The AquaCare high-pressure showerhead loved by more than 35,000 shoppers is 57% off right now

Shoppers swear by its powerful stream and chic appearance

The AquaCare High Pressure Showerhead with a silver base and two heads on top of a light blue watercolor background
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I've been looking for a replacement for my showerhead for ages, so I was thrilled to find a quality high-pressure showerhead on sale.

It's beloved by shoppers, with over 35,000 five-star reviews. That's not even the best part, though. Right now the AquaCare High Pressure Showerhead on Amazon has a juicy 50% discount, which will save you more than a whopping $40.

If you're looking for Amazon sale deals, it's a good idea to snap them up before they go out of stock.

Shop the AquaCare High Pressure Showerhead

AquaCare High Pressure Showerhead | Was $69.99, now $29.94 at Amazon

AquaCare High Pressure Showerhead | Was $69.99, now $29.94 at Amazon 

Type: Handheld
Finish: Chrome
Reach: 6 ft.

This is Amazon's Choice for handheld showerheads — and it's easy to see why. It has eight settings, including wide rain, massage, wide fan, and point jet, so no matter if you're washing yourself or cleaning your shower, it'll provide the stream setting you need. Shoppers love the versatility of it, as well as the chic appearance and durable material.

Why shoppers love the AquaCare showerhead

There are so many glowing reviews of the AquaCare High Pressure Showerhead, and I've spent hours pouring over them (no pun intended) to find ones that give great info. 

Reviewer W.B. Bullock professes to rarely leaving reviews, but couldn't resist this one as the showerhead does it all. They said it was easy to install, is ultra flexible, and is incredibly powerful. Not only this, but they say they even use it to clean their dog.

Another reviewer vouched for the pet-friendly function of it. Shopper Kandi says they have two pit bull puppies (aw!) and that the spraying function works well on them, as well as on bigger dogs. They do note to watch out for it dripping, as this can be a little distracting post-shower.

The beauty of it being a handheld showerhead rather than a fixed one is that you can take it anywhere with you. Reviewer Mr. Sirron said that he secretly swaps the ones in hotels he stays at out with the AquaCare. I've done this with my Purple Harmony Pillow when staying away from home, and I might copy this showerhead trick for my next holiday. 

Other high pressure showerheads we love

While we haven't tested this one out at Real Homes, our team knows what it's talking about when it comes to the best high pressure showerheads, having reviewed plenty. If you'd rather see ones tried and tested by us, these are our top three picks.

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Amazon sales are great to look through, as the site offers discounts you often won't see elsewhere.

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