times – even if you are signed up for next-day delivery.

10. Remember to check the returns policy

If you’ve followed our buying advice, then hopefully there won’t be any purchases you regret in your household, but it’s still worth checking the returns policy so you don’t get stung paying to send items back if they’re not right. And if you’re buying Christmas gifts, then make sure you have plenty of time to return any unwanted items. This time of year is hectic and it can be easy to miss that returns window.