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I love my shoes. Designer, summer, winter, or comfortable staples (Croc lovers IYKYK) —  I am obsessed with buying new pairs. Because you can't really have too many, right? What I don't love is trying to store all of my pairs in my apartment. With only one closet for the two of us (and a hefty handbag collection to keep safe), this job has somewhat become a chore. And the rattan basket in my entryway is no longer cutting it. My precious shoes are starting to look a little like they've been flattened by a truck. Gasps in Chanel espadrilles.

So, if you're like me and are looking for shoe storage ideas to keep your sneakers succinct or your heels looking heavenly, then target your eyes to the handy shoe rack. No, I am not just talking about the basic wooden ones you find at your local grocery store (although these are quite handy, TBF). I'm talking more about shoe racks that you can configure to fit the size of your storage space. And ones that double as a seat so that you can squeeze on your sneakers in comfort. And also vertical shoe racks for smaller spaces. Plus 

So, after quite a lot of shopping (and review reading), I've narrowed down all of the best shoe racks you can buy online. As rated by actual shoppers, and approved by hundreds if not thousands of reviewers. The most popular types of shoe racks are ones for closets, wooden shoe racks, and shoe rack benches. So, you'll find three recommendations of each just below, so as not to give you too much choice so that you spend the next month trying to put your finger on the one you love. 

9 stylish and super functional shoe racks to buy

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Before we jump into the products, you might be asking yourself how will know which type of shoe rack to choose. So, we spoke with the experts to help answer this question.

As with most home organizing, finding the right shoe storage starts with thinking about the how and the where. "When it comes to shoe organization, think accessibility," says Marie Mandeville, CEO of Tailor My Space. "How do I want to access them, plus how much space do I have? Typically when searching, you should search for a specific location, under the bed shoe storage, over the door shoe storage, etcetera."

So you heard it from a pro. Before you start shopping for bins or racks, take inventory of both your footwear collection and your space.

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Shoe racks for closets

If your entryway is narrow or you're a fan of the mininalist look, then it would be smart to store your shoes inside a closet. Here's what to buy to keep your collectioni in order, away from your clothes yet safe and within easy reach.

Shoe rack benches

Wooden shoe racks

Wood is always the more sustainable option when it comes to furniture, so if you're in the mood to help save the planet, then we've found a bamboo shoe rack you'll love. Otherwise, MDF is great if you're on a budget. We all know that wood furniture lasts a lifetime, so here are our favorite wooden shoe racks.


What is the best thing to store shoes in?

This all depends on the type of shoes you are looking to store. For everyday shoes, such as your winter boots or your staple summer sandals, go for a simple rack that you can place somewhere that's easy to reach. For seasonal shoes you're not using at the moment, then shoe boxes might be your best bet. Or if you can, use under-bed storage bags to hide things out of sight and use floor space you already have.

Is it OK to keep shoe rack at the entrance of the house?

Definitely! Just make sure that your shoe rack isn't in the way of your front door as that could be a fire hazard. A shoe rack needs to be somewhere that's the perfect balance of practical and not difficult to get to, but also some place that it looks stylish. Every home will be different, but smaller entryways might be more tricky to work with, understandably.

How we chose these shoe racks

These shoe racks have been chosen because reviewers and real-life shoppers rate them to be the best that you can buy from each retailer. So, we've only included shoe racks with more than a 4-star rating, and all of them have been reviewed by lots of people. Some have been tested by 10s of thousands of people.

We also took other features into consideration, for example, the price, material and size of each shoe rack. And we listed them for your reference. We've also thought about how many shoes each one can hold, and if it'll actually benefit your storage situation. We've recommended where to use the shoe racks, whether inside a closet or in your entryway on display.

Where to buy a shoe rack?

If you have something particular in mind when it comes to a shoe rack for your home, then there are top retailers with so many great picks. Find our favorite stores for shoe racks below, and cultivate the perfect entryway in your home. 

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