Shower shelf ideas – 17 designs to inspire better bathroom organization

Hunting stores for shower shelf ideas? Our innovative storage solutions will help to stack soap and shampoos in style.

Acquabella Tempo Arabba shower tray in white shown with Arabba wall panels in white
(Image credit: Acquabella)

Shower shelf ideas might be necessary if you find yourself constantly tripping over your shampoo and conditioner bottles. Perfect for walk-ins, cubicles, and shower-over-bath designs, these forms of bathroom organization can help to make your washroom appear slicker and clutter-free.

From corner shelving models for those tight on space to showstopping spotlight decor, we've got you covered - no matter the size of your cleansing space. So wherever you're at with your decorating journey it's never too early or late to shop for bathroom shower shelf ideas or peruse the inspiring designs that are available online and in-store.

Innovative shower shelf ideas for your interior space

'Recess shelves can help you to create the perfect ‘shower shelfie’ which allows new ways of displaying shower hygiene products like never before.' says Laura Boddice, designer at Dunelm.

'Pop your shampoo and conditioner into a lovely soap dispenser to get rid of those unattractive plastic bottles, you could even accessorize with a plant for extra greenery in the home.'

1. Create a recessed shelf with your shower tiles

A shower with black framed shower glass, white metro tiled shower enclosure

(Image credit: Dunelm)

The best bathroom storage ideas, arguably are the ones that don't stick out like sore thumb. In this shower cubicle with wet room flooring, the shelf has been built into a recess in the wall, using the same white metro tiles as the rest of the wall, and the adjacent wall with the window.

As a break from the white bathroom decor, the sink area is made up of much darker wood wall paneling for interest and contrast.

2. Match your niche tiles to your shower floor

A shower enclosure with vintage monochrome tiling and matching shower floor tiles

(Image credit: Carla Aston)

A  vintage monochrome bathroom will stand the test of time more than any other colorful bathroom trend. So when looking at shower shelf ideas, the last thing you'll want to do is add in something that's too contemporary or modern. It's bound to stand out... For all the wrong reasons.

How about tying in your flooring and niche with a classic Art Deco-inspired tiled pattern? By matching your shower shelf unit with the floor, your scheme can look coordinated and clean... even where other patterns can make the space look 'messy'.

'Vintage tile floors provide pattern and texture and their small mosaics remind you of the bathrooms of yesterday.' explains Carla Aston, interior designer, and design blogger.

3. Add slimline shelves in a chic black bathroom

A black bathroom with shower, shelving and indoor houseplants

(Image credit: Future)

In a black bathroom, you'll want your shower shelf ideas to be subtle and functional, while still retaining that moody and mysterious atmosphere. A tough cookie to get right – right?

So a slimline shelf is a middle ground for something that serves purpose and practically while remaining subdued with an almost-floating appearance. You can always add pops of color with glass bottles and tubs in different shades for a Gothic-chic look. Almost akin to a stain-glassed window concept that's been brought into the shower space.

4. Add shelving in a wet room enclosure

A wet room with green textured paint and bathroom shelving

(Image credit: Future)

When looking at how to create a wet room, you'll need to incorporate some form of storage so that your products aren't stashed in the corner on the floor. If you're not fixing anything to the shower room wall – a stainless steel shower shelf will be your best (rust-free) friend.

Having something tiered, like this model shown, will mean you don't have to bend down too far to reach what you need. So when it comes to organizing your products, pop your most used bathing products on the top tier. Alternatively, use it as a decorative feature to house indoor houseplants – perfect for this shower decorated with a green-grey concrete paint finish.

4. Go industrial chic with a concrete-style recessed shelf

A shower shelf in grey concrete style shower with glass botttles

(Image credit: Future)

This grey bathroom checks so many boxes when it comes to Instagram-ability. 

Concrete shower tile panels? Check. Cute cubby? Got. Recyclable glass bottles? You've got it. Design a low profile shower shelf like in this industrial style bathroom just like your fave influencers. Just check out those swoon worthy bathroom taps too...

5. Add novel charm with a sloth shower shelf

A brass colored sloth novel shower shelf

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

If you can't have some fun with the most intimate of spaces... when can you? So opting for a fun, animal-shaped shower shelf idea isn't bananas at all.

We love this hanging sloth design by Urban Outfitters which hangs perfectly over your high or low-pressure shower head. It's got ample space for shampoos, conditioners, and a glass of vino for party goers who want to get in the mood.

6. Be body positive with a silhouette shower shelf

A brass colored shower shelf depicting female chest and hands

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Just like the adorable sloth design we just saw, this female form shower shelf, available from Urban Outfitters is made using the same, on-trend line form metal design. A little more grown-up, this curve-embracing storage rack is also a little reminder to check your breasts every month, and could save a life.

A boujie take on boobies, this sassy shower storage unit is something you'll want to show off to all your girlfriends when giving them a tour around your home.

7. Choose a shower shelf with additional features

Rattan shower shelf with teal and pink shower curtain by Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

In a small washroom, you'll want to be smart with your storage in order to get the most out of your space, and where possible, make it appear larger than it is.

To do this, you may want to invest in multipurpose decor. As well as being a great shower shelf for a boho-chic bathroom, this French cane shower shelf from Dunelm doubles up as a bathroom towel rack so your drying apparatus is always in reach.

Alternatively, this is the perfect addition to a neutral bathroom for Scandi-chic vibes.

8. Go for a double-walled shelf for extra storage

Garden Trading Mayfield Double Wall Shelf - Rattan

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Strong and durable, bamboo is a beautiful material that can hold up as a shower shelf idea. If you want to inject a little relaxed retro into your scheme – this is the way to go. Not just for soaps and scrubs, place palm plants in your shower space to allow them to benefit from the moisture and humidity.

By doing so, you'll also be incorporating the biophilic trend into your bathroom. This is particularly helpful for those who want to bring the outside in, but aren't keen on a verdant wall paint or decor. Get this bamboo Mayfield double wall shelf from Garden Trading.

9. Clip storage onto a glass shower screen

Wayfair shower caddy

(Image credit: Wayfair)

We love the immersive atmosphere that a shower cubicle brings to our wash routine, but sometimes space is a little scarce in these glass containers.

If you're looking for the skinny on a slim shower shelf idea - we've just the thing. This Cubiko Shower Caddy from Wayfair provides all the storage you need without encroaching on your space.

It also has integrated drainage so your shower products won't be sitting in a pool of water. This minimalist design would look particularly good in modern bathroom.

10. Go for a mirrored modular shower shelf idea

A modular mirrored shower shelf by MY FURNITURE

(Image credit: MY FURNITURE)

Reflective surfaces are known in the interiors world to give the illusion of a larger space. So if you have a teeny tiny bathroom - listen up!

As well as adding extra glam to a luxury bathroom, this shower shelf idea is based on modular beveled mirrored blocks. Versatile and very en vogue - you can choose how small or big this idea will be. Recessed keyhole fixings become invisible once installed, so this floating shower shelf will look chic and slick without any ugly bolts in the back. Add additional bathroom mirrors for a celeb-inspired look.

11. Display items on a built-in shower bench idea

Red metro tile built-in shower bench idea by Julie Hemmings

(Image credit: @localproperty_developers)

Even in a snug bathroom with a cubicle shower, you can still make it feel and look luxe. Take, for example, this one designed by Instagram home renovator, Julie Hemmings, aka @localproperty_developers.

The berry red metro tiles, sleek matte black seat, and glass enclosure makes a modern statement in this dark bathroom idea.

12. Or opt for a freestanding bench 

A green tiled shower enclosure with shower bench and indoor houseplants and white/grey geometric shower floor tiles

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Looking for a cool, multipurpose shower shelf idea? Take a seat. Yes, quite literally.
Used to organize your products, or to wash while sitting down, this shower bench in this sage green bathroom idea fits into its verdant, biophilic settings.

Accessorize this shelving idea with a cactus plant, pottery, and body wash products.

13. Add lighting to a cubby to showcase products

Shower cubby with lighting by GROHE

(Image credit: GROHE)

Cubbies and other recessed shelving options look pretty swell in a contemporary bathroom space. But if you want to elevate this look, we can shine a light on a chic idea. Perfect for the poor-sighted, or just for adding a bit of glam, add a few spotlights to the top of this shower shelving.

With a face full of suds, this bathroom lighting idea will help you to distinguish between your shampoo and conditioner. Plus, glass bottles and objects will look more expensive with the light shining down on them.

14. Short on space? Choose a corner shower solution

Metal shower shelf idea by GROHE in beige shower cubicle

(Image credit: GROHE)

A great way to complete your bathroom's look and add some practical storage. But you don't want something big and bulky poking and protruding from your shower cubicle. Instead, choose a shower shelf idea that sits flush in your scheme. 

In this white bathroom, a small chrome basket design is the no-frills nook for your niceties.

15. Add a dinky little dish for soap bars and small items

White glazed ceramic stool in shower by Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

If you prefer a stripped-back shower routine that is more minimal than most, a small shower shelf idea will suffice. Perfect for a bar of soap, or an all-encompassing 2-in-1 hair and body product, the adage is true: good things come in small packages.

With its brushed brass and frosted glass characteristics, this teeny tray is a small bathroom storage idea that's perfect for holding your toiletry treasures.

16. Lots of skincare? Add a long recessed shelf idea

Acquabella Tempo Arabba shower tray in white shown with Arabba wall panels in white

(Image credit: Acquabella)

With celebs and influencers dropping a new skincare routine every day, it's likely that you've purchased a fair few products that the rich and famous swear by. From promises of smoother skin to taking ten years off your face - you'll need somewhere to store your collection cult buys.

If you've been organizing under your bathroom sink and still have surplus products that need to be stored, this long recessed shower shelf idea displays creams, scrubs, and soaps without over stacking or shuffling.

17. Shower over the bath? Go with a streamlined idea

A white bathtub with metal strip panel and small white shelves

(Image credit: B&Q)

Not everyone has a separate shower cubicle. So it's only fair that we cater to those who have a shower-over-bath setup going on too!

Given you may already have a trendy bath tray, you may also want to invest in more storage so that you don't have to get out of the tub to reach for your products. Not only is it cold, but it can also be a squeaky and slippery health hazard.

This metal strip shower shelf allows you to hook modular compartments onto it, so you can have as many or as few boxes of bath bombs and bottles as can fit.

How do I add storage to my shower?

'Shower shelves come in a broad range of designs from fixed glass shelving to, shower baskets and even tiered shower racks,' says James Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms.

'Most of these come standard chrome finishes but there are some that come in modern or traditional designs, and in other finishes, such as gold and nickel, to match the style of the room.

'They are also incredibly easy to install, perfect for the DIYer, and are a nifty way to store all your personal bathroom items such as bottles, razors, and even shower caps and loofahs if you like items like those.'

'This keeps them all at a reachable height, as well as providing a personal storage space for each member of the household or family.'

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