Shoe storage ideas: 24 ways to get your space organised

In need of some shoe storage ideas? We can help you totally declutter your space (in a very stylish way)...

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Looking for shoe storage ideas? Aren't we all! It's easy to let your hallway (in particular) become a dumping ground for shoes. You might do a sweep every now and then, forcing them all under the stairs, but before you know it you are back wading through football boots and flip flops to get into your house. 

It isn't just the hallway that needs good shoe storage either. Most of us keep the majority of our clothes in our bedroom or dressing room, so we have put together a ton of practical shoe storage ideas to keep the rest of home clutter free, too.

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But back to shoes first. Expect to find storage ideas for every budget and space. Be it a small rack you can squeeze in a hallway, or the bottom of the wardrobe, to bespoke fitted options for all your storage needs. Prepare to get your shoes sorted for good!

Hallway shoe storage ideas

If you're designing a hallway or simply looking to tidy up your existing hallway, take advantage of these hallway shoe storage ideas. When it comes to hallway shoe storage, you will usually want something slimline that fits in a narrow corridor. Other great options are those that incorporate hooks for coats and cupboards for bags and accessories.

And if your hallway is too small for storage, read on to see our bedroom and dressing room shoe storage ideas further down.

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1. Choose a slimline shoe storage unit

Olso unit from Noa & Nani used as shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Noa & Nani)

Short on hallway space? Consider a slimline shoe storage idea that maximises vertical space whilst maintaining order and easy access to shoes. We would recommend choosing a finish that matches your scheme, for a barely-there look.

We love this  Tromso shoe storage unit, which looks like a stylish console table when closed up and is the perfect spot for a hallway lamp or for placing your keys at the end of the day.

2. Opt for space efficient shoe storage ideas

Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea used as a shoes storage idea

(Image credit: Ikea)

Got a ton of shoes to stash? Despite its slimline style, each compartment in this shoe storage cabinet has double rows, allowing enough space for the whole family's footwear. Designed with space efficiency in mind, it only comes with front legs and can be positioned flush with a wall, making it the perfect addition to a narrow hallway. 

Find this Hemnes unit at Ikea. 

3. Maximise vertical space with a ladder shelf

wood finish ladders used as show storage ideas

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Ladder style units are an on-trend storage solution often found in bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms – so why not bring them into the hallway too? Propped up against a wall, they make the most of vertical space whilst making a stylish addition to any hallway. 

Find this Step Up shoe storage unit from  

4. Stow shoes away in a wicker basket

Kubu rattan box from The White Company used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: The White Company)

Need a shoe storage idea for the laziest of tidiers? Hinge-lidded baskets are a great alternative to more conventional shoe storage solutions - and give you a quick clean-up rate. They make a lovely feature in a hallway or can be easily stored beneath a console table.

Hand crafted in Indonesia, we love the finish of this Kubu rattan box from The White Company.

5. Choose expandable shoe storage ideas

extendable and stackable shoe rack from Lakeland used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Lakeland)

With growing families comes an ever-increasing number of shoes and a need for more storage. Whether you for-see this problem or not, stackable and extendable hallway shoe racks are a great shoes storage idea and can be adapted to suit your changing needs. 

Find this clever storage solution at Lakeland

6. Or go for a shoe storage system that grows

Hallway storage by String

(Image credit: String)

If you know a couple of expandable shoe racks is going to be nowhere near enough for your family's ever growing shoe collection, go for a shoe storage idea that you can customise to grow with your needs. 

We always sing the praises of the String systems. They are made up of different modular components that you can build up and evolve as much as you want, choosing from shelves, cabinets, drawers and more. We love how simple and chic it looks – very contemporary Scandi.

7. Disguise your shoe cupboard for a sleeker finish

Shoe storage cupboard from The Wooden Furniture Company used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: The Wooden Furniture Company)

If you're blessed with a spacious hallway and don't want your shoes or shoe storage to be a feature within your hallway, opt for a more traditional storage solution. While large shoe storage cabinets with tilted shelves are designed to maximise space, a more conventional cupboard would work equally effectively and make a stylish addition to a hallway.

We love the country-feel of this Shoe Storage Cupboard from Wooden Furniture Store. 

8. Combine welly storage with a spot to sit down

Garden Trading’s Latchmere welly locker used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

If you live in the countryside or a regular dog walker, wellies may be part of your everyday life. We'd recommend a hallway bench as the idea shoe storage idea, as it provides a spot to sit down (we all know the struggle of trying to take of wellies while standing up.)

Designed with welly wearers in mind, the Latchmere Welly Locker from Garden Trading has compartments with the height required for storage, in addition to four shoe compartments. 

9. Find a versatile cubby hole unit

Flour Plank cubbyhole storage unit from Indigo Furniture used as a shoes storage idea

(Image credit: Indigo Furniture)

If you'd like your shoe storage to serve more than one purpose, something worth considering if your hallway is short on space, opt for a more versatile unit.

This Flour Plank Cubbyhole Storage Unit, available at Indigo Furniture, comes with three storage options: open, cupboard door or drawer. Each one is made from solid Quebec pine and an additional vintage leather seat pad can be bought. 

10. Opt for a solution that suits all your storage needs

Corinda corrugated metal cabinet from Out There Interiors used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Out There Interiors)

Sometimes it can be worth considering a hallway storage solution that offers more than one option, particularly if you're short on space or want to hide your belongings away to create a more minimalist look. 

This Corinda Corrugated Metal Cabinet from Out There Interiors has several compartments; including handy shoe storage and a hanging rail for coats and umbrellas. Plus its industrial style is right on-trend.

11. Choose open storage for easy access

20 pair shoe storage cabinet by Symple Stuff at Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

If you think you can keep your hallway neat and tidy (forever) then a open storage solution could be for you. It's ideal if you have a modern scheme and provides ample space for shoe storage for all the family, in addition to room for bags, brollies and wellies.  

Find this Shoe Storage Cabinet at Symple Stuff.

12. Opt for an all-in-one shoe storage idea

Ikea shoe racks, benches and coat hooks used in a hallway as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Ikea)

Opt for a nifty unit with a combination of storage solutions if you're looking to organise the whole family’s shoes, coats and bags. They're designed to keep everyday essentials on hand and ease the frantic feel of Monday mornings. 

This combination of a Pinnig coat rack with a shoe storage bench is a great starting point for a multi-functional storage unit. Find it all at Ikea. 

13. Save space with multi-functional storage

Hallway bench used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Multi-functional furniture is a great shoe storage idea if you're short on space, with this storage bench providing the perfect perch for popping your shoes on in a hurry. Position by the door for ease and a spot to store everyday pairs of shoes.

This Clockhouse hallway bench is available at Garden Trading.

14. Prioritise storage based on your lifestyle

Boot rack in a doorway

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Tired of traipsing mud through the house after a walk with the dog? This boot rack is designed with wellies in mind. Pop dirty pairs upside down on the spokes and store by the back or front door for drying and easy access.

Find this Metal Boot Rack at Cox & Cox. 

15. Or just store your wellies outside 

Garden Trading outdoor welly storage box

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

Wellies and walking boots were made to be hardy, so put them to the test and keep them outside. This Morton welly store from Garden Trading looks lovely enough to keep by your back door and will mean no muddy boots get traipsed through the house – and they won't be taking up a ton of room under the stairs. The Morton range also includes an outdoor shoe storage box if you want something that's extra weatherproof. 

16. Maximise space with a built-in storage solution

Fitted shoe and accessory storage in a bootroom or hallway used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Neptune)

If you want to ensure that you're maximising hallway space, a built in floor-to-ceiling shelving unit certainly does the trick. Organise household bits and bobs in stylish wicker baskets, to ensure that daily essentials are on hand at all times.

We love this Pembroke Shelving from Neptune. 

17. Opt for an industrial-inspired wire shoe rack

Wire unit used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Loaf)

If your style is more industrial-inspired, this on-trend wire shelving is a great option for storing and displaying shoes. Want a little variety? Add interest with books, accessories and house plants displayed with little uniformity.

Find these Mish-Mesh shelves at Loaf.

18. Choose a streamlined Mid-century shoe storage idea

Telephone table, shoe cabinet and storage mirror in a hall

(Image credit:

Renowned for its sleek and stylish finish, Mid-century furniture is a great option if you're thinking about storage and can make a real design feature in a larger hallway.

With three divided drawers, this Jensonshoe storage cabinet, available at, is a statement piece that's ideal for storing away shoes. Find a telephone bench and storage mirror as part of the same collection. 

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19. Choose multifunctional furniture for your shoe storage

Lagoon console table used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: Lagoon)

A multifunctional piece of furniture, this modern storage table not only stores shoes, but could also be used as a console table for storing keys and other everyday essentials.

Find the Wireworks Hello Storage Table at Lagoon. 

20. Stow away shoes in a stylish chest

Shoe storage bench and shelf in a hall from Co & Cox

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Stylish and practical, an ottoman bench or chest is a great shoe storage idea that will keep the clutter at bay. You're free to throw in boots and shoes, as well as bags, throws and other items without a home and no-one would be any wiser. A well chosen chest would make a great addition to a bedroom or living room, as well as making a great hallway shoe storage solution.

Find this Rustic Wooden Bench Box at Cox & Cox. 

Bedroom shoe storage ideas

If you store your everyday shoes in your hallway, those that are used less often – such as dress shoes – are best kept in a bedroom or dressing room. Here are some great shoe storage ideas for bedrooms that make the most of underbed space and the backs of doors, and can be used in any room where you need to squeeze in a little more storage for shoes. Or see more of our favourite bedroom storage ideas if your shoes aren't the only problem.

21. Maximise under-bed storage space

Vox headboard storage

(Image credit: Cuckcooland)

Running out of cupboard space? There's often plenty of unused shoe storage potential to be found under the bed. Make the most of it and stay organised with the addition of a handy under-bed storage draw. 

We love the slimline Scandi-feel of this under-bed unit from Cuckooland.

22. Protect shoes in a fabric bag

white spot drawstring bags for shoe storage

(Image credit: The Contemporary Home)

If you plan to store shoes in a box under the bed but are worried about damage, drawstring shoe storage bags are a great shoe storage idea. Their fabric finish means that little space is lost, while shoes remain clean and protected. Consider adding a tag describing the pair inside the bag so that they're easy to find in a rush.

Find this Dalmatian Spot Shoe Bag at The Contemporary Home.

Dressing room shoe storage ideas

Lucky enough to have your own dressing room or walk-in wardrobe? This is the obvious place to store shoes, but how you go about it will make the difference between a cluttered floordrobe and the walk-in of Pinterest dreams.

23. Choose open shelving for a minimalist feel

open style wardrobe with plenty of shoe storage ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you like being able to see your entire wardrobe at once (and trust yourself to keep it tidy) a customisable open-style storage unit could be for you. Build a unit that meets your needs, with space for storing heeled shoes, storage draws for everyday flats and boxes to stow away footwear that's out of season. 

We love the adaptability of the Algot Shoe Storage Unit from Ikea.

24. Make the most of unused, overlooked space 

Shoe hanger from John Lewis used as a shoe storage idea

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Often overlooked and unused, the back of a wardrobe door is a great spot for storing shoes with the addition of a handy shoe storage hanger. Got pockets left over? Fill them with umbrellas, scarves, gloves and other bits and bobs. 

Find the neatfreak! Twill over the door shoe organiser at John Lewis. 

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