The sproos! shower head made my hair feel like magic — and its bundles are on sale

For a customizable experience (and healthy strands), the sproos! shower head is the way to go

sproos! shower head in red and yellow on a blue background
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Real Homes Verdict

Ideal for a customizable experience, the handheld shower worked wonders when it came time to shampoo and condition. However, even though there are multiple settings to choose from, you might find the overall size deterring, as it is a bit small.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Sproos provides a customizable shower experience

  • +

    Customers are entitled to a 60-day trial

  • +

    There are four fun colorways to choose from

  • +

    No drilling or screwing required during installation

  • +

    Sproos uses eco-conscious finishes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The shower head is somewhat small

  • -

    Installation is a bit overwhelming, depending on your order

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As a renter with a '50s-style bathroom, installing the sproos! shower head felt like a welcome way to rejoin modern times, and I was more than ready to catch up and feel pampered. 

The brand offers lots to love in terms of aesthetics and function, but I had thought limitations within my lease would prevent me from using anything other than the fossil that came with my place. I was glad I was wrong. 

Without any construction, I was able to get my sproos! up and running and enjoy a spa-like feel right from home, courtesy of one of the best high-pressure shower heads on shelves. And let me tell you, I had a *great* hair day because of the customizable and handheld offerings, though I do wish the shower head itself was a bit bigger. 

Overall, I can easily see why this has become a fan-favorite and viral buy. Plus, there's something for all shoppers with a variety of bundles that include add-on features, like shelves, a phone holder — should you feel inclined to listen to tunes while you shower — and a non-fog mirror.

sproos! hand shower | $69 at sproos!

sproos! hand shower | $69 at sproos!

A hand shower that comes in four fun colorways, offers three settings, a pause button, and a flexible hose. 

sproos! lookin' good | Was $255, now $235 (save $15) at sproos!

sproos! lookin' good | Was $255, now $235 (save $15) at sproos!

This handheld shower takes its offerings up a notch with accessories. Lookin' Good comes complete with additions including a slide bar, anti-fog mirror, cup, and shelf.

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sproos! shower head review

What I thought of the sproos! shower head

What attracted me to sproos! is the fact that the founders — who are Brooklyn-based like myself — get being a renter in New York. You want certain amenities, but you're not always able to tailor your place to your needs because of lease restrictions. I'm glad I figured out how to replace a shower head and got to personalize my experience. Plus, it was a nice, modern addition to an otherwise dated bathroom.

Additionally, it felt good knowing there were green features. The shower head boasts a 1.8-gpm (gallons per minute) flow rate, which complies with WaterSense and CalGreen standards in the U.S. Plus, sproos! uses eco-conscious finishes.

In terms of the performance, the various settings (Monsoon, Jet, and Cloudburst) and water pressure were perfect for a close shampoo and condition, and such a thorough wash made it a lot easier to tame my curls. My strands felt a lot healthier than they had in a long time. Although I was able to get in a good clean, I was a bit uncomfortable under the shower, as the small size did not allow my entire body to get wet. Plus, it's wintertime in New York — a hot shower is always welcome.

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Sproos! Showerhead
DesignA sleek, round showerhead available in four vibrant colors★★★★★
PriceStarts at $69 and increases depending on add-ons; there's something for everyone★★★★★
InstallationUpon arrival, Lookin' Good looked intimidating with its large packaging and wordy instructions, though the assembly wasn't horrific. ★★★
FeaturesHandheld options, three settings, a pause button and add-on accessories like a cup holder and non-fog mirror★★★★

sproos! shower head specifications

  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Colors: 4
  • Filter materials: 
  • Style: Handheld
  • Compatibility: Shower arm connector
  • Shape: Round
  • Price: Starts at $69

What I loved about the sproos! shower head

sproos! shower head in white on a yellow background

(Image credit: sproos!)

The handheld capabilities: I enjoyed a thorough rinse and didn't have an ounce of shampoo or conditioner left when I got out of the shower. My hair only feels this good when I leave the salon, and it made my blowout a lot easier. 

The color: I selected white to go with the pink and black tiles I have in my throwback of a bathroom, and it feels like a nice upgrade that I definitely needed. 

The settings: It was good to know that I was able to change my settings depending on my needs, but you might find that unless you're focusing on your hair, or perhaps cleaning a pet, you might not need anything other than the original setting.

What I didn't love about the sproos! shower head

sproos! shower head in yellow on a blue background

(Image credit: sproos!)

The size: The shower head itself felt very small, and it seemed as though half of my body wasn't getting wet when I was standing underneath it, no matter how I adjusted it. As much as I enjoyed the handheld option, overall it did not meet my expectations when fastened to the wall. 

The accessories: It's great that there are different add-ons for various needs, but I felt as though I didn't necessarily have use for additional features, and the ones that I did test out in Lookin' Good weren't compatible with the toiletries I use regularly. The add-ons weren't sturdy enough for the collection of shampoos, body washes, and soaps I've accumulated, but I understand this might be a personal situation, and it could be beneficial for others.

How to use the sproos! shower head

I will be the first to admit I'm often intimidated by setups, but the large boxes and abundance of large text written on them added to my fear of getting started. However, once I took a breather and began to place everything together, I realized it wasn't that torturous. 

Those who opt for add-ons might find it a bit more cumbersome than those who simply buy the shower head alone. Have a look at the brand's TikTok videos and you'll realize the process isn't as tedious as it might initially seem.

(And just so you know, we spoke to experts about how to clean a shower head properly so that you have the best shower experience possible.) 


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Good to know

I tested this product in the winter, and it was a welcome addition to my rental bathroom, but I enjoyed the experience of washing my hair more than my body, as the size was a tad too small. Additionally, I have such an extensive collection of products that I don't feel as though I can scale back. Add-ons like the cup and shelf didn't suffice for what I have.

If this isn't quite what you were looking for, here are similar items that might be a better fit for your showering needs, according to Real Homes' reviewers. 

Where to buy the sproos! shower head

You can buy sproos! online directly from the retailer's website. You can also shop the brand's offerings on Urban Outfitters

How we review

I tested this product for one week in the winter where I showered daily and washed my hair every other day. I was able to compare it to the original shower head that came with my bathroom and additional products I had been testing for Real Homes. My main goal was to improve my overall shower experience and take advantage of customizable options that I did not have beforehand.

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Pleasure to meet you! I'm Danielle, a content editor at Real Homes who loves scoping out interior trends. I've specialized in lifestyle writing and editing for 10 years with a focus on events, food, and books, among other areas. When I'm not working, I'm usually cooking, reading, or searching for a new project for my apartment.